Make Reyna Lore "The Best Defense" Faster

I won’t say easier cause it’s not hard, it’s just going to take ridiculously long, especially if you don’t grind out many PvE maps with her.

To unlock Galilea only requires 800 minion kills and it can be with any battleborn/weapon/ability and even then you often unlock Galilea based on command rank just because it takes awhile to stack up that many kills.

But this one lore part of Reyna requires 1000 kills and with a low damage weapon without aoe. I’ve gotten Reyna to 10/15 rank and only have it at 265 kills. Most of my playtime with her ‘is’ in vs but I get decent minion scores every game and have played her in a few PvE games. Just you need that last hit with that bad weapon and as your trying to do that often someone else comes along and smacks enemies with something stronger.

Feels like it should be around 400 if it’s expected to be done by 15/15 Reyna and as low as 200-250 if you should be getting it around the 10/15 rank spot.

Yep I just soloed a few missions with using only her pistol. It was … Tedious

I think that is supposed to be her bull crap lore challenge. They all seem to have one that’s bull crap, lol. Like Galalia’s kill Ambra 25 times when no one plays Ambra, or Thorn’s kill 20 players with volley while airborne.

Here’s a tip to get it done faster solo the algorithm until you reach the pont where you have to break the crystals leading to the Ice Gaurdian boss. There are Spawners that will spawn mini spawners infinitely and take one shot to kill. Dont kill the big ones and make sure when your done kill yourself to end the level. Took me about 30 minutes to finish the lore.

Character Level 13… 300 natural kills, farming for two evenings has gotten me to about 500. Awfgul

Old post but I’ve been thinking the same thing lately. I’m sitting at 550 kills and just, ugh, it’s too hard to do in pvp. I don’t want to take her solo into pve but if I go with a team they’ll steal all the kills. Just, ugh, 1000 kills is way too much.

Hopefully this will be getting looked into with the lore challenge changes that are coming up!