Make a specific loot drops encyclopedia tab for bl3

i think that if there is a dedicated drop for any mob/boss i think it should be recorded for that character (in the same way that car parts get saved to the character). example if you fight graveward it should show what drops he can have in a menu, but if you havent found the drop yet it should be greyed out and you should have an to farm for the mystery item. in order to unlock it to be shown that, the specific mob/boss can drop this item. i dont have that many hours and its kinda hard to start playing this game without looking up videos for loot guides and its annoying id rather just farm and understand what loot drops where instead of just farming and farming and trying to remember every single weapon drop in the game.


if i wasn’t specific im sorry, heres another example. say you open your inventory menu and there is another tab of an all bosses you have come across and and under each boss there is a sub category of either greyed out items or filled in items that can only drop from them (if you have found the item or not determines if its greyed out or not)

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I get what you mean. I wouldn’t mind Borderlands being more open about this stuff in general (legendary effects being another example). I don’t like when a game compels me periodically to reach for google.

It may not be necessary to enjoy the game, but in practice everyone that cares about gear/skills is going to crowdsource that information.

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@joey_desharnais I like the idea. It reminds me of some of the better fantasy RPGs, where your journal is updated with information on different enemies, new spells, items, etc. It really helps keep me “in the game” instead of having to reach for Google, as @Rinkles mentions.

But I don’t think they will offer that. I had sent in a number of tickets asking for specifics on certain skills and modifiers. I kept being directed to the forums and fan sites. I find it rather pathetic that a company can’t take the time to explain their own damn game, and instead expects paying customers to hassle other paying customers.

And to be clear, I’m not complaining about our player community or the wonderful people who spent countless hours testing skills. I am extremely grateful for their dedication and time. But, they shouldn’t have to test everything. Gearbox has all of the info, they know, presumably how the code and math works. Though there are a few examples that proves otherwise. :rofl:

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Here is a link to a reddit post talking about the same thing.

You are not alone. This is a fantastic idea. Mods devs and important people take notice!

Been playing an aRPG called Chronicon that pretty much has this, and it’s great. That game has a lot of features that BL3 should have, for that matter.