Make Takedowns great...for casuals


GB must be doing something wrong when i feel the need to create 2 Topics in a Forum. But i was never sure why i feel the need to. I think that i want the game to be awesome, no, it is awesome, i want it to be amazing or even beyond that. I see an enormous potential in this game. The foundation is great. To be beyond amazing is totally feasible, imo.
Once you hit Mayhem, some issues occur, but this just a general statement which i will not go into detail in this topic.
My Topic is that, in my opinion, the takedowns are missing something. Something that a above casual like me hinders to take on takedowns.

Straight to the point. Takedown Currency and Currency Exchange machine. The replayabilty would be enormous and the Takedowns will actually be fun and rewarding.

But lets go back a little bit, i wanna write i little story. A story of me taking on the Guardian Takedown.
Like i mentioned, i consider myself above casual and Moze and i took down Wotan on M4 in M2.0. I barely can beat M9 Valkyre Squad.
So i jumped in at M6. Instantly noticed that something is wrong, my Weapons only tickled the first mobs i encountered, but i tried and failed. So i toned down to M4 and always insta died while charging the crystals. So i thought that i was not fast enough in killing the mobs so i toned down to M0 to figure it out. I now know that i need to keep an eye on all the crystals, but that is besides the point now.
So i started M0 Guardian Takedown…most fun i had in this game for a long time. Why? For months i was using weapons that are powerful, but not fun or cool. So i used weapons that i remembered were badass and i had a Duc in my backpack which i never used, because weak. 150rad/50 Anointment, so i equipped the frontloader and then the fun started. It was a blast and the enemies shared my excitement, they literally rad exploded in excitement. So that was amazing, but, aside from the fun, not rewarding. All the loot is meaningless, because it is M0 loot. So why do a second run?

So in order to encourage the player to take on the takedowns in lower difficulty, let the Miniboss and the Boss drop some kind of tokens we can grind, so that we can have a chance of gaining the exclusive takedown loot on M10. By exchanging the tokens in M10.
And with each Mayhem level, the amount of token that drop will increase.
People whom can take on M10 Takedowns also will benefit from the tokens. It is hard for them to find special anointments or the boss wont drop anything. But at least they get some tokens so they can grind vending machines for exclusive takedown loot with anointments they want.
And that is not even new. BL2 did that. Seraph crystals and Torgue Token.

So i think that is vital for the game. That needs to be added in asap. Or am i the only one whom farmed Torgue Tokens and Seraph Crystals? o.O