Make Dive Bomb Great Again

Apologies for the title. Now…

Can we make this better? Currently it does the damage of one rocket? Or does it… that’s just what I heard.

It used to do the damage of 3-4 rockets, again, that’s what I saw and heard.

I think a simple +50% to 100% damage boost would suffice. Or make it affected by rocket damage scaling. Which I’m not sure if it does that already. I am poorly informed on this.

Or perhaps a functionality change. Maybe keep the dmg as-is and add a little AoE knockback on it?

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I like playing Ben a lot but this skill should be called something other than a skill :wink:

The damage is kind of just a bonus I’d say. The real advantage in Dive Bomb is how good of an escape it is.


@Garrus_Sniper can tell you all about how great divebomb is. Assuming he’s not dead.

I swear I’ve seen it do 400 damage

The value of Divebomb is that if you double jump out of it you maintain momentum, making it an extremely fast lateral movement (by far the fastest Benedict is capable of). I don’t think I’ve ever used it as an attack.

What’s with the “again” part? It’s never been changed, right?

And the damage is insignificant when it has some of the best movement potential in the entire game. Seriously, you can go far

I meant “again” as in — again I say I do not know for sure.

From what I gather:

It used to do the damage of 3-4 rockets

They nerfed it

Now it does the damage of 1 rocket

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Why can’t they have it do the damage of 2.5 rockets, maybe even 3, it’s a risky attack move

Dive bomb isn’t an attack, it’s an escape. It gives Benedict some lateral movement. It using it as an attack is a bad idea.


^ This.

Even when you do use it as an attack the hitbox is buggy and doesn’t connect half the time.

I once went for an epic divebomb snipe on a running Miko, landed it perfectly and it did zero damage and he got away.

Best used as an escape, Benedict equivalent of claw lunge.

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Well they could make it do the damage of 2 and half rockets, since it’s a risk as an attack, and is called “dive bomb”

Agreed. It’s also supposed to knock enemies away already, I forgot about that. Whoops.

And btw, now it does less than a rocket, it does 200 flat damage all the way to 10.

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I believe that when you hit someone, he doesent have to deal with hitting the ground as an open target

And that is stupid weak damage in risk reward ratio

What about divebomb? The best escape in the game?

It’s how this Benedict got so notoriously hard to kill. Learn how to master the landing animation cancelation and it’s baller. Looks really cool too. Melee and mid range characters/chasers get hosed right when they think they have you. It’s hilarious when people think they have you and they watch you soar away. Granted there has been some sort of glitch that happens it will auto-redirect right back where you jumped from if you do it, it’s random, but can get you killed. Also, it’s cooldown time is effected by Benedict’s legendary, thus air shots reduce its short cooldown even more

You pronounce drop kick funny.

Well dive bomb is less a straight up thigh kick right in the air and more a “you thought you had me? Well why am I across the map now? bye Bye~~”

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Holy ■■■■, you aren’t dead.

Mmm, yes, the divebomb, home of one notorious Benedict Escape after another, I would only ever use it offensively if there’s a big or important push to be had, like if a healer/support is out of position and their big boys and Benedict punishers are dead, to do some bird of prey type shennanigans. Mikos and Ambras tend to have a hard time running from a bird jetting at them with rockets