Make class mods like BL2!

Not only were the buffs way better with +5 into 5 skills, but the skills that were buffed went together and worked to make a build. Plus they had bonuses that would benefit that build.

If i got a legendary sniper mod for zer0 it was clear. all the skills it buffed helped sniping, and the bonus would be to snipers. Same with a lot of the mods like the legendary Cat (smg) or Sickle (melee)

i wish the old formula was implemented and then expanded on.
bl2 had a mod for each tree and that play style. they shouldve done that then have more that branch into other play styles.

like do we really have an unlimited ammo mod for moze?
True melee one for amara??
Sentinal or Clone Zane?
PET mod for fl4k?? (i know the pets are bad)

i bring this up cause after seeing the new mod for moze. its so gross. they mostly all are. the bonuses dont mean anything unless u find a perfect roll, the skills they give hardly match up with what the mods do, and they hardly promote a play style.

Make BL3, BL2 again
i love the game and all the cool stuff they added and improved, but they are starting to stray away from what i loved about 2. :frowning:


I like the unique abilities of the legendary mods for the most part. I wish some of them were more effective. And I wish others were merely accessible to me. But I find them by and large more memorable than the BL2 mods, even if those had more reliably effective basic modifiers.

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I’m still stuck in the bl2 mindset sometimes, looking at mods for the extra skill points first then the red text.
Has Fl4k’s new mod been leaked too?

im okay with most of the changes
like lets say we keep it at +5 skill points and still have the 3 rolls they come with

we can have that and the special effect it gives plus some help to the build.

so lets just say blast master mod, more you fire the more splash. this mod seems to want to keep you firing. nothing about damage or iron bear being out.
then it should have mag increase, even just like +5 bullets or 5% mag. just to solidify what its meant for.

then the skills it can go to should be cloud of lead, Matched set, redistribution, and the iron bank . this mod is about keeping your hand on the trigger
very straight forward on what it wants.

then for the effect oh you getting splash damage you can now use more points for splash since your taken cared of by the mod for its main effect, ammo. or invest into splash.

imagine it did this and now you can worry about other useful skills or make this even stronger by investing.

Back when playing bl2 most would build into the mod cause of the crazy benefit, you couldn’t have a divers character.( i know the skills are alot more now and you can basiclly have your cake and eat it too lol) but if you wanted to you could mix but in higher levels mostly not.

bl3 seems more like they are balancing it or whatever. it just seems like the mods are all over.
like blast maser has PTHP and vampyr. like ??? its not about grenades?? its not even close.


not that ive seen, and yea i look at the skills first then the bonus then the smaller bonus. but getting 3 mods that say, dont stop firing for 1 char is not cool. and only green monster seems close to the original idea, but why corrosive damage??? cause handsome jackpot??? thats lame. it should of been fire. its what shes all about and it couldve put points into her fire skills. it was an L. and the new one doesnt seem better. just a band-aid for a bigger issue.


for me the Class mods are somewhat confusing, they vary so much I have trouble understanding what is best or better.

I know that may be somewhat build oriented, but There just sort of troublesome to grasp as to how good they are.

Thing like “this slightly increase’s the chance of” or “This greatly increases the chance of”.

these do not give me enough info, I would like a percentage, and amount a little more info so I could actually make a solid judgement call on which class mod or Artifact to use. ( some do this, but not all of them )

I fully agree the ones in BL2 where much easier for ME to grasp or understand.


Yes this is another problem altogether. specifications. when the game first came out i noticed that iron bear lacks info on cooldown, duration and damage output for each weapon. little did i expect this to be a trend with bl3. so much equipment lacks info its hard to tell if its doing anything. Amaras golden rule mod saying it increases cooldown with damage and stacks. But how much??? is it worth it?? idk and it keeps me away from it. its like their patch notes too, wont tell us details. info is key and they have a problem with thinking we dont need it.


Yeppers! It kind of forces me to go to someones cookie cutter build as they maybe had the time to test, and retest until they knew what worked.

I don’t have that much time, and so I wind up internet surfing until I stumble onto something that works for my play style.

Percentages or numbers telling me the gain might offer me more freedom to make my own build’s that work for my play style better … I think!

EDIT >> also allow me better use of the Items I actually have as apposed to trying to make a build I find surfing with out all the specific items the build calls for.

Yea being able to jump in and know this does what it says seems to be the major problem. like half the time some of the descriptions dont even work with what they do say. im all for them fixing that. I know not to compare it to bl2 cause that games finished, what i am hoping for is that once all the dlcs are out and they want to move forward or stop that we have a complete game. im looking forward to the future. i played bl2 over and over with the same finished content for years and i hope bl3 can drag me in at the end too.


i think that they improved the way, mods are working, with own legendary effects
they just need to create some good ones xD


yeppers loli42! For sure on that I find so little effect from any of the Mods, I was actually still using a mod I got at level 12 until recently on my siren, as nothing ever dropped that was better, or rather better enough to actually swap it out.

EDIT>>> to clarify that the mods don’t seem to gain much of anything with levels, and the extra’s “this slightly increases” does not give me much to go on.

hard to believe xD
maybe you should look up the lists, where to farm the mods
are you max level already?

yes both moze, and siren are 53, and the moxxi mod is where I finally got a legendary that was worth changing out.

wait, are you talking about artifacts?
because there, most are actually useless and i would prefer the bl2 ones xD

Yes i like that too. but they def seem off on alot. i mean green monster should of been fire with bonuses to her fire skils. and then blast master should make up its mind if its mainly explosive or sustained fire. the skills that buffs are all over.

I just liked the straight foward mods in bl2. sniper sniper, melee was melee so fourth.

artifacts are a dif discussion lol

yea, thats why i was telling @taglag45, moxxi doesnt have a class mod xD

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I like how the new ones work more like game changers rather than skill point add ons. It helps them stand out from purple mods. it also allows you for more versatility rather than pinning you to one gun or play style (though there are ones with intended purposes).

I can use the same build and change my COM and guns to have a different playstyle if I want rather than have to go to sanctuary to respec.

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately and this thread seems like the right place to put my thoughts down.

My view is that I don’t mind an element of RNG in the mods and I don’t mind that they add fewer skill points than BL2 COMs. But a) too many of the legendary COMs are near-useless and there is virtually no reason to use non-legendaries; b) the current system is too random - the affixes are a total crapshoot and often don’t in any way augment the COM itself. Sometimes they even conflict with the COM! (reload speed on Blast Master… :face_vomiting: )

As a result, the COMs don’t promote particular play-styles.

More on point A):
Some Coms are almost never used for various reasons. Zane is by far the worst in this respect.

Amara almost never uses Dragon (by far the worst) Elementalist, Golden Rule, or Nimbus (rare exceptions and extreme-niche uses exist of course). Ever since Driver arrived with M4 and the ninja-nerf, Phasezerker is only used by those who really don’t like Driver (me!). Breaker is only used by melee builds but at least it is obviously for that play style.

Moze - Bear Trooper is an inferior version of Raging Bear. Totally redundant. Rocketeer’s special ability comes at a major cost, so maybe some people use it, but I’ve never even considered it and I haven’t seen too many builds that focus on or use it.

Mind Sweeper and Blast Master are fine but have overlapping skill buffs and do similar things. Partially redundant. Thus many (of course not all) builds that use one can be easily changed to the other. So neither really promotes a play style, they’re both essentially splash damage COMs.

Green Monster has respectable uses I guess, but is not considered “meta,” so my impression is it is thought of as a workable but niche item. I’m open to being convinced I’m wrong about that.

Can’t say enough good things about Bloodletter, 1HP Moze builds are fun and this COM definitely produces a unique feel.

Zane: Does anyone use any COM other than Seein Dead? For anything? I really wanted to make Infiltrator and Executor builds work but they are just too underpowered compared to Seein Dead.

Fl4k: Rakk Commander is basically a bad version of Rakk Pack, and Friend-Bot is at best a niche item. And the problems with Fl4k pet builds are well-known.

Stackbot is debilitatingly broken - the bonus could be powerful, but given that you lose the stacks for all non-critical damage, it’s way too restrictive.

Deadeye is admittedly very good for snipers…but not so much for anything else. Needs very specific affixes, of which there are few. So, this one really needs good RNG.


Have 1 (perhaps 2) of the currently random bonuses always be specific affixes that fit the intended play style of the COM. E.g. Sniper Damage on deadeye; mag size or maybe Torgue weapon Dmg on Blast Master; Melee Dmg on Breaker; Weapon critical Dmg on Executor; etc.

Improve bonuses to the currently underpowered Coms, perhaps by adding new features.

Examples: add major Dmg reduction while shield depleted to Infiltrator (and fix the bug so it works with Rough Rider!); add +action skill Dmg to Rakk Commander; increase the Pet Dmg buff on Friend-Bot (and the bonus increases over time since last pet revive); add a +Heavy Weapon Dmg while Autobear is active feature to Rocketeer; add a major bonus to status effect Dmg for a few seconds after using Phasegrasp to Elementalist.

Completely re-work the Dragon COM and maybe some of Zane’s COMs.

Make the blue and purple COMs always be 1/4 and 1/1/3 respectively, and give all non-legendary COMs at most 1 random affix and at least one non-random affix.

If the affixes on blues and purples are desirable, non-random, and hard to replicate on legendaries, they will get more use. We know this is true from the way that non-legendaries like Survivor, Crunch, Trickster, and several others continued to be used reasonably often in BL2, even late in the life cycle of the game.

If build diversity is desirable - and I for one think it is - this is one way to do it.

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Re: Amara, Dragon needs attention.

Re: FL4K, Rakk Commander and St4ckbot need attention.

Re: Moze, Rocketeer needs attention. Bear Trooper is fine as a placeholder for Raging Bear (which is a Mayhem 4 only drop).

Re: Zane, Seein’ Dead is so much better than every other mod that all the others need attention. Seein’ Dead would have made more sense as a Mayhem 4 only drop instead of a DLC drop.