Make Battleborn F2P?

So. For those of you who don’t know, F2P means free to play.

So going straight into why, the game is dying and we are all aware of it. Overwatch is celebrating 10 million players while we barely have 1,000 active on PC. Spare me the different game stuff, it doesn’t change the narrative. This game needs more players.

I think it’s not too late to change that however. I think if we made this game free to play, more people would come in and see how great of a game this actually is. Because I do love this game. All it needs is more people! But we aren’t getting any more people by adding micro transactions, not if we already had to pay $60. Instead, I had this idea:

Make the multi-player free. Not completely free, but make it like League of Legends. Certain heroes are free while others you pay for, either with real money or premium currency. Also charge for the skins, that way micro transactions are optional and not in the face of players. This would be a great way to boost the community and longevity of this game and honestly could be the go-to “MOBA” game for consoles. The game could eventually pay itself as long as skins and taunts and things like that keep coming. And then you could also charge for the story mode. (Maybe 30? Idk) but this could solve a LOT of problems for people!

Now obviously what about the people who already paid for the game when it was $60? Reward us by letting us keep all the characters for free. We keep all skins and taunts. Throw in a few extra taunts or skins or hero keys and we’ll be set! Truth be told, I am more concerned about the health of the game. If they made it free for others, I would welcome them with open arms as I proceed to destroy them with the characters I already know how to use lol. But certainly the best thing to do would be to reward us loyal players who supported this game.

Overall, I just want this game to live. And understand that just because the game is up and running, doesn’t mean it’s alive. We should stop trying to change the mindset of people, telling them that micro transactions are good. Call of Duty ruined that for ALL games. Instead, let’s take a different approach and open the multi-player gates to the public.

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