Make Toby available for PC and Xbox One!

This is an Open Beta right? Where things are supposed to be tested, like the characters? Then allow us to be able to use Toby before launch. It’s a bit messed up if you ask me… Allow PC and Xbox One to use Toby please! Also, I think every character should be available to use because most of them can’t be unlocked in the beta unless you don’t have a life and play the beta 24/7.

sony paid for toby to be exclusive.

Sony paid them a lot of money under the table for 5 extra days of beta access for the PS4, as well as and to lock out one of character for the other platforms - just wait for the game to be released, it only gonna be roughly 2 weeks after the beta ends (hope all that money you spent pays off for ya Sony lawl).

From what I’ve been reading anyways, he doesn’t sound all that great anyways…

Also: looking at his abilities in the Command Center, he kinda looks like a knockoff Isac with some small tweaks and alterations anyways, kinda like how Galilea is a knockoff Bolder with a few changes.*

*I am basing which is a “knockoff” of the other solely on the order they were released - both Bolder and Isac were playable in the Closed Beta, aka “CTT” (Closed Technical Test).