Make Skins Like Heads

Here’s an idea for the suggestion box:
Make skins as unique as heads. What I mean is heads change the model and color of the head right? So why are skins just recolors? I’ve never seen a thread solely based on this but going forward, would other people be interested in seeing skins change how the body looks as well?
Imagine Fl4k without a jacket. Zane in a trench coat. Moze in knight armor. Amara in a turtle costume.
It would just add so much more variety to customization and I’m not sure why GBX didn’t implement this in the first place, but depending on how it would get done with future skins (as going through all the old ones and making them unique, I just don’t see happening) I think it would give me incentive to play more. I’m a fashionsouls guy.


I would love that. I was really hoping for it with this game, and was pretty seriously disappointed that they stuck to the old paint job format for skins. It would be great to have my FL4K look more like a bounty hunter than a hobo. I’d rather they invest time and resources into making that possible, than add 4th skill trees.


And if possible, make weapon skins change how the guns look too. I wish BL3’s customization was something like Apex Legends.