Make Bloody Harvest Optional Please

It was fun at first, but I’d love to just play the game I paid for already. This event has worn out it’s welcome for me.

Can we please have the option to opt out of it?

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look on the forum :wink: there’s a ton of topic about this… no need for more (as they probably will be merged or deleted)

you don’t have to look far… it’s a popular topic…

I’m on my phone while on the toilet at work so I didn’t research.

My bad.


while there, check for legendaries hahaha mine often spawn in toilets :joy:

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Oh I’m always dropping legendaries



Shredifier or Lump? :rofl:

This was addressed in today’s hotfix notes. The short answer is ‘not this time but noted for future events’.

My guess is that by the time a code update to implement this got through all the approvals etc. the event would be pretty much over anyway.

Closing since there’s an official answer to the question (linked).