Make the new game

I don’t know if I will ever say it right but I’ve been thinking about this, “What if we help GBX make the final Brothers in Arms game?” It really sounded crazy but it might work, right?

I’ve seen a lot of people who are talented when they make their own mods and their mods is so realistic and is very AWESOME!

Anyway, for a long time now I’ve been sending emails to GBX to make the final game and all they ever tell me is, “Look at the Forum.”

WTF? Is there some kind of chatbot answering to my questions or are they just being lazy?

They’ve been making new games and not our favorite game. So all I’m saying is, what if we can help them?

If anyone got anything to say, feel free to post.

It’s not nice to insult gbx on their own forum.

He’s right, tho…

What? That Gbx should exclusively respond to just one player who emails, when they’ve got an update?

Wouldn’t you rather that gbx announce any news a lot more publicly…like here on the forum?

You know…We keep joking about it, that we are going to make our own BIA4 via mods.
As years go by it seems more and more like that’s what we’ll end up doing :wink:

Look at it this way, gbx promise that they will make the final game to complete the storyline but two things occured;

  1. They were thinking about rebooting the whole series which means that the first three games that have the real Brother in Arms never exist

  2. They’re not doing anything as they make new games without thinking twice on what they were suppose to be doing.

You see what going on here? Sometime, I question on what they’re about to do next.

Anybody got any ideas about the final game though?