Make skin/taunt dups worth more credits?

Like if it was 2k, it would be a guaranteed free pack to continue by buying another pack right off the bat, like a combo.

what do you mean by dups?

Duplicates. If you pull coins from a pack, you got a skin/taunt that you already have, so it just gives you coins instead.

How much does it currently give you?

Currently gives 500

Then yeah, it should be at least double IMO, seeing as you only get two pieces of gear with faction packs.


There are 500 and 1000 coin packs.

I honestly don’t get the reason for this. First off you’re committing to buying the pack for 1900 knowing full well it’s unlikely to get a skin or taunt in the first place. So you’ve already made the decision to spend the money regardless. Then, if you happen to get a duplicate and they give you some money, you feel the need to get even more money to make it ‘worth it’

Worth what? I don’t see anyone complaining that they only got two pieces of gear when they could have gotten a skin or taunt. Hell you can’t even sell the items in the back for as much as they give you for coins. Even if you do pull a legendary. So what’s next, if you start getting duplicate items in packs (which does happen more frequently than getting coin packs) should they then remove the duplicate and give you more coins?

Not trying to be disrespectful, I honestly don’t understand the thought process on this. They are providing people with a pretty good compensation imo. They could have just given you 2 items instead of coin packs and you would have been non-the-wiser and posts like this wouldn’t even be a thing.

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I did not know about the 1000 ones. Sorry. Ive only ever gotten the 500 ones so i didnt know.

Nothing to be sorry about, both of them are pretty rare =)

I believe the skins are worth 500 (as there are more of them) and the taunts are worth 1000. So it will be much more rare to get duplicate taunts.

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It’s just a thought since credits are rather hard to farm.

I would rather they just get removed from the loot pool so when you get a taunt or skin its something new.


Or that all together, yeah, I like that idea too.

I prefer that idea. And credits are super easy to farm, but you gotta do pve. Or have long incursion matches. And even then, not as many as pve.

Yeah works really well, Mass effect 3 multilayer did there unlocks that way. Works out well you keep getting packs and even if you get something you didnt want at least you wont get it again and its one less thing that could get.

Yeah, I don’t quite get the reasoning behind having a chance to roll the skin or taunt you already have. Just more grind for the sake of grind. I’d rather have a reduced chance to find a skin/taunt I don’t have than increased chance to roll on a table of everything that I might already have.

I have gotten a whopping 10 credits multiple times in faction loot packs…hate when that happens