Make command packs buyable after rank 100

I think that once you reach level 100 you should be able to buy command packs for something like 5-7k i miss being able to get a guaranteed skin or taunt

I’d settle for literally anything post 100. I’m just sad that there are so many challenges that award so many command points but they all go to waste.

Maybe have some form of paragon/prestige leveling?
Perhaps keep the max lvl to 100 but instead of wasting command xp, turn it into character xp?



Here’s a similar thread you might want to take a look at - Level 100 Command Rank Exp

Character xp is the next one we will complain, it’s going to be easy to achieve rank 15 this way.
What they can do I think it’s turn the xp into credits or a progression bar, every time you fill you get a commander pack.

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Yes to that it would make post 100 really rewarding