Make Private Multiplayer aloud to do challenges for lore

the community for this game isnt that great anymore very hard to get into matches as it is only to finally get in a game and always get teams that are people that cant play the map at all and just feed the enemy team
i cant ever get the enemy teams that have the battleborn i need them to have so i can do lore at all and i waste my time
to be able to do lore for pvp in offline or private matches would be perfect cause then lore would be done by everyone on there own time while still letting the pvp games with all players just be about playing and not have people pick someone to work on lore that sucks with that choice or messes out comp up causing a loss
this game is losing momentum and got out shined by Overwatch and now with battlefield 1 and new CoD its dieing more
remove the limit on private matches for lore so we can enjoy the full unlocks i want to know the lore and earn it but its next to impossible to do it now
allow private matches to work on your lore PERIOD there isnt any good reason not to


besides being able to cheat almost all of them

alowing them to be worked on in private matches isnt cheating on them i cant help if some players set up to do so but i got a group to play with it and were tired of being screwed by no one ever being who we need them to be so make privates able to work on lore is what needs to happen

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I understand the frustration about not being able to unlock some of the harder challenges, however making lore challenges unlock able in private just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. IT feels like the sort of thing a company does less than a month before the servers close, just to give the players an opportunity to finish it up.


if that is the case why make us wait that long should just make the change now and let all there community have a ez break is all

I agree with you that Private Matches should count but I disagree that it’s “impossible to do now.” I managed to get 100% of my team-related and PVP-only Lore done in a few days on PC. With 5-player teams it’s not hard to find the characters you need to kill and they’re generally more popular characters.

I don’t have a problem with them doing it because the PVP Lore promotes bad play. Eg. geting Ambra kills on Galilea I can assure you I became an over-agressive dive-machine anytime I thought I could get a kill since Ambra’s so tanky near death. Same for Toby’s Double Kill.


Eh, I don’t feel that way. Look at it this way: you can already do all of the team composition feats in Private PVE matches. Take Boldur for example. You can queue with 5x Boldur in Private PVE on Algorith Hardcore with Unique Characters turned off then have the team jump off the ledge and die. Boom. Hardest team-based Lore done in seconds. Same for every character.

The other reason I feel this way is because a lot of the people I see in PVP hunting lore who are more PVE oriented players are only going to get turned off from PVP this way, where if they get eased into it via Private matches, they could take a liking to it. The private match bot AI is a lot better now so it’s not like they can just cheese it unless paired with a friend and, let’s be honest, if they’re gonna cheese it it’s better they do it in private than in public where it’ll just hurt both teams. I feel that these lore challenges can be a gateway to PVP as opposed to a negative, painful experience that upsets PVE oriented players. I wanna convert those ppl to PVP not alienate them.

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all valid points but with this small community most of the players now on there own as soon as they got this game said ■■■■ pvp they dont want to do it let these ppl set the tone that lore which gives nothing to ur playing the game be able to complete all pve and private then u can pvp without lore on the mind EVER allowing u to focus on just playing it

Yeah, no. Battleborn is appealing to a completely different market than Battlefield and Call of Duty.

Yes there is.

I did a fair amount of character lore myself before they were all shortened, and found them difficult, but not impossible - despite bad team composition and matchmaking. Hardest one was 20 player kills as Thorn with Volley while mid-air. Again - difficult, but doable.

Doing them in private matches against bots would frankly be ridiculous considering the terrible AI pathing that the bots currently have, it would make it far too easy. Playing against bots in a just-for-kicks match, I once hit 34 kills - as Miko.

Doing them in private matches against other players in the lobby with you is a possibility, but I don’t see that happening for a little while.

Besides, if you do complete them in PvP, then you feel like you’ve actually earned the lore, and you actually deserve the Master of _____ title. Doing them against bots would sure earn you the lore, but it would most likely feel meaningless. It’s a CHALLENGE, for goodness’s sake, it’s SUPPOSED to be hard.

He actually wants it in. It would be already, but he needs a way to label challenges differently, so you can do lore but not Worthy of Song in private

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i just got out of another game where i wanted to get oscar kills on whisky and for the 25th game in a row i didnt get a opponet oscar…make privates aloud to work on lore challenges period this ■■■■ is stupid and going to make more like me not play anymore to begin with

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Even in private matches, unless you have other players, you can’t pick what the enemy team chooses. It’s just down to being in the right place at the right time. Patience.

with privates my 4 buds and i can split screen 2 controllers a console for 2 5 man teams if i had to cause i have 4 others to do these games with me online but we never get opponets we can have the right things to kill so with 2 controllers each we can invite ppl to play with us and do it ourselves and actually GET somewhere

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Again - defeating the purpose of having the challenge in the first place. Oscar Mike’s a fairly common pick, especially for inexperienced players - if you keep playing as Foxtrot eventually you’ll get it done. It’s only 5 kills now, you only need one match to get it done.

On an unrelated note: what command rank are you, and how long have you been playing Battleborn?

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100 and since it was released and still cant get pvp challenges done no games ever i cant get the kills or even assits now and my teams before i found ppl were ■■■■
the changes wouldnt defeat any purpose games with pvp challenges and requirements devalue from actually trying to get good at pvp it needs changed

If you were on PC, I’d suggest changing your server to somewhere where there’s a larger player base, but seeing as you’re on console I don’t think you can do that.

Don’t blame your team, the challenges obviously still count if you lose and if you’re going for Oscar Mike kills that’s not even that hard to do. Even if you’re not going to be able to make the kill, just ping the enemy and you usually get an assist for it. No idea what the button for it is on console though, look in the control scheme for Player Alert.

Learn where your enemy Oscar Mike is most likely to be (cough left stairs monuments cough) and lay down some fire.

Or if you just want to look at the lore, I’ll link you Lowline’s lore bible. Everything’s here.

im on ps4 if ur that into this u play same thing we can play together u can show me somethings

I’m on PC, sorry mate.

Thats… that’s what I just said mate.

I’d like to point out that the only time you used a period in your post, you spelled it out. I think it’s a little funny.

More on topic, I completely agree with you. I’ve always hated locking completability behind PvP. Trophies/achievements included.


its the internet i thought u could type like a 4 year old? lol
and as much as i bring this up and or complain about it,
it needs more of a backing for a change to even have a chance to occur but till then im just venting and whining to most of you and thats not my intention