Make Captain Hunt farmable

I don’t like the fact that you need to do the same mission twenty five times to complete an event challenge. I love farming, but this is tedious af, because you need to do everthing again. Collect 25 ectoplasmic ■■■■, talk to maurice, kill captain hunt and repeat. It’s ridiculous.

Please, just make the final boss farmable.


Agreed, this is a surefire way to take people from enjoying the event to seeing it as a chore and hating it.

First thing I tried to do after killing him the first time was classic ‘Save and quit, reload’ to farm him and when I saw he didn’t respawn and realized you’re expected to do everything all over 24 more times I quickly lost excitement for this event.

I guess they felt they had to put in some kind of drawn out grind to justify this event lasting 6 weeks. Why does a Halloween event need to last into December? No reason it needs to be so long, people are already not enjoying Terror on the first day…


i know i beat haunt’ exited started up expecting i could farm him. and it was like you need to farm 25 more ectoplasm. and i am like wtf is this happy horse crap.

people are already bored of the stupid anointed buffs as they are garbage. only to be forced back to an area you have cleared like a zillion times.

imagine how fun it would be if you had to run all the way back to farm tyreen or troy. yep that would be amazing fun.


how long is it?

Not too long, like half an hour or fourty minutes. Maybe less


i can get the ectoplasm in about 10 minutes in athea as there is loads of mobs in there. but i see it as a boring thing to do, when i want to be killing haunt.


Yes. Like i wrote, i love farming but this is just boring


Gotta remember what borderlands raid bosses were about. Farming an item to offer it to the boss to get the rare unique loot. The game was a grind since the first one.

At the very least, it should skip the hecktoplasm gathering phase on repeat.

25 times per character right?

You dont have to complete the challenge on the first day, you know?


It wouldn’t be as big of an issue if it were made a holiday currency, that way we could keep getting it when we kill ghosts, instead of only when we are tasked to collect it.

That way once we kill Haunt then complete the mission with Maurice; once we reactivate it if we have enough surplus ectoplasm then we can just hand it to him to continue. Instead of having to go refarm for more every single time.


i can understand having to farm an item to start a raid boss, but he’s not a raid boss, he’s simply a boss.

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I look at it this way… while I’m farming the Hecktoplasm, I’m also completing the “Kill 500 ghosts” challenge. Takes some of the edge off.

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I think the length is good means I don’t have to feel pressured into rushing it, also you get to mix up the destination you do the early steps so you don’t get burn out.

Though having him farmable for loot could be nice later, but not day 1

IMO the event is preatty good.
Not going to bitch about free content.

But yeah, the only thing i whould like to “skip” is the Echtoplasm farm.
besides that…its preatty good.
its just a seasonal event with free cosmetics…

Most SH will laugh at the idea to put a free event that adds a new map where people whould have to work on (even if the map is a reskinned Athenas), add 4 legendary items and a bunch of cosmetis ALL for free.


Why cant you jus stack up like 200 hecktoplasm to kill Haunt 8 times?

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no point in making him farmable, hes drop rate sucks or is exactly the same as other enemies from that map, if he was having a higher chance of dropping legendary item I would agree to make him farmable, if you really really want farm him just put ur save on read only after you reach the safe spot before jumping down, if you dont like the loot go to main menu and repeat…

I know. My point is that repeat the same process to achieve the challenge is ridiculous and boring

Yeah, i don’t mind grinding, but the whole process of travel to Sanctuary III, wait, talk to Maurice, travel to a random point, wait again, collect 25 items, travel again to the ship, wait, talk again with Maurice, travel to the event map, wait, kill Captain Hunt and repeat. For me is just boring and tedious.

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