Make More Gear Space Available?

Does anyone else feel limited by being restricted to max 200 pieces of gear?

I could use 300-500, but maybe that’s just the obsessive loot hoarder in me…

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I’m at 279, which is the max, but I sell like a mad man…

Bought it just for the sake of it, I tend to keep only max roll or legendaries, most of the Epic gear until I find better. Most rare, uncommon and common is going to the trash instantly.

I noticed that “Uncommon” gear has dropped far more on my play throughs than “Common”… I think they should at higher likelyhood for common gear to drop by random small minions and such so it REALLY feels like common gear.

I am at 131, but I tend to be very picky with my gear.


How did you get to 279?

Bottom-right item in the bank is an option to buy more bank slots for in-game credits. They expanded it from the initial max in one of the first big updates.


Oh wow!

Thanks, definitely gonna invest in that!

… I kept buying? Don’t know if I have special rights because I sit in germany or if it has something to do with CR100 but while the credits weekend went on I got as much credits as possible and bought it…

After getting to 279 the icon changed and is now kinda “ticked off”… if I look at the marketplace the “Miscelanous” section is gone atm.

If you can’t get beyond 200 I really don’t know… maybe it was smuggled in as a hotfix? Have you recently checked?