Make Moze immune to her own splash?

Would it be too much for moze to be immune to her own splash? It’s just weird amara has a skill against splash damage reduction and moze doesn’t.


she needs splash resistance at least
immunity would be a bit much
but she needs a huuuuuge resistance buff


yeah that’s what I was thinking, when they buff nades and the maddening tracker can actually do damage to you, it’ll be more of a problem. I was thinking I should just run Slayer modifer all the time to try to avoid plaguebearer shots and nades, but I feel moze shouldn’t be modifier dependent.

the weapon scaling is a big part of that problem
your shields arent increased, your HP arent increased but your damage is increased big time
that’s why you can currently just 1 shot yourself with splash weapons
sometimes i really feel like GBX doesnt think of a lot of stuff when they implement it xD


Hard yes. Make her immune to self-splash.

Amara is immune to Recursion ricochets that should hit her (as far as I can tell) and those deal splash damage.

Why shouldn’t Moze have a similar ability?


I think that’s just an inherent part of the recursion. The only problem I see with making her immune to her own splash is her just point blanking any elemental backburners with no repercussions. I don’t even think zane or amara can do that, two of the tankiest characters in the game. It’s like norfleet-sham gaige, it’s pretty brainless.


^Right? We’d have a bunch of brain-dead Moze builds shotgunning rocket launchers.

Splash weapons get more boosts than regular weapons, so there should be some balance of risk vs reward…but we DEF need some resistance.

They deal splash damage but are not splash themselves (it’s weird) so they can’t kill you no matter what.

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sure but currently when you are trying to kill something with the boomsickle, you are killing yourself first^^


Back up before you shoot then lol

tell that the level designers of borderlands


I don’t have that issue with my Moze and a boom sickle. I run her with a Mindsweeper COM.

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i tried that for like 5 miunutes
the problem is the weapon scaling
with mayhem 2.0 everything is increased except for our hp
that means, you are killing yourself way faster than before mayhem 2.0

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Well that’s the problem with backing up before you shoot, moze doesnt have movement speed. There are enemies in this game that can chase you, and you might have to give up a relic that would give optimal damage for movement speed . No other character has to do this.


It helps me to keep non-self-killing weapons like Kaoson, Recursion, etc…so i switch to those if I’m being chased down…

Also you can melee enemies so they get stunned and stop chasing.

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Minesweeper + blast radius = rip
With some recent testing too, the Kaoson just does not work that well with blast master. Maybe I should try a slight different build but that’s what I’m seeing right now.

There’s not a single amount of resistance that could saved Moze from self destruct. We’re at a point where a couple hundred thousand is the normal. That’s more than our health bar as is. Resistance would just be a hollow attempt at making it look like we had something. The thing is, when you play splash, you gotta position with it in mind.

For reference, Amara’s splash resistance is in her melee tree, and is most likely designed as a tiny measure to ward off Radiation and Catharsis explosion deaths, because she will be near enemies when they die.


It still doesn’t stop her from catching killing DOTs from her own splash or for that matter any nearby ongoing DOT ticks, in turn exacerbated by Anima as far as I’m aware.

While Moze indubitably has it worst, it’s frustrating that many of our skills are too weak to do much except proc anoints and kill us - something GBX will have to think about if they actually have any plans to make action skills relevant again.


They should change Torgue Cross Promotion from splash radius to resistance to self inflicted splash. I don’t think Moze should be completely immune though since maintaining distance is a part of her gameplay. The main problem is that the rng in TCP makes it really hard to understand the right distance and some weapons with +splash radius can kill you from miles away.

Even changing TCP to a flat % increase in splash radius would be better, so at least the safe distance doesn’t change randomly all the time.

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Explosive punctuation would be a good spot since noone wants the skill right now and it’s tier 5 and it’s explosive related
You could do something like increased aoe damage resistance, effect doubles for self inflicted damage

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That’s what I’m saying, all that power comes with a cost…so I personally don’t see Self-splash immunity happening…

They could however, reduce the damage to a flat number…i.e. you do 110K, that’s only 500/1000 to you.

If they wouldn’t consider that, then we’re right back where we started :man_shrugging: