Make more inhouse DLC

Gearbox you seriously should create more inhouse generated DLC. Look at Tiny Tinas or the Clappy DLC we have now. They Are the most liked DLC within the community. Outsourcing the DLC creation usually does more harm then good for the Borderlands franchise. So for everything that is holy please give us more DLC’s of this quality and less stuff ala holodome. I would rather wait twice as long to get a good DLC then get bombarded with “meh” DLC’s.



I agree 100x

This, I’d even understand if they had less dlc out for BL3 if it was all in house stuff with quality content such as Claptastic voyage or the assault on dragon keep.

Less big game hunt and holodome, more of the above.


while it was not my favorite, I think it’s unfair to group big game hunt with the holodome lol. The holodome was super boring, lacking in story, tedious to complete, and only really had value in the great gear that came out of it. (which could have been set has a drop in any other setting) Big game hunt at least had story, bosses, and some interesting dialogue.

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I think they can’t just make great crazy story DLCs. Going crazy is fine, but they will be out of ideas even for crazy stuff.
So, agree on something. I would rather have more story DLCs, don’t mind if they are more…“serious” (like pirates booty or claptrap one in bl1.)
But LESS Holodome and even through characters are cool and all, less of them too.

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Quality > Quantity
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The connections, I see them!

But yes, I agree. I’m sure there’s a good business aspect to telling people you plan on making a DLC. But you shouldn’t really have a concrete deadline (but have some idea of how long it might take to make). Then take your time, make it good. Most of us (at least I think) buy DLC in good faith trusting that it will be worth the buy. For some people, one bad purchase is enough to turn them off forever.

Fortunately, I am not one of those people. I forgive you for HBGH (but please don’t do it again).