Make sentries invulnerable if they are not in combat


Issue solved.

Bill’s in the mail Gearbox.

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Did the patch not fix it? I haven’t played incursion since the fix so…

I don’t play PvP myself but from other topics I’ve still been seeing, they actually added a new spot.

If they didn’t, they should still apply that fix anyway.

They just need to make the Sentry shoot inside that side tunnel. As is, anyone with a ranged attack can just sit there and ping the shield off and the Sentry wont do a damn thing.

Also, Why is it that the platform with the Supply Station opens out directly above the Base Sentry where you can freely kill the Sentry without needing minions while being rather difficult to dislodge when you get in there with your team due to the entrances to that platform being a natural chokepoint?

From what I’ve seen this morning, The new “strat” appears to be downing the first Sentry and then camping the Supply Station room to kill the Base Sentry. Don’t even need to care about Minions after the first Sentry goes down.

Put a wall between that room and the Sentry. Its kind of silly that once you get to that stage, you can just hammer the base without Minions.


It’s there so you can push harder, rather than making a mistake and getting wiped and insta losing due to long respawn timers. I assume, anyway, because I could easily see that happening. Honestly, if it were three sentries, I think it would be better. That way they could space out supplies and whatnot without having them right in the camping area by the sentry.

Oh, and that camping area is it’s just cheese, one good aoe wipes it, giving you more shards, dealing damage to enemy, and giving you exp. I mean an aoe like OM’s napalm, not like caldy’s flash. Which is still good for diving in and wiping a camper or two, imo. Ironically, I think it’s there to prevent snowballing.