Make up your own Legendaries for the next BL!

Since the only legendary Bandit shield in the game is the Hide, and we all know about the notorious Bee (and its effect that goes against the point of Amp shields, with the zero drain), I think a future BL should have a Roid counterpart to that… just not broken. How about… reduced Roid damage, but it triggers from 1/3 shield remaining and stays triggered until it recharges past that mark. Kind of similar to Krieg’s RtB or whatever skill it is that can trigger buzz ax rampage at 33% health. With a delay of about 4 seconds I think it’d be pretty balanced. No way to know without trying it, right, GBX?

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Tad bit obvious… “Limping Man”?

How about this

The Spartan
There is no greater victory than to fall from this earth …
a free man.


The scandal
If you want me, earn me


The orphan
I want to see your tail




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Pedestrain Electro-Bastard Ray
Hyperion Shotgun, unless S&S returns.
Hahaha, that’ll hurt.
Always shock, Instead of shooting projectiles, it shoots lightning like the same named power-up from Carmageddon, able to hit several targets at once.


Change the text to
[color=red]FOR SPARTA![/color]

From Cult of Ted thread
Name: Doctor’s Orders
Brand: Bandit
Type: Shotgun
Red Text: We’re losing him! Give me 20CCs STAT!
Effect: Bullet’s are shaped like syringes, has a random effect per trigger pull (explosive, acid DOT, Shock DOT, Fire DOT, Slag/Cyro DOT, Singularity gravity effect, dud (no effect) but slightly increased damage for “bullets”)
Bullets fired per shot: 12
Ammo consumed per shot: 3
Clip Size: ~12
Accuracy: ~30-50%


I was thinking of a gun that had random elemental effects-damn! Now I’ll have to be creative! :smile: So instead of a weapon…

Item: The Lifeline
Manufacturer: Anashin
Type: legendary shield
Text: “I’d like to use my lifeline Alex”
Effect: in co-op any health regenerating skills that your character has works for everyone and stacks with their own and also gives a 25% boost in shield capacity to each player. In solo play skills that increase shield capacity have their effect doubled and transfusion grenades and skills that regen health can bring you out of FFL, even if the enemy isn’t killed.

Cultural reference: the American game show ‘Jeopardy’ and the American version of the British game show ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?’


I like it.

What would be the negatives?

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Constant hp drain? Hmm… maybe DOTs last longer on you?

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Yea, definitely something like that.

I think with any Legendary we make up we should be as mindful that it has one huge downfall among all the boosts.

Clatrap doing dubstep is constantly being heard/broadcasted while -insert gear- is equipped.

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I said drawback.

Not what makes everything ever instantly better.

(Still reeling over Claptrap’s Birthday Party)


Wub-wub-wub DROP!

Wait… you like clappy? Tis a rare thing to admit in these parts not that I’m complaining.
(I :heart: Claptrap)

I’ll come up with a gun soonish to prevent further “offtopicness”


Weapon Name: Benny NV
Weapon type: Revolver
Manufacturer: GBX
Red Text: Ring-a-Ding-Ding!
Red Effect: Increased magazine size, increased accuracy, any elemental effects are ~1/3 stronger, getting kills with a critical hit results in a minisplosion of money (~8 medium high to high dollar moneys)
Cyan Text: Truth is, the game was rigged from the start
Cyan Effect: Severely lowered critical hit damage (~25%), taking damage has a 25% of being a critical hit

Edity: This could probably go under a new heading for organizational reasons since you did request we say which heading we thought it’d go under. New heading: “VideoGame”


My Claptrap love is through and through.

Bought the Missus a shirt that says;

“I Wub Wub Wub U” with Claptrap’s image on it." Realized she was the one when I saw the look of appreciation in her eyes.


I like the DoT idea- or maybe it’s also a turtle shield?

Why not? I decided to come up with two potential bad effects to offset the positive but it is your shield idea more or less.
One question though, is the “turtle shield” supposed to be a con as well? (some builds and people like them due to the hp removing so more health gating shenanigans)

Hmm- I’d forgotten about that. Since it’s supposed to be a negative how about it gets the Hyperious effect- every time you die and respawn it reduces your overall health?

Jakobs Shotgun (Longrider)
“Like one in a film I’ve seen.” - Increased mag size, default 8. Starts with low projectile speed; each successive shot without reloading has faster projectiles, and at a certain projectile speed (8th shot without speed buffs such as Maya’s) shots become Incendiary and deal hugely increased damage.

I went Jakobs because A) fast fire rate allows max damage quickly and B) it can have the Doc’s prefix. Doc’s DeLorean.

Longrider for the good accuracy. I’d use it.

Problem is, when would this penalty be removed / how long would it last? And that would be an ENORMOUS benefit, not a hindrance, to endgame players (Because any non-percentage healing the shield provides will get you above a lower healthgate faster, which increases survivability.) I like the DOT duration idea, personally. Especially since that would increase the duration of Slag on the player which at endgame would hurt.