Make galilea's shield silence rather than stun. it's only fair

you take it away from phoebe who required you to land a specific hit of a combo in a short window of time. why does galilea just get an instant stun? im all about power in characters, but if you take from one you can’t allow it to remain on another.

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But Phoebe’s also got a very long ranged dash to close the distance, which Galilea doesn’t have. Plus using her shield throw penalizes her since her block becomes a lot weaker without her shield, making her way easier to kill.


Phoebe used to have a stun, just as you said. And honestly, phoebe is now a bit more balanced (or a bit more useless actually) than she used to be, but it wasn’t her stun that people entirely complained about. It was her phase in gap close + slow -> stun combo (the slow REALLY made it easier to land the combo). Galilea only has one of these. Please don’t compare the two.

99 pct of the phoebes out there didnt even use the slow and ran overshield instead. they actually saved their teleport to run away, so idk how it was an issue. there were only a very few of us that actually used the teleport offensively. but it was the stun that actually allowed you to get the kills, just like it is with galilea

Honestly, ALL stuns need to be removed - they are simply put, a DEATH SENTENCE in PVP. You might as well just name the abilities “Free Kill” if they hit…

Either remove them, or add some sort of “break” mechanic ffs.

Hell, even stuns in the Story Missions are WAAAY too OP, like that annoying fat robot that puts up a bullsh*t invulnerability shield and then does a like, 5+ second AOE stun effect…

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i think they either need to remove them or not just have one type of character like galilea with one. i wanted to play a lot before i made my final decision about galilea, and now that i have played to rank 21, something needs to be tweaked on that character. in a game where team play is supposed to be what it is about, idk how a stun can be ok for only one character to have. it is different when someone like montana knocks you up in the air or something than it is when galilea stuns you. even a complete ■■■■■■ can play galilea. phoebe you at least had to land a combo in a short window. galilea you just hit the shield and it is a rap.


Err… What are you talking about? SOOO many characters have stunning abilities… =.=

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No they dont. Barely a handful do. And all of them but galileas are situational. Boldurdash? Gotta hit a wall. Montana dash? Gotta hit a wall. Attikus leap? You guessed it. Gotta hit a wall. Rath? Gotta unlock it in the helix and then hit crossblades first. El dragon? Has to have his ultimate AND use an ability. That’s pretty much every stun in the game. So 20 percent of characters have a stun.

Galilea? Throw it. Stun

She’s such a miserable and unfun easy character. She shreds through everyone and has literally everything you could possibly want. She’s the perfect character

She has shields to block attacks
She has an aoe SILENCE
She has an easy stun or pull
She has her own beefed up health regen
She just does a billion damage
Her ultimate makes her untargetable

Any skilled player just destroys people with her with minimal effort to the point where people don’t even want to play her because it’s too easy.

She’s nonsense. And people should stop defending her so much. People claim because she can die means that she isn’t overpowered. Theres threads dedicated to just gow to beat her and it’s all situational.

As Rath get this specific helix upgrade and approach her in this location on a hot summer day on a Wednesday and knock her up and then turn invisible and whip out your hidden golden gun and shoot he in the Achilles tendon 3 inches from the top 3 times and click your heels together while doing a back flip. So as you can see she can die and isn’t overpowered. You just have to go about it the right way



Shayne and Autox (cannot spell the genie’s name lol, sorry) has a basic move that’s actually WORSE than a stun IMO, as it is a stun+pulls you to her…

She does not need to run to you either - same basic functionality as Galilea’s shield throw, except her shield has a LOT smaller of a hitbox, she is VERY vulnerable if she misses, it has an arc to the throw, and she still has to run over to you to start whacking you even if it does hit lol…

Yeah but Shane and aurox arenot as complete a package as galilea. She’s got it all.

Miko has a stun in his helix, Toby has a stun in his helix, ISIC has a stun in his helix, Ambra has an aoe stun in her helix…

You must have gotten owned by a galilea.

you need to do some more research. ambra has a stun i think at level 10 in her ultimate. congratulations.

exactly. well said. i played with two guys the other day that i knew from the test. our command ranks in the test were 100, 100, and 92. My command rank is only 20 something right now, but they are probably in the 60s or 70s by now, and that is only playing on xbox (5day beta). We are familiar with the game and its characters. None of us even one time picks galilea. She is phoebe on crack, but somehow people are defending her. i can’t wrap my head around it. health regen? a shield? an ult that you can’t target? a stun on an assassin that does not require a combo or any other requirement? you gotta be freaking kidding me.

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“Ambra has an aoe stun in her helix”

having it in her helix at level 10 on an ultimate with a huge delay requiring incredible anticipation, and just being able to practically spam one the entire match are not the same thing. did you say they were the same thing? no. but in the context of the conversation, assuming you are remotely intelligent, it would make no sense to even bring up ambra’s stun or really any of the stuns you mentioned.


My bad I missed like 3. But you also missed ghalts stun. So we’re even

yeah, but they are rarely a death sentence. i hardly even notice any of those stuns. there is almost always a way to escape. galilea is the opposite. unless the person using her sucks, it is a death sentence. and even if they suck it is usually a death sentence

Phoebe is an Assassin.

Galilea is a Defender.

Give Phoebe back her stun so she can better assassinate.

Replace Galilea shield stun with silence + knockback so she’ll be more of a defender and less of an assassin.


Gally’s stun must be removed, or be shortened to 1 second.

Miko may have a stun, on helix 3 and is only easy to hit on melee chars or with an extremely pro(AKA lucky) throw. And they can’t even do anything with it really.

I agree that Shayne and Aurox’s stun is a little bit BS too but Shayne usually can’t reck you when stunned.

Gally just stun you and you know you’re dead.
I’d say let that shield slow, silence, knock up… Idk, some of those things. Blind? Throwing the shield makes her very vurnerable so it must be worth it, but the stun is stupid.