Make all weapons great (again)

Please use this topic to discuss anointments :wink:

I’m typing this on my phone so sorry for any mistakes in advance :innocent:

First of all let me say that anointments that double/triple weapon damage should be removed (the whole anointment system rework is a whole other topic I’ll probably create later on if nobody beats me to it)
Because of this there’s items that are instantly vendor trash because they can’t roll anointments.

OK, here’s some ideas I had for a while now

First of all, remove the powercreep they pushed on legendaries!

White items should be something of use a canon to kill a fly kinda thing (high raw damage but slow reload, low handling, etc.)

Same for green and blue but decreased raw damage for better handling and/or reload or like some quest rewards more damage against certain enemy types.

Purple rarity should become meta once more… Legendaries could be special weapons and not the overpowered bullcrap they made them to be in this game.

Let’s take a jakobs pistol for example :blush:
Normally jakobs ricochet bullets right? How about having a legendary jakobs pistol and give it a Dahl mode switch where the standard mode is ricochet and alt mode changes it to sticky bombs (doing roughly the same damage as the ricochet would) in short make legendary actually legendary instead of OP powercreep…

With this people would once again use normal rarity guns… Maybe also lower the legendary drop rate significantly (or at least the world drop rates)

So, what do the forum members think? What are your ideas of how GBX could make you use non legendary weapons more?

Please keep it on the topic of guns :wink: (shields and nades are fine too) but create a new topic in anointments and/or difficulty scaling :wink:


Gearbox if you’re reading this please don’t remove the anointmenta than multiply dmg on weapons, the 300% on 90%+ life enemies to be specific. I love that anointment. It is just silly how powerfull it is but I llllove it. Please do not remove it.

Oh but he is right, we should be able to choose our anointments bcs getting anointments that we dont want on an otherwise great weapon is a downer.


Trinkets become weapon artifacts, easy day.


That would still be a massive powercreep :sweat_smile:

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before i even read any further yes
pls remove ALL dmg annoints
or nerf them to 10% bonus dmg

after that we see whats viable and whats not
10% bonus elemental dmg is already rly good, and if you have like 35 or 50 make it elemental conversion
like convert 50% of dmg into corrosion dmg
nothing more, just changing dmg or add small numbers

annointments ruined this game to a fair degree
and once this has been done we can talk buffing the other egar into a good spot


One of the nice things about Arms Race is that you can appreciate low rarity loot again, something that I’ve ignored since…like… Mayhem 4?

I got pretty used to using purple gear in BL2 because I refused to farm for gear. For the most part, purple gear was fine. Up until OP levels anyways.

It would be nice if a good roll on a purple gun could still be viable in M10/11. I believe they probably can be as long as it has a great annoint and it synergizes with your build. I have a purple hyperion shotgun with a solid annointment that I can kinda utilize with my Zane build. It probably takes 2 or 3 mags to kill a low tier mob but it’s primary use is to flash freeze enemies with a crit and utilize the shield function to absorb some damage. It would probably take a solid 5 minutes to kill an annointed mob on it’s own which is no fun. Obviously I wouldn’t use a cryo gun to wittle down an annointed enemy but if I swapped to a fire SMG (purple rarity/200% damage annoint) it would still probably take like 3 solid minutes of holding down the trigger to kill it. That suuuuuuuuuuuucks!

Problem is, instead of doing the obvious thing and balancing the enemy HP values around the average gun DPS, GB (in their infinite wisdom) decided to balance around the insanely powerful outliers and have opted to adopt a never-nerf mentality. Now we have a huge gap in power between the purple tier and the orange tier.

I guess I should be happy they are at least buffing a lot more of the legendaries so there is a pretty decent variety of viable endgame loot to build around and there is likely more to come. Hopefully once they are done with the Legendaries they will focus on some of the other non-legendary red text guns. It’s absurd that I can’t get an annointed Butt Plug!

Now there’s a phrase I never thought I would type out on a message board…


That was an idea I had for anointments actually :yum: instead of having anointments on guns, put those on trinkets (but I have a separate topic for anointment discussion)


Made a topic on anointments :wink:
So that anointments and weapons/item discussions don’t get mixed up in a single topic :wink:

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next, i rly do think purple gear needs an overhaul
purple guns used to be this stuff you use for raw stats
i mean dear god i conidered alot of purples rly rly good gear in the first 2 months
now i dont even look at them…

make purple classmods give you 7 skillpoints in any random skills and only 3 of them in one classmod
so a purple mod doesnt give you a super op passiv ability, instead they can give you any skillpoint ammount to any skill exept 1 point skills, where those can get 2 however
so lets say a capstone can get 2 instead of 1 bonus points
this would make purple classmods rly valueable since you trade passivs vs raw power in build diversity

as for purple guns i think across the board they should buff anything that isnt purple by 100-150% bonus dmg
some guns are around 10-20 times weaker then their legendary counterparts, and the legendary version also comes with a special ability
in reality a purple should have 10% more dmg then the legendary variant but it doesnt have the legendary ability


Why don’t people want the dmg anointments? Is it bad to do insane dmg? I think it’s very nice and just can’t understand why do people hate it.

Gearbox seems to have forgotten how loot tiers worked in previous borderlands games, I swear. The rule was always that for each increase in loot tier the item is worth 2 extra levels and is rarer to find. So, for example a level 10 purple has similar stats to a similar level 12 blue, level 14 green and level 16 white. That was why they ended up adding extra tiers, so they had somewhere for more powerful stuff.
The exception was always orange, and any item with red text, because they came with some cool effect. Now, for some items that was a bonus, like higher fire rate or powerful DoT, but for some items it was actually a penalty like slower projectiles, and most items had some trade off between the two, like the skullmasher which dealt higher damage by having more projectiles but meant that it was less accurate. The point of red text items wasn’t for them to be meta, but for them to be better than normal items IN SPECIFIC CIRCUMSTANCES. You get the perfect build or use them in exactly the right way and they’re awesome, but if you don’t then they’re average.
In B3 especially, orange is god-tier, completely OP, (and if not, gearbox will buff it until it is) which is wrong. The hellwalker is fire damage but deals so much more damage than pretty much any purple Jakobs shotgun that you’d be better off using it against shields or armour, for example, but it shouldn’t be that way, it should be the ideal choice against flesh, but swapped for a good purple if you hit a bunch of enemies with shields or armour. Compare that to TK’s wave which is more like how red text items SHOULD be, with higher damage than similar purples but the projectiles move in a weird way, making it harder to use, so you end up with the choice between a less-powerful but easier purple or a powerful but harder-to-use orange.

Gearbox need to stop making orange items god-tier and drop them back in line with purples - maybe a couple of levels better but with the red text actually meaning something else than just “this is OP”.


If someone has the unlimited time to farm for legendary weapons like in the previous game well thats nice, but many people can’t spend days hoping to get what they want. I think they did a good job making legendary weapons easier to farm. Though now we have new problems. What’s up with the new dlc btw I don’t have it but people say sth about it making you appreciate legendaries once again.

The problem with damage anoints is that they’re TOO powerful. Compare it to a slice of cake - a layer of icing on top might be nice but icing that’s 3x the height of the cake itself is gonna overshadow the cake and now all people focus on is the icing.
The utility anoints are supposed to compete with the damage ones, but how much reload speed would I have to offer you before you pick that over 4x damage? I’m guessing you never will. But drop the anoints to 10% of their current value (so, max 30%) and boost gun damage so they can spit out bigger numbers without needing such powerful anoints and suddenly those utility anoints like reload speed and life steal CAN compete.


Why not have weapons do that on their own?

Anointments got added later on and where/are just a bad layer of massive powercreep.

Also there’s weapons/items that for some reason cannot roll an anointment.

Removing damage anointments could possibly fix the fact they are useless atm


Wouldn’t making us roll our anointments make everybody happy?
Edit: that way you can try many of then on a single gun and find what you love more. For example, on the hellwalker, i would like faster reload bc is has only one shot. On an ellemental weapon, I would like an ellemental anointment and on a boom boom rocket launcher I would like a dmg or splash radius anointment (well, depends on the launcher).

But they aren’t easier to farm. In previous games, you might have to kill a boss a dozen times before he dropped a legendary, but then you were done. Sure, if you wanted the right parts, you might have to kill a boss hundreds of times, but different parts only accounted for a small change in stats, not 300% difference.
In B3, farming a dedicated drop with still require you to kill a boss afew times, but now if it has the wrong anoint, it’s worthless, meaning you always have to kill a boss hundreds of times to guarantee the right item, and if you want set parts too, make it thousands.


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Rolling anoints makes farming easier, yeah,but doesn’t fix the problem with the anoints themselves. The damage ones will still be the only useful ones and most of your damage comes from them, not the gun itself.

Yea it’s an odd choice that Guardian Ranks and Anoints provide much higher bonuses than the skill trees itself.


ARMS RACE :innocent: