Make Private Multiplayer aloud to do challenges for lore

Who are you to say what the purpose of this game is?

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So first I don’t think bot matches should be implemented for lore challenges. It kind of defeats the purpose of it being a challenge. Secondly I honestly don’t care if they changed it. I wouldn’t be getting them that way anyhow

Lastly, Oscar is no longer a common pick anymore. I believe since the patch I have maybe seen about 4 of them. He is just at this point a Farley unattractive pick in comparison to other characters and seems to be suffering the ambra problem we had awhile ago

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Neither do I, personally. Think of it like Dark Souls - the difficulty is what makes it fun. I’ve still seen a fair few Oscar Mikes on my end, especially over Battleborn Day with all the new (ish) players.

I Spose that makes more sense. Couldn’t do anything for battleborn day tho. Well except for cracking open a double Lego pack with 2 shadoculars.

It at the very least is the hardest point in time for Mike lore to be down atm. And that kinda does suck

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Yeah, but still. You only need one match with them - it’s only 5 kills.

This has been brought up multiple times already:

Plus it’s already been addressed:


Actually iirc it’s participate

It is, and you can just ping them to get an assist. Easy as hell.

I actually, dont see all that many ambras recently either

who i am doesnt matter when the weight of the statement challenges to unlock small things in pvp is wrong comes from lots more people then me
To question me like that is ignorant and the way you say that is trying to start a argument

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I think people may be getting a smidge bored of her tbh. Plenty of other really fun toons to play

It’s bad because the lore is not bad for everyone. The argument is hey this is hard for me. Take it away. That isn’t fair to the players who enjoy it.

I just spent all weekend trying to get Thorns air volley kills and had one hell of a good time. Once I finally got it, man that was a good feeling. I accomplished something.

I’m sorry people think it’s hard or impossible depending on different issues but that isn’t a reason to take something out of the game. It’s a great addition for people who enjoy it.


For god’s sake.

Do we really need to repeat the same things over and over like they weren’t clearly worded hundred times before?


I mean you said that in the beginning of your last post before repeating a bunch of opinions but I guess you do deserve the last word though.

When I play online, I don’t want to be distracted by lores. But I absolutely want to do lores. Things like Kleese or Ghalt first blood, Thorn jump kill or kill Ambra 10 times… kudos for those who did it, and before the July patch.

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Well, if they were to make them possible in private PvP, it doesn’t mean you still couldn’t do them in regular PvP.

So, for people who really enjoy the grind and the challenge, they could still do them in regular PvP, and people who don’t enjoy PvP or hunting specifically for lore or hope they end up with the necessary set of circumstances (like having a specific character on the enemy team) can use private matches to get them done.

It provides options for players of both mindsets.


That’s a good way to say it. Doesn’t take anything from anyone. I like that.

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Ignorant? No, no, no, that would be you, thinking that the game should bend to your liking because you find something too difficult. It’s a challenge, it’s supposed to be challenging, that’s what makes it all the more enjoyable when you finally complete it.

They already shortened the lore challenges vastly because people like you want to have their cake and eat it too. You want to read the lore, but you don’t want to go about completing the challenges to unlock it, which is half the point of having the challenge in the first place.

If you just want a game that just gives everything to you without any work, then why do you even bother to play?

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That’s a good point, his grenade simply was never good enough without the aoe. He needs some kind of kit rework. He doesn’t need to be fully Ambra’d, but just a little stronger in some other areas

Lowlines has it all up on his page, with audio for the necessary parts

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