Make Cartels permanent please? 🥺

Hey Gearbox, this event is gold. There’s so much new gear and the map is b e a u t i f u l. athenas needs more maps! It’s repeatable content, and the DLC campaigns havent had much of those.

It’ll still be in the game files anyway, and its not like “eridium dust cartel” is a holiday. Make it permanent please? :point_right::point_left:


Yeah! I think this event is the most funny part of the whole update :smiley:


i agree…

if Heck was made so you could turn it on/off it would be great too…

maybe a bit further down the line we can have these events active back to back or something (or all at once haha, can you imagine the mayhem that will bring about hahaha)


We need more missions aswell.
I much prefer story and new content to grinding and farming


‘True Mayhem Mode’ - sounds like a winner!


i can see it happening :joy: cartel spawning left and right and skulls flying everywhere hahahaha

i’d call it, mayhem 11 :joy: like old M4 only 1 easy and 1 verry hard modifier but all the events active :smiley:


We need hearts in there too. Gotta spread the love!


I just mostly enjoy the Synth wave music and aesthetics. Boss fight is pretty fun, too.


That reminds me, I NEED to look up the Johnny Ultraviolet music. One of my fave video game songs in recent memory.

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Yea, the cartel members are really a good implementation to the game. No need to go away.

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oh yeah! forgot about those! :joy:

just thinking obout it fills me with a warm feeling and laughter hahaha

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I just posted same thing. It sooo good. I love it.
The areas. The music the enemys. Its so beautiful.

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I agree! Consider my vote a YES!

Would holiday would this even fall on? It seems like this should be a permanent addition. They really put a lot into this map and all the of the quests including the new Maurice quest that have absolutely nothing to do with the event lol.

I think the new Cartel event is just great! Is there any where to request og suggest gearbox to make this event permanent? I see no reason for it to stop :slight_smile:

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yes please make it permanent it to much fun for it to just been a 1 time event

post and comment about it on their social medias and subreddits! we have to let them know

Don’t forget the M10 modifier with the death skulls! SURPRISE that wasn’t a loot ghost you failed to shoot!

haven’t used that modifier yet :joy:

Make a poll.