Make A Splash WIth Alani | Battleborn Alani Build Guide


  1. Heal Power
  2. Healing Received
  3. Sprint/Movement Speed
    Note: For the legendary use either Alani’s legendary or the Leechsteel Brooch


  1. Soothing Mist
    While the heal may not be as large it’s much easier to land. Not only that, you can use it to group heal.
  2. Surface Tension
    You will rarely get enough enemies bound at one time for Diffusion to be able to out damage Surface Tension
  3. Go With The Flow
    The ability to get half a second off of your skills every time you attack can go a long way.
  4. Wet Blanket
    The slow from Wet Blanket is far superior to all of the other choices. Not only that, it combos amazingly with the natural speed buff for your allies, enabling them to catch up to your enemies much quicker.
  5. Extremophile
    The insane buff to your healing at max Osmosis is extremely powerful. Meanwhile, the debuff to your healing at minimum Osmosis may seem bad but you should rarely heal at minimum Osmosis anyways.
  6. Refresher
    Refresher is the superior of the two. It again comes down to how rare it is to get multiple people in one Geyser, thus rendering Channeling useless.
  7. Pressure Wash
    I’ll gladly except a buff to my Osmosis buildup and my attack range at once.
  8. Personal Preference
    Your choice here should be used to cover your weak point with Geyser. The choice is up to you.
  9. Stagnant Pools
    Increasing the duration combos amazingly with everything about Riptide, including the choices we made before.
  10. Undertow
    The slow will keep them in the Whirlpool longer allowing for more damage over time. Not only that but they are much less likely to escape the Water Dragon.

For more info be sure to check out my video here

I can’t wait until they fix her. I’m getting tired of PVP where alani can spam literally everyone and kill them all. I was in a game where she got all 5 of us at once. I’m sure there was some luck and help involved, but she got the credit for all of our deaths. 1v1 is almost impossible with all the heals and damage she can do. I see alani coming, I run the other way unless she’s near death.

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Hmm you have an interesting build. After all the nerfs here is the build I go with that basically counters it but also makes her better in some aspects.


  1. Attack Speed + Maximum Health
  2. Skill Damage + Maximum Health
  3. Attack Damage + Heal Power

This build I found is amazing! By the time I am level 3 I have almost over 1500 health and I reach over 2000 by the time I am level 10. Attack speed increases it by 9.80% percent and I go with more attack speed at level 3 so I can get more DPS and osmosis. Attack damage brings me up to her original attack damage by the time I am level 3. The skill damage is there for her riptide since I always go wave shock and it doesn’t surpass her original damage but she gets around 70+ damage, which is a lot better than her 54 damage. Heal power is just a nice bonus which allows me to heal over 1000 with one full stack with osmosis.

I can’t imagine how that would even be possible, especially after all the damage nerfs she got. Unless you were all really close together and she managed to capture every single person on your team with geyser? Interesting.

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yeah, I would say we were in close proximity. We were at our choke point in incursion. I swung around the corner not knowing who was there and she had every single one of us directly in front of her. She was able to handily take 3-1 though. I’m playing with ghalt and I’m pretty good, so she had to work for her kills against me and it was still a challenge.

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Bu-bu-buuut…I thought she was nuffed intwew da gwound? :cry: she cant still bwee dat good wight? You telling fwilthy lies just twoo get ma hopes up that I can stwill kill lots by juz spamming w/out ne stwategy cuz dats bawanced :rage: meanie

:neutral_face: :wink: :sunglasses:

LOL they have a ways to go.

She’s meant to keep an area under control and counter Galilea. I’ve found the easiest counter is Montana. He makes swiss cheese out of me in less than a second (1500 damage in 0.5 seconds is way over the top. And that was a bot with no gear) so if anybody needs a nerf it’s Montana.

Interesting gear. Only reason I don’t run anything to buff her damage or attack speed is they are all high as is. Instead I focus on survivability and movement. It is personal preference though.

She is still quite overpowered but if they nerf her any more she wont stand a chance against ANY of the others. Even Caldarius would crush her. What people overlook is that she is meant to counter Galilea and control an area but she has a very simple and common counter. Montana (a bot without gear) was able to deal 1500 damage in 0.5 seconds and I was level 10 (from hunting Varelsi on capture) while he was only level 3. And people cry for nerfs on Alani but if someone can do that in less than a second then why don’t they get nerfed?

oh yeah, im not saying something can’t be done to her. It just seems way too easy for her to handle multiple people at once.

True but a controller is meant to take on multiple people and chase them off. With her recent nerfs she can be killed quite quick if they slip up for even a second though. Her range sucks now and her damage is so minor so if they wrecked you that bad after the last update they may have been hacking since she no longer can solo more than 2 people and now actually needs some backup (or a shock turret on Overgrowth’s chokepoint.) Best strategy for her is combo Galileas anti heals with Montana. Alternatively, push her behind her team and keep her facing someone (a minion will do) so that if she goes to heal she either has to look up and give you a few extra seconds to attack before she has you in her sights or she risks healing a teammate instead and dies like that.

see right there- your comment on dealing with her is where I have the problem. 1 person shouldn’t always need to be double or triple teamed to deal with them. You should be able to play 1v1 against anyone unless you are Kelvin going against a tiny guy. And lately there isn’t one game where someone hasn’t picked her. Use rates have to be like 99% in PVP.

Keep in mind that the same applies to Galilea. She requires at least 3 people to beat unless you are amazing at the game or run her counter characters. Those are Ambra and Alani. Ambra got nerfed to the point that she’s nearly useless and Galileas ran everything. If they had a Galilea and you didn’t your only chance was to ALL be in a party. Now Galilea has a new counter. Sure she is a bit overpowered but Alani is much easier to kill than Galilea. If she gets nerfed any more then Galileas will return full force and nobody will be able to stop them. Instead, Gearbox could buff the others a bit and leave Galilea and Alani where they are since if they nerf Alani, Galileas can’t be stopped. If they nerf Galilea, Montana or Oscar Mike then Alani becomes unbeatable. Gearbox made 2 powerful characters that are tough to stop but if either gets nerfed any more they become unplayable and fans will riot at the loss of a favorite character. Instead, Gearbox can (but probably won’t since they haven’t already) buff the other characters a bit so they can stand a chance. They won’t be on the exact same level so they can play their roles instead of all becoming tanks but they would be more balanced. Then we don’t lose Galilea or Alani to any more nerfs and the others are on par. Odds of Gearbox doing this though are low. They’ll probably make Alani have to be in melee range to attack since they cut her damage and range by around 20%. She already has to be at such a range that if a Rath sees her she’s getting dreadwinded to death so nerfing her more would be overkill. A controller is meant to control an area from any number of enemies and if they push into your base they won’t last long. That’s just what Alani is. A controller. Lure her into your base, send Rath her way, let Montana lay waste to her, have Galilea heal-block her so your team can lay into her, force her to heal a minion by knocking her near one when she’s low, if she looks up to heal beat her down, keep about five feet away (her range sucks after this nerf) or even just gang up on her and force her out of her spot (she can’t push well so it’ll be hard for her to get back, especially if one of you take control, rendering her nearly useless). Alani has so many ways to counter her that it’s not funny. All you need to do is react quickly to the situation and have at least one of her counter characters. And if they have a Galilea then you counter her with Alani but keep in mind she has a counter for you. Alani doesn’t really need much more of a nerf. She just needs teams that have someone ready to cancel her out and a bit of a careful approach instead of rushing in all the time. If you wanna see a real overpowered thing in a game try playing BO3. There was a sniper rifle that could be set up to rapid fire, one shot killed if you get shot in the chest, reloaded quick and could be used to run n gun since it was so accurate you didn’t need to aim. I forget the name but it always ticked me off. Easiest counter was getting good and being ready. If youreact fast enough you stood a chance. And that gun never got nerfed. Instead it got buffed so there could be much worse than a good crowd controller. And Alani doesn’t do as well as Oscar Mike (and he’s not meantr to control an area). I can go 1v5 as Oscar Mike without even losing my shield but nobody cries nerf for him. Lol

I really don’t get the CONTINUED complaining about Alani. I personally don’t care anymore as I’ve stopped using her after the last round of nerfs but it seems people want Alani nerfed to the point where she’s a healer/controller/warrior that can neither heal nor control nor fight very well.

nope sorry. Gal doesn’t need to be double teamed. we can go on and on about this. I think the usage numbers speak for themselves. This doesn’t necessarily say that she needs a nerf, what it is saying is that she’s easily the BEST at what her slot is. Like I said, you can sit and play PVP for 8 hours… (I did this last Wednesday) and literally every game had an elani in it. There was a higher volume of other characters like Oscar Mike and Whiskey foxtrot for obvious reasons. But even in those games, they weren’t always picked. I didn’t see more than one Kelvin. The point is, its obvious she’s being exploited (in some way, for some reason). They need to find a way to make every character worth going into PVP with apart from just making it mandatory for lore challenges. I don’t know if you play D3, but there is a website where you can go to find all kinds of stats about who’s picking what with what builds. Everyone knows some builds are better than others. At this point, it’s obvious Alani is being picked for a reason. I wish we had something like that for this game.

Agreed. They nerf her anymore and she’ll be useless. She’s meant to be good enough to rival and counter Galilea.

And that reason is that instead of finding ways to counter her people beg for more nerfs. Instead of crying nerf, finding ways to wreck Alani will be much more effective. It’s like with Galilea, she can go 1v5 at times (even the AIs can pull a 1v4 off like it’s nothing) but people have found ways to counter her so nobody cries nerf anymore. Meanwhile, instead of working on learning counters for Alani (like decent players) people instead cry nerf because they don’t have her or aren’t good with her. It’s not because she’s OP half the time (as with most MOBAs or MOBA Shooter Hybrids) but instead people who don’t have her or don’t want to take the 10 minutes needed to learn her weakness. She is actually insanely easy to kill and if she gets nerfed more she won’t be usable at all. Buffing the others a bit would be fine but since she is a controller she still should be able to go 1v2 at the very least. Now she can’t do so as easy though and soon won’t even be able to kill a minion on her own at this rate. I just told you a good 50 counters for her so you can wreck her in a second. I’m pretty good with Alani and EVERY single one of them will crush her in a second. And of course if you don’t notice her she’ll have the upper hand. In any game with any character if you don’t notice your enemy for a second they WILL kill you. There’s no denying that. There’s also no denying how easy she is to counter. Sure she can go 1v3 or even 1v5 but that’s against non-communicating, non-coordinated teams of rookie level players (which is most of what’s left in the community) that don’t know counters and cry nerf every time someone kills them. I could kill half of them with Toby, the weakest character in the game and they’d cry that he’s OP and needs to be nerfed into the ground. Same goes with Alani, Galilea’s ONLY decent counter. People die once to her because they don’t have a good team and come up against a decent Alani and cry nerf. I’ve seen someone say that the only way she’d be fair is if she had no skills, did only 1 damage, didn’t heal, had 10 health at max (starts at 1), had no augments and was meele. Then they said she’d still be OP. Sadly, she’s coming close to being that bad. She had her damage cut by 18%, her range cut to near melee range, she’s very tough to track with, her heals aren’t that strong, if someone walks in front of her she just lost her heal, her health is quite low, she moves SUPER slow. The list of weaknesses goes on and on. The list of ways to kill her goes on and on. Sadly, people only focus on her strengths. She can heal herself, attacks fast, can crush Galilea 1 on 1 (providing a nerf for everybody’s favorite 1v5 character that is near immortal if the player is good unless you all focus her) and can (if the player is competent and the other team is bad or doesn’t notice her) kill a whole team at once (as a controller should be capable of). I’ll admit that Kelvin is weak compared to her but nobody cries nerf when he reaches the stage that he can hit over 2 million health if the player is good. The point is, she is only broken until you realize the facts. She can be toppled by any character in the game so long as you know a few tricks to shut her down. Now you can choose whether or not to take the numerous weaknesses she has into consideration or not but if you don’t then don’t go begging for nerfs when I just provided you with every bit of info you could ever ask for on how to crush her. Basically, the only thing you need to do is attack her and trick her into healing minions by knocking them into her sights. She can be shut down so fast if peoples only strategy to deal with her (talking about everybody who complains constantly, not you. I can actually see your point) wasn’t to whine about her needing to be nerfed more.