Make up your own guns

I know that on the pc user made dlcs there are new weapons that were created to go along with it. I love everything about that. (I used to make up and draw my own magic the gathering cards. Supernerd). So I want to do that here just for fun. I’ll start off with one I’ve been bouncing around today. I suppose these would all be unique weapons. .with accessories and skins. Anyway…the atlas harpy eagle. It’s a repeater with the special part being a blade. The buffs would be a plus 250% melee bonus, plus 150% crit dmg, increased dmg and fire rate and recoil reduction. .but here’s the kicker. It would have reverse knockback. The opposite of jakobs XX. You could effectively ‘hook’ your enemies…picking out weaker ones and drawing them close for a brutal melee attack (how about a buff to the speed of the blade swing as well?) It would be one of those guns you build your character around. And the skin…well idk. The pearl material already looks kinda like a harpy eagle I suppose. Maybe that with some blood red mixed in…and the blade itself would be a roughly textured black like a talon