Make Gamma Burst the definitive taunt ulti (dominance change)

This idea is based on the Red Fang mod because is the only one specific for gamma burst.
If we change the ability dominance with something that can give our shield to the pet could be very good for taunting.
Honestly, at the moment dominance is pretty useless and none use it, instead a skill like shield on pet will be good in my opinion.
Let me know your opinion.

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I just wish dominance worked right, I like the flat percentage as DoT and mind control is nifty.
The idea of a recharge berner on my skag is pretty sexy.

Yeah, of course. With shields , taunting pet will become more more effective useful and funny.
Damage with recharge berner
Survivability with stop gap
Reflecting with Rico shield (dlc)

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Shields would be useless on Gamma Burst, as during Gamma Burst pets are immortal.

Honestly first I think dominance needs to be polished and work better, then just add some additional spice that increases damage. Cause that’s what’s it’s competing against. I would just add to it, In addition enemies under Attack Command take 100% increased damage.

Or maybe even go full tank, Fl4k gains 10% of max health/sec for the duration of Dominance. Another idea, 100% of damage done to Fl4k is shared to the dominated enemy.

Also enemies under Dominance should taunt.

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He should keep the dominated enemy as a pet and they should revive and only die when something else is dominated.

Skags, jabbers, spiderants give mix of boosts like the ones already on your pets, also these pet bonuses are boosted by yawp

Cov pets give splash, grenade damage

Maliwan give electric damage and shield regen

Tyrants give fire damage and and bullet reflect

Nekro bugs give corrosive damage and spawn bugs on taking damage

Grogs or whatever give rad damage and accuracy

Make him a beastmaster

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I like your idea for the different pet bonuses.
Is pretty good and also will bring a lot of build variaty.

If dominance increased pet dmg by like 200% and made the enemies you dominated turn into “pets” to gain bonuses from pet damage I would def love that skill. In general I think all pet damage boost in that tree legit need a 100%buff minimum and some need a 200%change. Would be nice if the pet tree actually made your pet do some real damage

Like mechromancer pet tree if I recall it made it dumb strong

The numbers actually good where they are. What the pets are lacking are base damage and easy access multipliers.

DT only had 3 actual damage buff: 5 Gorillas, Made of Sterner Stuff, and Upshot Robot. The first two only gave 30% damage total. Ferocity and Frenzy on their own give 3X that amount for far less skill points.

The thing that made DT, and every other pet, really stupid was that they could multiply their damage way easier. Make it Sparkle gave DT’s melee elemental splash damage, and Sharing is Caring gave him a roid shield that buffed his melee to an absurd degree. Digi-Jacks had promote the ranks and Roid shields, while wolf had Laser Guided.

FL4K has way more pet damage in their tree than any other pet class in the franchise period. Before the November 21st patch a pet build could get over 200% pet damage. Now even a crit build can get 130% easily. So it isn’t the pet damage boosting skills that are the problem. You can see that by how much better pets perform on M3 now that their base damage has been buffed to deal with it.

The main problem with pets on M4 comes from their base damage not being enough for M4, and them not having easily accessible multipliers. FL4K can’t give their pets any gear, and cryo doesn’t boost their melee damage. If you didn’t get terror gear during the event you need to trade for it, and it eats up two slots. Since the bonus on Friendbot doesn’t work, you can only use Deadeye for a bonus on COM. The Eruption and Execute are M4 exclusive. Go For the Eyes is a one time only buff.

The only easily accessible multipliers are Gamma Burst (which completely wrecks Beefcake Jabber and does nothing for Gunslinger) and Sic Em’ which only works on the attack commands. The biggest thing GB could do to buff pets for M4 would be another base damage increase, but since that would probably make the pets more powerful for the early game than they’d like, the next best thing would just be to make cryo effect buff at least the melee pet’s damage. It would create a balancing problem with the Jabbers, but they are so far and away the best pets for damage right now that it would actually be kind of OK, at least as a bandaid fix.

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Sry but u need to learn how not to repeat yourself lol if I took a shot everytime u mentioned base dmg I’d be dead right now lol. I think if the damage multipliers are extremly boosted In the blue tree it would make it that only the blue tree gets a big pet buff because if they increase the base damage too much then it’s like everyones pet does amazing. No matter the build and I kinda dont want that to take away from the blue tree.
Also yea make dominance be useful and the people u dominate need to gain those dmg boost :slight_smile:

Gamma should make all pets deal extra rad damage and rad on all their attacks (gunslinger rad rocket or fire ant dealing fire and rad) or a debuff to increase rad damage against the target. The perk that makes pets deal more damage and long gamma duration should debuff the target to take extra damage too. Gamma needs lots of work for fl4k to deal damage as well as the pets on m4

Guys guys, your ideas are not bad but we are talking about gamma burst in combo with red fang mod. Gamma burst should be the ulti tank(taunt) and not the damage one.
For this at the beginning of this topic i was speaking about shields on pet.
In my opinion and maybe the developer’s opinion is that pets are more tank than dps, so wr should focus on survivability because in mayhem 4 the enemies have a lot of healt and the pet can only tank the damage (build taunt indeed)

If 4 shots can kill you that sounds like a personal problem :wink:

Besides, multiplying a tiny number will give tiny results. You just can’t get away from that fact. Master still gives the most pet damage out of all the trees, so it benefits the most from buffs to pet damage anyway.

Fair enough. This is off topic.

Dominance definitely should do something for aggro, maybe making enemies too afraid of attacking FL4K so they attack the pet instead. Basically an easily observable version of Galactic Shadow.

Also, the base threat level of the pet in Gamma Burst should be increased. If the pet is getting bigger, it should be a bigger threat. Enemies do target it more in GB now, but that effect could stand to be increased by a bit more.


Dominance should have a feature called “domino”

Domino: every enemy attacked by a dominated subject becomes dominated.

I think this would be cool! Like if you think so too.

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Interesting but wonky. You’ed have to constantly switch targets or limit the time it takes to domino. I’d actually like the pet to get a perk I like to call He Eats. Fl4k gives his pet a copy of his relic and a mini pet class mod. All grenade, gun, splash, area of effect damage boosts are changed to pet damage for the duration of gamma burst. Any cd, movement speed, mag size and non damage boosts are converted to threat level keeping enemies focused on him vs switch to fl4k since this happens so often with taunt

What if Dominance was changed entirely to something like: Fl4k gains a second pet that is a copy of his own, along with any pet bonuses it provides.

Could just be one of his other pets even.

How about something that actually has a chance of getting out into the game? Don’t get me wrong, completely reworking Dominance would be the best option, but I would rather suggest something the devs could implement in a timely manner.

My 3 changes:

  • While Gamma Burst is active dominated enemies loose twice as much HP per second.
  • while an enemy is dominated the pet damage is doubled (a multiplicative 100% damage bonus)
  • as long as an enemy is dominated, Fl4k gets 3% of their max health as regeneration/second

All those things are already in the game in one form or another. “While GB is active” is a condition of one of Fl4ks anointments and the game already registers when an enemy is dominated, which is why it switches its status from foe to friend and can’t be hurt. And adding health regeneration would improve survivability and is one of the most used bonuses in BL3, with Fl4k having a whole bunch of those bonuses themselves. Basically, most of those things would all be able to be implemented by using functionalities that are already in the game without the need to change any elements of the HUD (although I’d love to see a Dominance timer) or of the skill itself. It’s all additive.


Amara has the same skill thats not a capstone, that applies to all enemies hit by her action skill, and it has a shorter cd. It needs to be reworked to something as great as his other two capstones