Make Bonus Balls Provide Speed Boosts as Well

I think that most people who have played a ton of the PVE know how important those little yellow bonus point balls are in terms of getting a high score and a gold medal.
It’s not horribly uncommon to end up having a bonus score higher than your regular score. (Just had a match yesterday where my 2-man team had over 50,000 bonus points and only 40,000 regular points for a score in the 90,000s)

Anyway, I actually like running around like a maniac trying to get all of the bonus balls. (Even though I hate how much it impacts my ability to get a gold medal)

So on to the point of this thread.

I know I’m not the only one who will be fighting a boss and have that boss drop a speed boost and then go on to collect 20-30 bonus balls.
While on the flip-side, fighting a boss and have that boss drop an overshield or cooldown orb, and then go on to only collect 10-15 bonus balls.

Since most times the difference between reaching a new medal tier is entirely dependent on how many bonus points you can rack up, it seems odd that one of the main reasons I can get such high bonus points is when the boss drops a speed boost along with the bonus balls. The randomness of getting medals based on bonus points is a bit crazy, but it’s further complicated by the randomness of getting a speed boost at the same time.

So my solution would be to have all of the bonus balls also act like speed boosts. They could have the same duration or a much shorter one (like 0.5 - 1 second), but just something to ensure that you can consistently have the same change to collect as many points as possible each time you play a match.

Also, I would classify this as simply a ‘nice-to-have’. There are certainly a lot of things I would rather the Dev team work on, but it would be nice if something like this could get on their to-do list…and perhaps we’d see it in a year.


An alternative solution would be to have them last twice as long, giving you more opportunities to pick them up. I too run around like a maniac trying to grab them when they drop, be it from a boss or a chest, so I would also like the ability to pick up more. :dukeaffirmative:

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Remove them completely and give us a robust scoring system that isn’t lazy, random, and counter-intuitive.


From my point of view, getting speed boosts from alternate sources is a good skill-based facet of collecting bonus points. It also requires teamwork, or at least a decent understanding of the current Bonus Point mechanics.
I’ve seen some Marquis players that would setup preemptive Temporal Distortion Fields (with the Waste Makes Haste Helix) right before the boss kill.
I try to achieve a similar effect, by affecting as many teammates as possible with Alani’s Riptide.
With the right timing and collecting pattern, all Bonus Points (that don’t fall off the map - that’s really annoying) can be collected.

First of all, I have to say that i don’t agree with any of that. I think the bonus point system is fun and provides an additional challenge. I really like that in terms of long-time playability.

But I can understand the sentiment behind your statement. While I wouldn’t want to get rid of the bonus point system entirely, I think it needs some tweaks. Just being good at collecting bonus (think about that word for a moment) points shouldn’t be able to outshine a good base score, like uncia03 described:

Seems to me, that all that’s off with the current system is that Bonus Points are weighed the same as Team Points. As long as future changes reflect that Team Score is more important than Bonus Score, I’d be happy.


Too right. Any game that rewards you based on luck isn’t worth the drama. Why can’t be simply be rewarded for our actual skill and effort? Why should getting the highest score 100% require the player to run around stupid after every boss fight or phase? As the OP stated, it’s worse when you don’t get a speed boost drop, which in itself is random. Not to mention the amount of bonus score points that literally just fall off the edge of the map, get stuck on unreachable terrain, or you just can’t get to because of the boss blocking them off during phases (geoff/arachnis is the worst for this with the bonus score dropping inside his shield bubble). Oh, and you’re just straight up ■■■■■■ if you’re playing a ranged character. You have to go out of your way to move into melee range when finishing them off.


Okay, so you disagree. Care to explain to me how the bonus score system in any way reinforces the apparent design of the game itself?

If I’m playing a team and character-based game, I should be rewarded for helping my team in the context of the role I’m meant to play. I’ve said this over and over again on the forum, but right now the PVE scoring is heavily weighted to a random system that literally has you running in circles.

How about a score system that rewards me for the total uptime of my overshield as Reyna, or for the number of crits as Marquis, or for how well I CC as Alani, or Even just for overall accuracy, time, and damage? Why not give higher scores to teams who literally don’t let the defense point get hit once? You get the idea. We are in an age where advanced metrics and data-mining are ubiquitous, but you wouldn’t know it based on this scoring system. Lazy.

Right now they have me waiting in a room that is literally draining my health, waiting to run in a circle for points that are more significant than all other factors combined in the scoring system (at least for small teams. Haven’t seen enough numbers for larger ones). Or, take The Experiment. A boss/mini-boss is attacking a defense point that will auto-lose me the game if it is destroyed. I damage the boss enough to push him to another area. Should my team and I go get positioned for the next portion of the fight? Nope! Run to where he was and GET THOSE BUBBLES! Counter-intuitive.

So, what if bonus score was related to the basic ideas mentioned above, but they had it drop as bonus balls. It would still be a stupid system! I’ve done the work, played well enough, and now you want me to get all of my teammates, no matter their design, and run in a circle afterwards to actually cash that work in? In what possible way is this encouraging me to play towards the (apparent) design of the game (namely, kicking ass and killing badguys without dying)?

At the very best they could have the bonus balls not despawn and be auto-looted if they fall off the edge, but then you’ve got a completely redundant system!

People are recommending using gear to increase speed after pickups, or using skills to boost individual/team speed. So, in essence, they want me to spec my character not to maximize my efficiency in my role or suit my playstyle, but to maximize my efficiency in, and this horse has died three-times-over, Running. In. A. Circle.

No thanks.

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Info on the scoring system and how it works here.


Ok, I’ll try explaining my thoughts on this:

  • The whole ‘running in circles’ part of obtaining bonus score may seem like a child’s play (conceptually, not in regard to the actual difficulty) but I think that actually fits well with the game speed and visual style.
    /Edit: Ok, I give up on that point. That’s purely subjective, as for me this game is a fast-paced ‘Shooter’ = FPS game that allows me to bring badass swords to a gun fight. :laughing:

  • Similar to the other in-game challenges (like ‘Score 1000 points’), it provides additional gameplay challenges that positively add to the long-term playability. Especially in Advanced Difficulty, where you must decide if a try on a challenge is even worth it.

  • There are Boss Fights with Bonus Score Drops mid-fight (Sentinel Guardians, Bagranth etc.), which I think is a nice tactical twist. Having to decide on picking them up emphasizes your role in the party.
    For example, I always pick those mid-fight Bonus Score from the Sentinel’s Guardians when I play Alani, as I can get a speed boost at will and for most PUGs a healer isn’t really needed there. So it basically comes down to a decision between faster boss kill time or picking up bonus score.

Those are the main reasons why I feel that the Bonus Score System fits into the game and should stay.
Especially since it rewards a team that saves on extra lives (and picks up additional ones).

However, I’m somewhat opposed to the idea that a team can play bad (like wasting lives) and still get a silver or perhaps even gold rating merely through Bonus Points. I didn’t calculate it or anything, but i think that at the moment Bonus Score has a too high impact on the final Mission Score.

My proposed solution for this would be to tune down the effect of Bonus Score on the final mission score (just give it a 0.6 multiplier or something like that) and perhaps think about other ways to keep the system rewarding. I personally favor the option of getting a Common-Rare Loot Pack if a certain Bonus Score total is achieved.

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