Make Mayhem Mild Toggle-able

For the first time in a long, long time, I thought I’d drop down to MH10 from 11 to check out what it’s like without other (imo) stupid modifiers.

I am thoroughly enjoying the easy only modifiers, so ask gearbox to make this be permanent and togglable.

Since M11 arrived I have used nothing else. The ‘hard’ modifiers are often detrimental to the actual enjoyment of the game.

Maybe have a slider so we can choose how many Hard modifiers we want. Or allow us to toggle it…


This was kind of one of the things i hoped M2.0 would do.

Select modifiers to customize your game.

Easy stuff gives negative effects and harder mods give rewards

Take the critical hits do more damage and bodyshots do less damage (kinda flawed when you can’t hit critical hits due to reasons)
This is the type of modifiers i would like.

I used the immunity drone mod until M11… My clone wouldn’t do anything, drone would not do anything and half the time the damn thing clipped walls or other stuff making it impossible to kill it and i would die because i could not get a hit in

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