Make anointments great

OK I’ll start this one anyway hahaha

To keep the topics separated (guns and anointments are 2 separate things and discussing both in 1 topic would overlap and turn into a mess I think)

So IMHO, GBX should take the anointments back to the drawing board…

First of all they should remove the powercreep that are current anointments (100/200% damage ASA, 300/90, etc.)

Some ideas that do NOT increase weapon damage

  • AS cool down on crittical hit
  • lifesteal on critical hit
  • reload speed on autoreload (empty your mag)
  • each first shot after reload aplies knock back

Shield anointments… I dunno haha just remove the elemental damage they apply (like I said before remove weapon damage increase)

  • keep movement speed increase
  • when shield is down do damage nova with shield element? Or knock back?
  • AS reset/cooldown

Grenade anointments… Same as shields, remove weapon damage.

  • grenade regen
  • increase grenades ammo
  • ducttape mod for everyone (1 point worth in DTM?)
  • chance to not consume a grenade

Aaaaand so on :innocent:

Every anointment works, every anointment is fun, loot pool isn’t diluted with unwanted crap (people without new skilltrees do not drop anointments they cannot use!)

Again, what do the forum members think? Do you guys have any ideas? Here you go, have fun with the discussion :ok_hand:


my rework for annoints
10% bonus elemental damage annoints
15% for special ones like sntnl cryo since thats rly specific

25 % / 50 % / 75% / 100% of dmg you deal is converted into X element or non element dmg, ONLY CONVERTING no bonus dmg this makes a hellwalker for example able to be all shock for example

handling and firerate annoints get clean numbers instead of this 26% thing

remove anything else

the new annoints for actionskill bonus dmg can stay as they are you deal 100% bonus dmg on this or that
i think thats fair as it isnt boosting the gun itself

with this you cant rly have this ■■■■ where a gun deals 45k dmg plus 150% bonus radiation dmg
cuz thats insanity


The whole anointments thing is very very anointing (see what I did there?). If I haven’t bought the dlc then I don’t want to be getting anointments for it. And for the love of god, why, just whyyyy do I get other character’s anointments when I’m playing with Moze? Just freaking whyyy. Also, anointments about elementa on non elemental weapons really? Is this a joke? I refuse to believe, that it takes that many lines of code, to avoid that mistake.
Also, O get that some people, may want to farm items for their other characters. But can we not choose to do that? Like, choose whether i want my anointmenta to be about a specific class, or no class at all bc most of the times I want a non class anointment. Is that too much to ask for a game that costs (at least when I got it) more than 100€ for the complete edition? Is it?
However, to be fair, I have to say that the game is good, and they have made progress from the days of bl2 when you would hardly find a legendary every 20 levels. Also, the gameplay is fun, driving a wheel motorcycle is fun, sliding is fun, murdering is fun, the dlcs are fun, and I even enjoy farming but to a point. If I want a specific weapon with specific anointment, I should be able to get it after some time. Another idea, tho some may find it too ‘nooby’. Make it so we can change the anointment we have, to one anointment of our own choice cost eridium, even if it is a crazy high amound like 10000. Bc I am sure many people, myself included, are very dissapointed when after hours of farming, we don’t get the goddamn weapon as we want it. Borderlands 3 has so many weapons with so many variations, and adding the, what is it, 44? anointments into that equation just makes it a depressing and infuriating thing to farm, while knowing in the back of your mind, that you may never ever ever get what you are looking for. And even if this is a whole idea to make us spend more time in the game, make it so we can at least get the anointment we want. We farm to get the weapon we want, as we want it. Make us farm some eridium so we can choose an anointment we want, and we spend time playing the game without having the thought of “will I ever get it?” in the back of our minds.
We get to be 100% sure we’ll get what we want eventually, and you get us playing the game. Win win right? Right? C’mon make the patch. Make it we all want it.



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That really sounds like an awesome idea :flushed::ok_hand:


Sorry giving you more work :sweat_smile:

But I think from now on people will find these topics and won’t go off topic somewhere else :wink: (hence why I made separate topics for guns and anointments hehe)


i swear having a new borderlands game where they do convertion annoints and put it on the trinkets
imagine how amazing that could be
elemental only guns like hellfire or hellwalker
i would love that

so many guns would be over dope if i could split damage


Hopefully GBX picks up on these topics and sees the community has some good ideas

based on whats happening so far
i doubt this is gonna happen anytime soon

they rly play it like most ppl have no clue on what they want
then they do what they dont want get ■■■■ for it


Came close giving up hope many times :joy:

But reading the forums often gives me a small boost :muscle:

when asked recently they did say they look at twitter and reddit
pretty much confirming they dont look here
so yeah
you read here whats never gonna happen since they dont read this

and the mods here arent gearbox devs so technically that doesnt count towards what you want getting implemented or getting considered

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Twitter is so overrated :joy::joy::joy:

I honestly never even used it :sweat_smile: I don’t think I even know any people IRL that use it.

And yeah, that’s a pretty bad move on their part :wink:

I do not see it here yet, so…

  1. Remove all annointments from all gear.
  2. Annoint Trinkets (or some other attachable mechanic). Here is also where you would reduce the OP of annointments to something more reasonable.
  3. Allow people to attach the Annointed Trinket of their choice on the gear of their choice (not just guns, all gear). Exceptions can exist where they make functional sense.
  4. Track what Annointed Trinkets are being used the most to determine which ones people actually care about and get rid of the ones that are never used.
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Maybe do something with the weapon parts idea? :blush:

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We just want to choose our anointments. That can’t be that hard can it?

It’s because the reason we got anointments in the first place :sweat_smile:

Powercreep… It just got out of hand and now it’s an other level of item quality (which they allready had a hard time balancing)

I can confirm that Gearbox devs do indeed read this forum.


Thank you :innocent:

I also remember one of you saying that you also bring these kind of topics to their attention (I think it was on my first QoL topic?)

Though I have to admit they do seem to overuse Twitter haha (that’s not just GBX though hahahaha)

Correct, I ment the farming before the anointments were a thing. That’s why we should be able to roll them.
Edit: to explain why I would hate for the 300/90 to be nerfed is simple. I want to sometimes destroy bosses. The fun thing is that I don’t even use it thay often. But I want to have it. It’s that simple, and if they nerf it i may just drop the game for a while out of pure pissery (is that a word? I dunno). It would be like taking candy from a baby. Gbx, dont take my candy away, just make candy rollable. Well, they may never see this so I may as well go farm for more weapons.

Then thank them for me, for making the faster slide relic. That thing is beyond amazing. Makes older borderlands feel like we were walking in mud.