Make the "Cartel" annoints permanent!

In last week’s hotfix notes, it was confirmed that the new round of annointments were tied to the Cartel event. Therefore, when it’s over on June 4, these annointments will stop spawning. I feel like we should voice our opinion to keep these annointments permanently.

There are way too many awful annointments in the pool to take away from the top of the food chain. At least with these “Cartel” annointments, there are more viable options for all VH’s. So we now have more legitimate options when farming gear.

Maybe with Mayhem 2.1 we will see better annointment balancing to bridge the gap older annointments. But that could be WEEKS down the road when there is at least a decent band aid available right now.

I’m not saying the event itself should be made permanent like many on here, just leave the annoints.


Agreed… The new anointments make for unique and more diverse builds.


Yeah, I agree the entire event should remain as a permanent option. However, short of that…at the very least let the anointments remain! Come on! The 150/50 Radiation anointment is the ONE bright spot for Moze right now with IB/AB being completely useless!


exclusive, time limited , thats why bl3 cant be good


Yeah…why does BL3 have to resemble a shady used car lot or TV infomercials? I can sort of understand with holiday events but the rest…just why? Why spend time and resources to create content for the game and then take it away for some false sense of value based on self-imposed scarcity?


Terror annointments were linked to a completely new concept inside the game that was linked to an event. Those make sense to me to be limited to an event. But the “Cartel” annoints are ASA or generic to all enemies. Nothing related to the Cartel event mechanics like Terror was to the skulls.


Yes I really don’t like this.

I was under the impression these anoints were new additions to the game. It’s seriously upsetting to find out they are limited time.

Gearbox needs to find a way to put both the event weapons and event anointments into the normal loot pool. Limited time items are dumb, if not just because it’s limited time but also because the items become worthless after the next level cap increase, which we all know is coming after the Cartel event is over.

EDIT: Wait I just read both the 5/14 and 5/7 hotfix notes and didn’t see anything mentioned about the Cartel event, let alone that these anoints are specific to the Cartel event. Where are you getting this information @vCarpeDiemv ?

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Well he doesn’t specify that these anointments are the Cartel ones. He says “anointments specific to the event” but these anointments have no relation to the event. The only one that does is the cyber spike one really. It could be that some are and some aren’t. Maybe we can get more clarification?


i think their direction is trying to become a online game,

Yeah some people asked for more specifics, but it was dodged/ignored. I’m giving an educated guess that it is all off the new annointments until I’m told I’m wrong. God I wanna be wrong lmao


Simple way to find out. Disable cartel and run a few quick farms with lootsplosion on and M10. The anoints you dont see are cartel.

I did and didn’t like what I couldn’t find myself. But hey, maybe those 10 scraptrap runs and aprox 200 legendaries dropping was just some bad RNG.


It would be a shame if they went as things like the 150/50% anointments need quite a specific build to really take advantage of so anyone building around that would be hammered if they were stopped. Not sure I see a reason to cancel them as they’re not tied to Cartel actions or members, so see no reason why they can’t just remain in the loot pool moving forward.

If they want to reduce the number of anointments in the pool, don’t think there would be that many complaints if the “while airborne” or “while sliding” ones were quietly retired…


Exactly! There isn’t any need to remove them as they don’t seem to have anything to do with the Cartel. I’m okay with adding new annointments into the pool as long as they are good.


the only potential issue I foresee is that the more anointments they add (without removing anything else), the harder still it will be to get the one you want. And that’s hard enough now, even with the Loot the Universe event which raises your chances considerably in getting the one you want. Once that’s over it’s going to be very hard to get a targeted roll, unless they replace it with something similar

That sucks. Oh well. There are other bigger issues to tackle, so I won’t be surprised if this don’t become permanent.

Make events maps permanent. Enough with limited time stuff.


Yeah i akways thought it was silky to make content and take it away… Let us activate it as we please?


Hopefully when they come to balancing the anointments they will take the least popular ones and replace them with the most popular Cartel anointments. We would keep the strongest anointments, lose the weakest ones and overall the number of total anointments would go down. What’s not to like?


I wish I could say I’m surprised but I’m really, really not. Not the first horrendously stupid decision BL3 has made and it won’t be the last. Thank goodness they’ll buff up the jumping crit hit damage anoint even tho people will still NEVER, EVER use it for any reason ever because it’s just not good and never will be no matter how much they want it to be just like so many others and they are only there to dilute the RNG pool even more. I’d rather have the pool diluted with good anoints like 300/90 and 50/150 than the obvious trash :confused: but hey they are gonna do what they are gonna do and BL3 will die with a whimper just like most other horrendous wannabe live service disasters…