Make cross saves for differnt console families

I really want this game however i already completed borderlands 2 on my xbox 360 i now have a ps4 it has annoyed me that i would have to start again if i brought this game that is what is holding me back from buying it. All you would have to do is this setup a club like social club on gta let us create an account on old gen then put that account on new gen please please please allow this i really want this game but i refuse to get it if i have to start again

It’s not that simple. In order to do this, GBX would have to make Sony and Microsoft agree to do so, which won’t happen. Yes, I know Blizzard did it with Diablo 3, but that’s the only exception because Blizzard has so much influence on the game industry.

So do 2k they could just add to there website which could make you be able to connect to consoles then just let you put your data on it

Data is saved differently on different formats. If the devs could do that they would do that. It would have been great I agree but sometimes somethings just cant be done.

Theres also legal BS that Sony and Microsoft like to annoy devs with. So much legal BS. Take what Microsoft did to UBISOFT they cried about Rayman Legends being on Ps4 and Wii U machines first , those two versions got delayed due to it. You honestly think Microsoft wouldnt lose its ■■■■ over 360 saves being translated to Ps4.

The latter is most likely why it wont happen :I

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