Make Ellie a Siren.... Yes you read that right. Do it to fight against toxic low fat crap. Do it for justice!

I can just imagine her giant body gracefully flying up into the air her wings spread out as she decends gracefully.

Do it. I mean bl3 is woke az hell.

Might as well.

Make vaughn one too…

Oh and forget about Kate blanchet or whatever as Lilith for the movie. Make it Lizzo.


This… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I agree Ellie would have been a better choice than tennis!


And her siren power? A massive singularity coupled with bullet deflection and cryo resistance?


Big facts

Siren power: Summon cars on top of people


She throws vehicles, screaming

Catch a ride!


Make Claptrap a Siren

Why is it a human only exclusive
Robots have rights


Honestly, having Ellie get Angel’s power, instead of Tannis, would have made a lot of sense.
Which, of the two of them, is better with machines? Ellie. Can you imagine a mechanic with the ability to control machines? She could build awesome warbots and pilot them into combat. She could amass an army of vehicles and drive them at enemies herself, via mental remote control.

And hell yes, she would be good as a siren.

Doing it now, though, would be difficult. There’s only 6 around (no idea about the 7th which got hinted at), and most are accounted for. Lilith has her powers back, Ava has Maya’s, Amara has hers, and Tannis has Angel’s. Tyreen’s power probably transferred to someone new already (since her body vanished) and Ellie didn’t gain tattoos (or maybe Tyreen’s power was destroyed by her combining with the destroyer. Who knows?).
That only leaves one set of powers remaining, which are presumably the ones that Commandant Steele had. We discussed this a while back here: New siren type - Phasewake - while talking about what the sixth power could be.
Since we never see her use them, we don’t know what her power was, so it could be something that would fit Ellie, like huge phase-explosions.

I just don’t want to see it be “Ellie is fat, so she gets fat powers”, like gravity powers or something. Like OP says, “bl3 is woke az hell”, so they should make a plus-sized siren (Ellie or someone else) with powers like anyone else, not make it a joke about her weight.


Instead of phaselock she gets scrap compactor lock…


Brilliant idea Puppy!
I can envision Ellie as a siren and bet she would be a damn good one. Because of her mechanical skills, I think her power would be something like Mass Shifting where she can move and reconstruct materials into new forms. Imagine a phasecast type skill using the materials near an enemy to either restrain them or pulverize them. There are piles of junk everywhere in Borderlands that could be used.

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Its PhaseWoke now

So, Steele’s are an unknown but assumed to still be available. Tyreen’s went somewhere and what do we make of Troy? He was a siren from childhood yet we only know of his powers leeched from Maya and Ty.

Hell yes, they can work Ellie in. Those writers are so creative. After all, they gave us Ava!


Her action skill would be Phasesplit. When casted on an enemy, you gain vertical split screen until that enemy dies.

I’d be fine with this if only for the reason Ellie could use the Siren wings and finally be the 300 lb eagle soaring through the midnight sky that she dreamed of being in BL2.


I love Ellie and all but… if i were going to choose a siren I would have to have the universes only PSYCHO PSYREN. Tiny Tina as a siren would be amazing! Imagine phazelocks with added explosions… and the dialogue would (hopefully) be hilarious.

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Need more Ellie content for sure.

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Might have to swap the wings for a zeppelin but I’m all for it

Ellie as a siren would have been wunderbar !

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The universe would have been doomed

Ellie with siren powers: