Make it worth 5charges

Currently the Hedronic Arc skill is really really really worthless using it and consuming the 5 charges you might have saved up.

Currently it works where the first hit on an enemy makes the AOE off the center of the enemy ONCE. If you punch a different person it does it off them ONCE. It should do the AOE pulse EVERY punch.

Additionally Pounce, 5 charge version should just be stronger. OR instead of shoving people you just stun them. 100 damage to shields is half useless due to either the enemy not having shields at all, or you broke their shield with normal attacks.

Also I kinda feel like shield piercing is pointless on his passive, just give him like a 10% fire rate buff for keeping charges. Or better yet! Sprint / movement speed increase!

I think it works fine. If it’s an issue for you though I’d suggest using the “Charge Efficiency” helix mutation when you unlock it. You only consume one charge instead of 5.

Its still trash even with that. Sure you don’t use them all but you pretty much always want to open up a fight with Arc, and it just feels like a let down that it does its thing once.

Trash is what Deande’s ult is. Attikus’s skills are still worth it in the long run. They still hurt the enemy a lot and still feed him health. They may not radiate out through the entire map and get reapplied with each punch, but he’d be game brakingly powerful if they did.

Are you sure the Arc fists only activate on the first punch and not the whole duration?
Im an Attikud main and I’m sure it’s the whole duration, I pop it sometimes and wipe out a whole minion wave and get all 5 charges back. The Pounce charge is pretty horrible I admit.

It honestly should just have much better push back or add another CC effect like wound or a DoT (Which makes the most sense, honestly). The cooldown is too long and the main reason you don’t save it for an escape is when you wanna bust a group up.

Never seen the visual for it after the first hit on a single target. You could be using the burst Arc spec where the DoT lasts shorter so it activates again?

It’s been a long time since this was posted, but I’ve used a fully charged pounce on an enemy Phoebe and her shields were drained to zero and she took a little damage, too.