Make Surrenders require a unanimous vote rather than a 3/5 vote

I do not like this idea at all - a simple majority is fine with me.

I really,really dislike surrenders. Many of the ones I’ve seen strike me as bit ridiculous, but if you change it to a unanimous vote that means four people can be held hostage by a single player.

Since I’m there to play the game ( not hang out in queues) and there are a variety of objectives I can further other than a win or loss, odds are good I’m going to ignore a call for surrender. That may be lazy or monstrous - I don’t care - but with a simple majority, as long as three of the five players do feel they want an out, they still have one and I can continue my awful ways without the distraction of random surrender vote interruptions.

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if you change the surrender mechanic in any way, at least one player will just leave. if 3 were willing to surrender, then 3 will leave. if you really want to play 2v5, then i suppose i wish you the best of luck. just being a little blunt, but this has been beaten into the ground already.

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I’m going to provide an example of why Surrenders need to at least stay the way they are:

One thing I think we can ALL agree on, is that the Battleborn community is small. Overwatch has stolen a lot of BB’s thunder, thanks in no small part to Blizzard all but driving money trucks up to gaming news outlets for coverage and those insipid comparison videos.

Anything we do that starts to partition players off, or set up preferred groups of play, is detrimental to the pool of gamers wanting to play as a whole. Who do the lesser experienced players play with, if all the high end, experienced people JUST play with friends or pre-mades and THEN queue for randoms? What good is learned by 5 100’s on voice chat, PUGstomping through ten or fifteen games, destroying lesser teams of randoms with no voice communication. Remember, this is what happened to the DOTA community, and the word toxic doesn’t even BEGIN to describe how salty those players can be to new people.

Now imagine that Surrenders are harder to have happen. If I as an experienced player, know going in that I have to stick with it to the bitter end, why am I going to queue up with strangers who have carte blanche to ruin my game? I’m ONLY going to play with my friends, rather than the community as a whole. As will most of the experienced people. And I can’t game with my friends all the time in BB. So it’s LESS time I’m playing, less time OTHER experienced people are playing, and less time new people get someone who might give out advice.

It becomes a vicious cycle. New people either pay SERIOUS dues to get into Battleborn and make friends in LOST matches, to queue with and hopefully do to others, what was done to them. Meanwhile, experienced players don’t get as much of a challenge, since instead of playing with a lot of people, they’re perfecting their skillsets with JUST their friends. Each game begins to feel the same, because they’re playing with the same people, over and over.

Again, a hard truth: we’re not going to see BB on the e-sports scene. Again, Blizzard’s already bought and paid for that by attaching Overwatch to the Diablo, SC 2 and WoW e-leagues. So those people perfecting their skills, aren’t going to find some great amazing challenge in the end game. In the end, they’ll leave, and again, fewer players in the player pool.

Everything that’s done to penalize people for having no fun, hurts BB’s fairly fragile playerbase. And it is shockingly easy for people who tell others to just suck it up, to end up with a game without players. I don’t want to be part of a toxic community, and there are other games out there where I don’t have to be.

I don’t like offering a surrender. But I DON’T offer one frivolously either. Take the time to look at the situation honestly, not just as someone who wants to play. We ALL want to play. But it’s not fun playing if the fight is manufactured. Vote how you feel, but respect those who voted differently as well. Because the day we can’t agree to queue up with one another again after a match is over, be it a win, loss or surrender, is the day BB is done as a MP game.

I’m against a unanimous vote. It then comes under the same scenario as voting people out. If people know it’s unanimous, they can just sit and troll and basically not care.

Whilst I agree too many people are quitters and just want out, more experienced players now know if there is a chance to swing the tide, and with some Battleborn on the team being late bloomers, it’s noticeable if people just allow that extra bit of time.

Besides, it’s pretty obvious if your on a really CRAP team then surrender is a nice way to get out of dodge and start with other players.

I’ve had some great games today, even ones we lost purely because of the awesome PvP battles in the middle area of Overgrowth. Can’t say I’ve had so many consecutive games where it was so tactical and also pure chaos.

NOTE: If it was unanimous, more people would quit games…imo. If you have a mic then just say to them, hang on.