Make Iron Cub Immune to Self Damage

Honestly, there needs to be a way for Cub to be immune to self damage. The AI is too piss poor and Cub fails to maintain distance to prevent dealing splash damage to itself. Even with Fuel for the Fire and a Fire Flipper is it near impossible to keep it alive when using something like Exploding. Bullets., Vanquished Missiles, Grenade Launcher or even Minesweeper. This limits the potential builds with this skill. Not only that, but Cub has a horrible habit of running right up to the enemy when using some of these skills and sometimes not even firing. And when it does fire, it 1 shots itself.

P.S. - If you need proof of Cub not attacking when being summoned, using pretty much any blue tree weapon and go against General Traunt. The blue tree seems to be the most bugged of the group. I’ve tried using Vanquished missiles and have witnessed Cub not fire for maybe the first minute of its uptime. Only the Nuke seems to maintain consistency. I also noticed this with Auto Bear active.

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Iron Bear / Auto Bear has the same issues too. I don’t have the 4th skill tree but I can see that being pretty damn annoying with Iron Cub

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While thematically they are not as cool as miniguns or rocket launchers the railguns in the red tree and the mini nukes are the most effective weapons to use with iron cub and don’t suffer from that problem. Capacitive armature is my favourite hard point since it does absurd amounts of damage, hits multiple targets and requires relatively few points in red tree.

Lol its very annoying in most situations. I’m trying to build a Minesweeper/Cub build that would utilize Vanquisher Homing Missiles or Explosive Minigun but the little bastard doesn’t know how to maintain distance at all. So he just 1 shots himself. And I would actually argue that these are superior to Railgun tenfold due to Minesweeper. The few times I can get Cub to stay consistent is against Evil Lilith and with Vanquisher Homing Missiles, Cub easily demolishes her. With a Minesweeper build and 100% Missile damage increase Anoint, I’ve witnessed Cub 2 burst Lilith–1 burst for each stage. Similar build under Railguns takes much longer. But Cub always decides to run up to the face of people when firing these weapons as well…

I kinda wish GBX would massively expand engagement range of pets as well. Makes no sense that Pets cannot engage a lot of bosses like Graveyard. And then when using certain weapons, pets will maintain proper distancing. If a melee pet, then of course chases enemies down. Using Salamander, then will sit a few meters back. Pretty much adjust range based on weapon pet is using.

Actually, explosive minigun and Vanquisher Homing Missiles will outperform Railguns all day long especially combined with Minesweeper. Have done multiple test runs against Evil Lilith and Vanquisher Missiles will absolutely obliterate her compared to any Railgun choice since these weapons take advantage of dealing Criticals at a much more efficient degree. But unfortunately, its a bit dependent on the poor AI that leads to self damaging as well. So it’s only good in very select situations (certain bosses primarily) --and its buggy at times. Capacitive Armament is no doubt super powerful but almost never lands criticals. Let alone, its slower fire rate wouldn’t be as effective with Minesweeper compared to Explosive Minigun. Plus, the fact those are explosive rounds and also land criticals more efficiently take advantage of more perks in Mozes Skill Trees which benefit both her and Cub.