Make up your own Legendaries for the next BL!

Dahl assault rifle/The [insert elemental prefix] Lights</font color>
There are four.</font color>
Always spawns in elemental with a double mod. Fires four times, but consumes three ammo. Shots create an AoE on impact.
Reference to:


Name: the joke gun
Red text: BANG
Type: maliwan pistol
Effect: has 4 ammo fixed and uses all on one shot. When fired a bang flag pops out, but a very high damaging corrosive cloud comes out. Very short range, but high damage.
Reference to the joker’s fake gun


Jakobs Rocket Launcher
Monty’s baby cries so awful loud. - Like the 12 Pounder, Monty’s Meg shoots cannonballs. Reload speed is much, much longer than the 12 Pounder, at 8.0. Reload speed is increased by 25% for every other player in the game with you. Damage is VASTLY increased compared to a Torgue launcher, but the magazine size is locked to 1. Meg deals non-elemental damage with no splash, dealing damage only on impact. Should Meg’s projectile kill an enemy, it will travel straight through; for this reason Meg is best fired at a crowd.



Destroying Angel
No one is immune.

The Destroying Angel is a Maliwan nova shield that continuously fires off novas when depleted which cycle through the three “natural” elements of shock, fire, and corrosion in that order before starting over. When the shield is depleted it creates a vacuum effect that sucks in all enemies and for every enemy hit with a nova the user regenerates 1% of their health per enemy hit with no cap on how much health the user can regenerate per nova. So if there are ten enemies near the user, the user will regenerate 10% of their health for every nova explosion, and so on and so forth.

However if there are no enemies around the shield will instead ignite the user with all three elements while dealing 1/4 the nova damage to the user, potentially killing the carrier of the Destroying Angel if they cannot find anymore enemies to attack.

Both the name and red text are named after a highly toxic species of mushroom by the same name.


I tried to come up with a Jakobs rocket launcher, but every time I start thinking about it I always end up with some variation of the 12 Pounder. If there’s one weapon in the game that raises the “should’ve been Jakobs” flag, it’s the 12 Pounder. I gotta say I really like what you came up with there.

What can I say, I’m a Leviathan fan :wink: I’ll go ahead and put it here too. And some others.
Steel Rain
Release the Bats!

Grenade flies up, then releases a torrent of steel fléchettes on targeted enemy for high nonelemental damage.

Do you taste ash?

Single shot bolt action Sniper Rifle
When fired, rounds explode on impact with a massive fireball that does excellent damage and slows surrounding enemies.

Bad Company
Six Gun Sound

Jakobs Masher Revolver
A 6 round masher. Each shot fires a second uncounted round that does the same damage. High knockback

The Puscifer
It oozes

Maliwan Shield
Does constant Corrosive damage while up. Effect is increased massively while shield is down. Low Capacity, hidden Alkaline effect.

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Item name: VHSS
Type: legendary relic
Manufacturer: Vladof
Red text: “Always rewind”
Special effect- if like me you’re tired of dying from falling over cliffs and into endless abysses to certain doom then this will help. The Vault Hunter Survival System goes into effect in the event that should you stumble backwards off a cliff or into a pit of lava while escaping a horde of rabid skags and stalkers, the VHSS will lift you clear of the danger and deposit you safely onto tera firma. It will also allow you to drop grenades of choice into any groups of individuals blocking your landing spot with an increased range and damage boost of 50%. As an added benefit it will also allow you to hover while in FFL just so those pesky backpedaling nutsuckers don’t go trying to hide behind cover- those cowards…

Also massively OP.

Possibly- but that’s what beta testing is for… :grin:

It has 4 different effects at once.
Cliffs are there for a reason. to make you feel stupid.
increasing grenade damage/range by 50% is so OP i dont even know where to begin and on a vladof? Dude.
i like the last one.

** Commando**-Legendary Dahl AR (Spinigun barrel)
Red text:“We’re sending our best soldier up right now…”
Effect: Increased burst, Spread is reminiscent of the Octo shotgun
Comes in all elements

The Grim Reaper
Buster Slash!
Tediore Sniper
always bladed, name doesn’t change. non-elemental, no scope.
+350% melee damage
hidden effect - bullets deal melee damage in addition to small regular damage.

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@Poisonedbite I’ve got a hunch that’s Gundam Wing…

The overall effect and red text also kinda remind me of this one…:

Actually, it’s more of a spiritual successor to the reaper, which of course never actually gave its 300% melee damage. Buster Slash is indeed from zoids New Century, as the signature move of Liger Zero Schneider.

Rapid Shooter gun
The prefix may change

Damage 1000231
Accuracy 78%
Fire rate 10
Magazine size 220
Reload speed 10.3



Don’t be lazy FASTER

the maker says hyperion but the gun screams bandit.

NAME the Nebuchadnezzar.
RED TEXT “realize the truth, there is no spoon”
effect increases users chance to dodge bullets
jacobs pistol

The Bully
Can’t hide from me, punk.
Maliwan Smg
Ignores Shields
comes with a maliwan capacitor built in, guaranteeing an immunity.

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Motivatur: Legendary Bandit SMG (E-Tech Barrel)
Red Text:“C’mon, you can do this!”
Effect: Every time you get a kill, the gun doubles its mag size and fire rate. This can stack indefinitely, except if you die.

Comes in all Elements.