Make me better at battleborn!

Lol. I love the game but I’m not able to commit to a ton of time to it so I end up playing bots most of the time-- and it’s a blast! But I would really like to get good enough to at least be competitive when I do play multiplayer. I have a few characters I frequent but I like a lot of them… I like kid ultra a lot, and my wife most often plays Mike.

So I guess the question is:

  • What general multiplayer strategies should I know?
  • What Mike combo strategies are there?
  • What’s a good source of info on competitive multilayer and character strategies that I can use to grow in my competitive edge?
  • Is there any real hope for 2 players on a pickup team to beat a coordinate enemy team, or should I just give up hope until I can gather a full team to play with…
  • Even when I gather a full team what team combinations work and where can I go to find this kind of info? Any forum threads or youtube channels that would be good?

This is my experience and i could be wrong.

First psn, xbx or pc?

Dont chase for kills unless your character has an escape plan.
If you cant get healed or your hp pool is to big, teleport back to base.
Dependig on mode your hélix and gear should change (always focuse on minions first).
There is some info about builds and gear around the forum, it could be outdated thx to the constant updates we get.
I have been in public partida and totally destroyed coordinates premades. Communication is a good advantage but when your teamates know what they are doing everything go smooth.
There are some OP combos like Galilea + miko or Ernest+ ambra+ kleese. What makes a team work is how their rols are balanced: wave cleaners, support, assasin and tanks.

If your team lacks power to clear a wave your team is doomed (incursion), if your team cant hold the lane, if your team cant protect your healer, if your team is greedy and don’t buy buildables, etc.

You can go in a party full of assasins and have a hard time but if your team focuse their hélix in wave clean like deande ground Zero, melka envenom spike, pendless smoke bomb time and blind.

If you are on Playstation add me :slight_smile: i would like to see you play and help

Edit: i just noticed your avatar… Probably an xbx user D:

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From PC side of things and I think I can give you some advice. My guess is you want to win more matches with your wife as your partner. The best way I can think about you guys winning matches is to one of you go as a tank and the other as a character with CC. Alani may be your best bet which she can provide CC (Bubble), heals and wave clear. If not, you can pick an assassin like rath, shayne, Deande, phoebe. Having a miko at your side won’t contribute much unless you can count on your teammates.

At this time Oscar mike in my opinion is like an attack support and can’t really carry a team like a tank & CC based character can. You gotta know your roles too, you can be on a team with counters to your enemy team, but if no one knows what they are doing you will lose. Facing a coordinated team is not what defeats you. A team can be silent and not talk at all but if they know what they are doing and looking at the map, you will get results. I’m still not a believer of pre-mades beat all. It’s just about knowing what to do and what counters what. & unfortunately match making doesn’t really match you up with equally skilled players (at least not on PC due to its numbers). Not quite sure of YouTube videos showing you strategies but there are some PC twitch streamers that stream including myself.

On the PC side we do a lot of 10 man competitive matches, form team comps, try out new things with other competitive players for fun and it’s generally a nice time. A good place to see good team comps and some strategies. We also like playing for fun too!

Not all of these people stream all the time including myself (due to kinda long queues) but shoutout to Tal_Raja, Regenesis, Rawrquaza and my twitch is RedX801. I know there are many more cool twitch streamers but on the PC side I’m sure these streamers can show you a thing or too.


Kid Ultra and OM don’t work prefect lyrics together fyi due to it ruining his stealth. I’m not confident enough to give any practical tips rather than theoretical though

  • Know your character counters, it will help you both in a defensive and offensive battle.
  • Play every character a few times, knowing what each character can do will give you a better view on what they can do to you.
  • Do not feed, even when you’re frustrated or feel the game is going sour, stay calm and don’t rush out and get killed constantly
  • as stated above if stay on the defense if things don’t look great and clear minions to lvl up
  • A full 5 man team can be beaten by a Pug, been in a few where it has happened. the thing is very tricky. since you aren’t sure if the other players on your team are gonna work in conjunction with each other. if you have just one person running off or trying to go all kamikaze it will be a bad game as he will be feeding them and leveling up quick.
  • If it’s just 2 of you make sure you are both picking characters that work well with each other. Since you will have only communication between each other and again the rest of the team can be good or bad, i play with my GF and our best combos are usually Galilea + Alani, Reyna + Ambra, Montana + Miko,
  • Experiment Alot, the game offers a ton of gear and possibilities. try it out and remember to have fun. also don’t be afraid to try a different helix option on characters, sometimes some are better against certain enemies. Ex. people with wounds when the enemy team has alot of healing on their side.
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I would say just get into some matches and try things out. Know the maps and the limits of the charachters in play. And above all else, USE A MIC!! Communication is key in this game. Little things like pointing out a location, letting someone know who u are about to engage, if you are teleporting back to base, getting thralls/bots, if you are getting jumped by the entire team ect. Protect those minions! Kill their minons and stay alive doing it.

Important advice: don’t die. A strategic retreat to not die is much better than feed the enemy.

Bots are ridiculous when you finally play against the real thing, the AI pathing is terrible. If you have any experience with MOBAs you should get the gist of things, but anyway:

  • Teamwork is key. Talk to your teammates, coordinate attacks, push forward to cover a retreating ally with low health.

  • Kill minions. Kill lots of minions. They recently got a huge buff meaning that even a single wave can take down your sentry’s shield in seconds. Try to make sure that your team includes at least one character with good wave clear.

  • Play all the characters. It’s the best way to learn their strengths, weaknesses, counters and things to watch out for. Example being knowing when Orendi’s charging and about to fire her ult, knowing when Montana has bonus damage resistance from a skill, etc.

  • Remember, beating full premades isn’t impossible - queuing solo isn’t too bad, queuing with a double partner that you can coordinate well with is definitely a good thing.

  • Don’t surrender. You lose a fair amount of EXP and other match bonuses for surrendering. Even if you are getting stomped, you’re better just to try your best to fight it out. Comebacks do happen.

Generally, the more you know about the game mechanics, characters, and modes make a huge difference. If you only play PvE then jumping into face-off may seem weird, regardless of how skilled you are and vice versa face-off does not set you up for PvE missions.

First, you want to figure out what role you are going to play on your team while selecting. A well-balanced team can make up some of the difference in skill if your team makeup is better suited than your opponents. The best way of doing this is learning what characters you like and how to play them. Some roles are obvious like Miko is always a healer. But Alani can be a CC queen, a pusher/wave clearer, or a support healer.

Second, the secondary objectives that pop up before the match are incredibly important. Collecting shards and buying buildables is super important. Protecting your minions and destroying the other minions are important.

Third, don’t die. Dying puts your team at a huge disadvantage. The time loss is important and missing out on XP early can put you in a whole early. This doesn’t mean don’t be aggressive, just be aware of when to back off. Take a health regen item or a max health one. Don’t get too overexposed and what not.

Finally, have fun and stay positive. This game has a high learning curve so enjoy the learning process.

Thanks man! Yeah let’s definitely play! I’m on PS4, I had a 360 back in the day but I’m all Sony now! Name is SierraAstaelion on psn

Thanks, I frequent the multiplayer modes I just do so offline. I love incursion, but we get stomped if we go online lol. I guess it means we need to play online more often, but we just have so little time it tends to be more enjoyable to play with AI and have a little bit of a challenge even though we know we will end up romping them lol. But I love the game so I want to get good enough to be competitive online

Just play Boldur; everything else will fall into place.


Other than the tips already given, just playing the different characters, even in PVE, helps a lot. It helps you understand everyone’s strengths and weaknesses a lot better. Also, in the case of some characters, you really need access to specific mutations to be effective. While it’s a shame you don’t have more time to play, experience of the game and characters definitely trumps overall gaming experience.

I feel the best tip I can give other than that is to play your roll, support the objective as a team, and watch your leveling tempo. A lot of ppl neglect xp but it’s very important to splash minions, build stuff, destroy stuff, and in general make sure you’re keeping up with the enemy team. Keep an eye on the scorecard and make mental note of any character thats a much higher or lower level; it’s very VERY hard to kill someone who’s a much higher level than you so it’s good to know when overcommitting will get you killed. On the same note, every character needs to think about how they level differently. Some characters depend more on kills. some depend heavily on buildables, most can benefit from tagging minions.

On the same note, don’t die. Obviously there are some situations where it might be worth it but, in general, dying feeds xp to the other team. Depending on how many ppl were in on it it could feed a lot through kill + assist xp. Plus the time you lose while dead is a pretty big disadvantage.

Anyone can beat a pre-made enemy team. If they’re a try-hard team doing fully coordinated strikes using try-hard characters, prolly not lol. I don’t that a lot though. The bulk of pre-mades I see are pretty balanced.

  1. What general multiplayer strategies should I know?
    A. Buy the buildables they give the most exp
    B. Take the Thralls
    C. You can always check if dubs are being taken by looking at the mini map
    D. Become a student of the game

  2. What Mike combo strategies are there?
    A. Pick Mike and play the game. He goes with literally anyone and everyone

  3. What’s a good source of info on competitive multilayer and character strategies that I can use to grow in my competitive edge?
    A. Browse the forums, there is no place that has a single collective that is complete

  4. Is there any real hope for 2 players on a pickup team to beat a
    coordinate enemy team, or should I just give up hope until I can gather a
    full team to play with…Even when I gather a full team what team combinations work and where
    can I go to find this kind of info?
    A. Lol yes, I played the majority of my games Duo queued. You’ll have to be good though and try.

  5. Any forum threads or youtube channels that would be good?
    A. There’s a bunch of threads, I dunno about you tube.

continuously taking your sides thrall and buying the elite bot can put tremendous pressure on the other team. As a new player it can be an easy way to provide a large help to your team and could help turn the tide of the game. I recently had a game where one of our team members had left so it was a 4v5 with our first sentry down, I did this and we were able to make a push out of our base, buy the shock turret, and then take out their sentry for the win.