Make "clear skies" a requestable event

I actually had some fun in Arm’s Race with this one.

If I could choose it to be on all the time, I would.


Yeah, it seems hard enough without the murdercane bearing down on me. And even though I was seeing ~25 legendaries per run, “perfect parts” weapons/shields/relics are still exceedingly rare. Would also like see a toggle for this event.


I did well over 150 runs during the week, trying to get my hands on a god roll Eternal Flame. Had a couple ok ones drop but none better than the one I already had. Did have multiple Dark Army++’s drop, which I had never been lucky enough to get before. Did a couple runs after the event ended but I was bored out of my mind. I hardly ever get drops in the dedicated chests and I went from 25+ legendaries per run during the event to 2-4 max before dropping in to Harker. I would definitely run it more often if Clear Skies was able to be switched on.