Make Guerrillas Great Again

The Fl4k forum seems to have alot of negativity lately. Sure our last class mod ended up being garbage, our pets are the kittens of the franchise and ever since guerrillas in the mist was nerfed it has never been as OP as in the beginning but our bot still rocks.
Yesterday after debating if guerrillas in the mist was useful and how useful it could be I started playing around with Gitm. The skill seems fine to me, nothing as flashy as certain three shot combos but I never felt like I was unprepared for the situation at hand.
Here’s a run through the trial of Fervor with a Gitm build that is cryo Hyperion themed. This build didn’t use any complicated synergies and isn’t close to being fine tuned outside muh gawd role Hyperion mod. The run is nothing special with an average time but with several anointed per run this is my favorite testing area.

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A few notes before this run I switched from y OGT stormfront to the salvo gravity firestorm, using OGT hex grenades or a stormfront help this build gain it’s action skill back quicker because they score critical hits which triggers head count. The second thing I would like to point out is the positive modifier is actually neutral for this build, though 16% fire rate and reload speed is literally 16% more dps it negatively impacts leave no trace. A positive note is class mod selection didn’t have much impact on this build at all, dead eye may have actually worked better.

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Not to be offensive, but when we talk about the viability of gitm, we are referring to a bare minimum of scaled takedown mode, with competitiveness in true takedown mode being preferred.


Scaled takedown mode is pretty easy though, I can run through it with a rough rider Moze built around mind sweeper so I personally think it just feels like a longer proving grounds.
True is a different story and doesn’t leave much flexibility in terms of gear when Gitm is considered, lotta brainstormer gonna be getting used there.

Okay, I just thought that proving grounds would be an odd choice. Most people would consider SS as more difficult and maybe scaled TK being around the same difficulty.

I thought most people stay away from the trials of fervor and cunning because of the anointed, slaughtershaft doesn’t have many so you never really risk losing tempo in the slaughtershaft.
Also the fact that 1/4 of the time a tink gets stuck in a cabin makes fervor a pain.

SS just seems low energy and drawn out, if it had more enemies at once and atleast 3 anointed a round it would be more challenging and fun but atm not too much.

I only had enough time to try one run last night, and the death was on me not my build.

Just want to give you props on the thread title. :joy::joy::joy:

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I enjoy all the Trials and Slaughters. The issue I have is that none are worth the payoff. I rarely get a good drop from any of them. Even Slaughter Shaft on M4 was lame. I love a good fight, especially now. Need better rewards tho.

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Nothing in this gane is worth the loot​:joy::joy:

If you use the bangstick during the double shield phase, you can bypass right to the split and sometimes kill the body. From there, fade and kill wotans better half.


Yeah I thought about trying that but the whole reason I brought the cutsman was for that final shield, melt it fast enough and no krakens if I snafu the Brainstormer can do the job just not as fast as a recursion. Then my bad habit of being impatient got in the way…