Make up your own Legendaries for the next BL!

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I’d like to see them to continue to explore the tediore grenade effect. Avenger worked like a bouncing betty, baby maker worked like a mirv. Maybe a tediore that works like a singularity when reloaded…like a quasar built into an smg. And the singularity effect and damage is longer based on how much ammo was in the gun when it was reloaded.

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Veck’s Wrath
Your clock’s ticking down.
Manufacturer: Vladof
Weapon Type: Shotgun
Ability: Firerate increases the longer you hold down the trigger. Every third shot has a 50% chance not to consume ammo.

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Tak’s Tec
Let me slip into something a little more deadly
Tediore machine pistol
When reloaded, it homes in on the enemy, it’s clip size(damage) increasing every second until impact.

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Fantastic idea

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Why thank you, sir.

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Name: Frag Doll
Type: Legendary grenade
Manufacturer: Dahl
Red text: “Because female gamers are so cute badass…”
Special effect: increases explosive damage for any explosive weapon that the player uses by 50% and for each Frag Doll equipped in a party multiplies each member’s grenade damage by 20% . Meaning that Player 2 gets X times 20% grenade damage bonus, Player 3 gets 20% x (x+x times 20%) and Player 4 gets 20% + (x+x times 20% times x times 20%) grenade damage bonus. Cultural reference- named for The Frag Dolls, an all female gaming group that has since disbanded but who made it abundantly clear that the gaming world isn’t just for guys :vulcan_salute:

BTW, I wanted to put ‘cute’ between ‘so’ and ‘badass’ but I don’t know how to write it with a strike through. If any one could show me how that’s done (or even do it for me- I won’t mind) I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.

Edit: finally! Thanks @Tokesy97!

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It’s 2 tildes on each side of your strikethrough.

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OK, so- where is a tilde on the keyboard and how do you do a strikethrough?

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Well i guess it depends on your keyboard layout.
Regardless, this is a tilde. ~

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You should find the tilde key to the left of the 1 key along the top row of the keyboard.
Strikethrough (in this forum) is done by tagging the text with {s}{/s} tags (but use square brackets, not curly ones).

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Or as I said, ~~ /~~
Without the slash.

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Not getting the strike through- what am I doing wrong?

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It’s two either side of the text




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Warning: long post. If my calculations are correct, I’ve got 33 weapon ideas, of which a third is currently finalized. The first third (including this foreword) adds up to approximately 7 pages of text thanks to my penchant for excessively elaborate descriptions. As Mordy put it, shouldn’t be a problem for you, but just a heads-up. For TLDR purposes, the most important effects are bold.

NB: English is my third language, so don’t be surprised to see (and feel free to point out) any misused words or mangled expressions up ahead.

Except for a laser, a Torgue sniper rifle (might also work as an assault rifle), a Vladof shotgun (might also work as a rocket launcher), a Tediore everything (you’ll know it when you see it), and the mention of Cryo here and there, all mechanics and weapon characteristics are assumed to be as close to BL2 as possible.

All stat increases and reductions except for accuracy are multiplicative unless stated otherwise. Increases and decreases to accuracy are as effective as they would be originating from a skill. Same goes for stats not shown on the card, like recoil reduction. For the sake of clarity, I will refer to the weapon card stat “reload speed” as “time to reload”. All reverse recoil guns have been designed with recoil reduction and accuracy recovery decreasing their usefulness in mind, though I personally would prefer them benefitting from those stats like any other weapon does. All stats are rounded down unless stated otherwise.

All units of distance refer to the units shown on nova shields. If my calculations are correct, each square tile in Marcus’s shooting range is approximately 120 units wide.

Enough with the prologue. Time for guns.

This feature was completely intentional.
Manufacturer: Tediore.
Weapon type: Pistol (initially).
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: All parts are random, provided that a purple Tediore weapon can spawn with those parts.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 10% higher fire rate and accuracy and 20% higher damage and magazine size, rounded up.
Cosmetic details: Every single part has its own random skin. Skins of weapon parts of every rarity and every manufacturer are possible, except for unique skins. Skins are randomized on every reloading.
Effect: On every reloading of the Malfunction, a random Tediore weapon is digistructed in its wielder’s hands. The Malfunction may change its type and its accessory this way, which changes the ammo it uses and its prefix. The element, title, stat bonus, rarity, and effect remain unchanged. The Malfunction cannot gain the effect of another weapon. The time to reload and the reload mechanism depend on the thrown Malfunction, not the received one. For all intents and purposes, including achievements, damage calculations, and reload animations, the Malfunction always behaves like and is treated as its current weapon type. Each weapon type has an equal chance to be digistructed in its wielder’s hands, but if its wielder’s reserves of a certain ammo type are empty, the reloaded Malfunction can and will digistruct itself as that exact weapon type solely out of spite. Interrupting the reloading animation does not affect the item to be digistructed. Each kill with the Malfunction’s bullets increases the chance of digistructing “something else” instead of the Malfunction during the next reloading by 5 percent points. The initial chance is 0% and it is reset to 0% after each reloading. “Something else” is always thrown immediately and may include:

  • A powerful health vial that instantly restores 50% of the Maximum Health of the first VH to pick it up. Manufactured by Tediore. Description: Hope this doesn’t malfunction inside your veins.
  • A powerful shield booster that instantly restores 60% of the Maximum Shield Capacity of the first VH to pick it up. Manufactured by Tediore. Description: Property of the Dahl corporation.
  • An ammunition pack for the last type of Malfunction used that restores 4 times as much ammo as a usual pack to the first VH to pick it up. The next digistructed Malfunction of any type will have a 50% larger base magazine instead of 20%, rounded up. The latter effect triggers regardless of whether the ammo pack is picked up or by whom.
  • A live purple Tediore grenade with random parts and thus, random delivery mechanism and element. Throwing it does not remove grenade ammo from the reserves, but the grenade mod cannot be kept as an item.
  • A random Tediore weapon of green rarity or higher and of a level appropriate to the zone it spawns in. The loot table is the same as for world drops, so unique, DLC-exclusive, or mission-related weapons cannot spawn this way. If it spawns in legendary rarity, it has a 60% chance of being another Malfunction.
  • A random toy Loader as seen in Marcus’s Headhunter Pack of a level equal to the Malfunction’s. Hostile to everything. Has a 30% chance to spawn as a Badass, which may trigger appropriate quotes from nearby VHs. Gives loot and experience as any other enemy. This never triggers in a map without enemy spawns.
  • A random Malfunction with no ammo in the magazine and without any visible accessory, scope or barrel. Behaves and explodes as if it wasn’t missing any parts and had a full magazine, but does not use up any ammo.
  • Depending on the tone of the game, random items such as a rubber duck, a skag plushie, an ECHO recorder, or a loaf of bread. May or may not explode when thrown, dealing the same base damage as the last Malfunction thrown.

Having “something else” digistructed instead of the Malfunction and immediately throwing it technically doubles the reload time because the animation is performed twice. Each weapon type has its own red text:
Pistol: This feature was completely intentional.
Reference: Mrs. Tediore’s quote “Reloading any Tediore gun will make it explode! This feature was completely intentional.”, which can be found in BL2’s audio files.
SMG: Explain THAT to your rubber duck.
Reference: Rubber duck debugging.
AR: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Reference: A common phrase in tech support.
SR: It’s like a box of chocolates.
Reference: A quote from the movie “Forrest Gump”.
Shotgun: Like the dickens.
Reference: The loader Mal from BL2, who claimed to be “malfunctioning like the dickens”.
RL: guns & guns & guns
Reference: cyriak, an animator who uploads mildly disturbing videos to Youtube, two of which are called “malfunction” and “cows & cows & cows”. Not linking them here so you can’t sue me into paying for your therapist.
Laser: Working as intended.’); DROP TABLE Weapons;–
Reference: A common phrase used by game developers and the xkcd comic #327.

Avoid enclosed spaces.
Manufacturer: Maliwan.
Weapon type: Rocket Launcher.
Elements: Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, or Cryo.
Parts: Maliwan barrel, Bandit exhaust.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 30% lower damage, 10% lower fire rate, and 20% larger blast radius and higher projectile velocity. Lowest possible base magazine size is 5.
Cosmetic details: The exhaust is cracked and worn out and looks as if it would explode if Krieg looked at it funny.
Effect: On every shot with the Claustrophobia, its exhaust emits a long cone with matching element that is reflected by non-damageable large terrain objects, walls, the ground, etc. The cone is 1250 units long and 400 units wide at its end. The cone deals elemental damage equal to twice the card damage to anything in its area except allied VHs and pushes all damaged entities away. The direction of the push is affected by whether and how the cone was reflected before hitting the entity for the first time. The emission and damage are instantaneous and the cone does not move with the Claustrophobia’s wielder. The cone damage and push effect do not depend on whether the cone hits the same entity several times due to being reflected. Cone damage is affected by gun damage and rocket launcher damage, but not by grenade damage or elemental effect damage. Cone kills count as rocket launcher kills for the purpose of achievements. The cone’s elemental effect chance is 80% higher than the Claustophobia’s current elemental effect chance, but is capped at 100%. Any entity damaged by the Claustrophobia’s rocket takes 80% more damage from the next cone and any entity damaged by the cone takes 80% more damage from the next rocket, as long as both damage sources originate from the same weapon. Alternating between damaging the same enemy with the cone and the rocket may stack the bonus, but failing to hit the enemy with the correct damage source or respawning will reset it. The total bonus can stack up to 400% more damage and does not disappear on reloading or swapping, but on respawning or de-equipping the Claustrophobia. The total bonus is an additive gun damage bonus and does not affect any elemental effect damage. Although it may be possible to hit the same enemy with both rocket and cone, the cone damage is always dealt first as the rocket has to cover some distance first. In such a case, the bonus damage from damaging a target with a cone applies to the next rocket launched, not the next rocket to hit the same target.
Reference: The backblast from many real-life rocket-launcher-like weapons and two other similarly names RLs in the BL franchise. Claustrophobia, or Chloe for short, is Pyrophobia’s and Cryophobia’s younger sister who’s very eager to prove herself but has not yet figured out how to make her rockets explode mid-flight instead of pre-flight.

You look so cute together!
Manufacturer: Dahl.
Weapon type: SMG.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Tediore barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 10% higher damage, 20% higher accuracy, 30% higher burst fire rate, 40% higher projectile velocity, but 50% longer burst fire delay. All bursts fire at least 6 rounds as long as there is enough ammo in the magazine. Lowest possible base magazine size is 36. The swap speed to and from the Cupid is 25% higher.
Cosmetic details: Light pink, with red hearts and chubby cherubic children painted all over it. Projectiles look like tiny arrows.
Effect: Landing at least 6 rounds of a single burst from the Cupid on the same enemy will pull this enemy to the closest other enemy. If the shot enemy is too heavy, will pull the closest light enemy to the shot enemy. All light enemies that collide with other enemies by the Cupid’s effect are dazed for two seconds and unable to attack. If no other enemies are within 2000 units, will pull the shot enemy to the shooter. If the shot enemy is too heavy and no light enemies are within 2000 units, will pull the shooter to the shot enemy. This effect can pull the shooter upward, but not further then the height of a jump. If an entity to be pulled was already pulled after a burst from this instance of Cupid and its wielder did not reload the Cupid inbetween, the pull effect will not trigger. While its wielder is crippled, the Cupid only fires in bursts and only pulls enemies to the shooter or vice versa, if the shot enemy is too heavy. The maximum horizontal distance an entity can be pulled by a single burst is approximately 1600 units. Movement stops upon collision with any physical obstacle, including enemies or allies.
Reference: The god of love from classical mythology.

Some skaglick said our rifles suck! PERFORATE 'EM!
Manufacturer: Bandit.
Weapon type: Assault Rifle.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Bandit barrel, Bandit grip.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 10% lower damage and fire rate, and 15% higher accuracy and projectile velocity. Base time to reload is always 7.2, base magazine size is always 100.
Cosmetic details: Can’t think of any peculiarities right now.
Effect: The Pefforata’s bullets pierce all enemies and their physical shields. For each enemy damaged by its bullet after it damaged at least one other enemy, its base magazine size will increase by 1 after reloading. This effect alters the card value but cannot increase the Pefforata’s base magazine size past 200. If the Pefforata is reloaded without achieving the above feat at least once since the last reloading, the base magazine size will drop back to 100. The bonus magazine size also disappears upon de-equipping the Pefforata, but switching to another weapon, respawning, or starting a new game session keeps the effect. While the above feat has been achieved, the Pefforata’s colors become oversaturated until the next reloading. For each bullet missing from the magazine, the reload speed of the Pefforata increases additively by 1%. For each bullet still in the magazine, the gun damage of the Pefforata increases additively by 0.4%.
Reference: The “No Vacancy” quest from BL2 and the well-known fact that Bandit ARs are generally underwhelming.

Why yes, I am tearing you apart.
Manufacturer: Hyperion.
Weapon type: Shotgun.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Hyperion barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 40% higher damage and recoil reduction, 60% higher accuracy, and 20% higher fire rate. Lowest possible base magazine size is 8. Fires a single pellet, or three pellets with the vertical grip, at the unchanging cost of 1 ammo.
Cosmetic details: The same skin as the Butcher from BL2, but all colors are inverted. This includes colors showing the Rebel’s element.
Effect: Normal recoil behavior instead of reverse recoil. Holding the Rebel’s trigger increases its pellet count by one after each shot. The highest number of pellets the Rebel can fire in a single shot is 17, regardless of any other effects or accessories. Reloading, swapping weapons, letting go of the trigger, getting crippled, or respawning resets the pellet count to its base value. Hitting with all pellets of a shot adds 1 round to the magazine. Failing to do so has a 20% chance to add 2 rounds to the magazine. Reserve ammo is unaffected.
Reference: Jim Stark from the movie “Rebel Without a Cause”.

The hero our city… has.
Manufacturer: Vladof.
Weapon type: Assault Rifle.
Elements: Shock or Corrosive.
Parts: Vladof spinning barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 50% lower damage and 70% lower projectile velocity. 0% elemental effect chance, which can not be increased by any means.
Cosmetic details: Predominantly blue and grey with specks of purple, with a pattern that looks like hundreds tiny moth wings. On each side of the Mothman’s body, there is a dark grey symbol of a moth inside a light yellow circle. Firing the Mothman sounds like the flapping of moth wings.
Effect: Spinning speed does not decrease during reloading. The Mothman’s bullets cannot reduce any enemy below 1 health. The Mothmans’s bullets fly in an irregular, erratic pattern, quickly moving in random directions orthogonal to their main direction of flight, and disappear if deflected by physical shields. Each damaging hit creates a small invincible moth that flies around the enemy and deals 4/3 of the Mothman’s elemental effect damage over the course of 1 seconds for a total of 4 ticks. The Mothman’s bullets home in on nearby enemies that have moths around them; the more moths, the stronger the homing capabilities and the weaker the random movements to the sides. Enemies taking any incendiary damage over time are treated as having 11 moths for the calculation of homing capabilities. For each moth on an enemy, the Mothman’s bullets and moths deal 7% increased damage to that enemy. This bonus is additive with other effects affecting gun damage or elemental effect damage. A moth can only be added to an enemy if they have less than 10 moths on them. The moth pool and the damage increases and homing boosts from moths are shared between all instances of the Mothman. If an enemy is killed by moths, all remaining moths home in on the closest enemy with less than 10 moths on them, flying like the Mothman’s bullets as if that enemy had 10 moths, or 11, if that enemy is taking incendiary damage over time. Upon arriving at an enemy, the moths continue to deal elemental effect damage for their individual remaining durations. Any superfluous moths attach to the enemy as soon as other moths disappear. Homing or waiting moths expire after 5 seconds of not dealing damage to any enemy. Moths expire immediately if the enemy they were damaging is killed by any other means.
Reference: The Cyanide & Happiness animations “Mothman” and “Mothman 2”. Although those shorts are rather tame compared to the usual C&H stuff, the second one might still be considered slightly NSFW.

A gun so nice, it kills you twice.
Manufacturer: Jakobs.
Weapon type: Pistol.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Hyperion barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 20% higher damage, 50% lower fire rate, 40% higher time to reload, and 50% higher recoil reduction.
Cosmetic details: Can’t think of any peculiarities right now.
Effect: Critical hits from the Bandalore’s bullets deal only as much damage as non-critical hits. The Bandalore’s bullets pierce all enemies but are deflected by physical shields. If a bullet pierces its first enemy and covers the distance it had covered before piercing them, i.e., exiting their hitbox, without hitting a physical shield or an undamageable obstacle, it instantly changes direction and flies backwards, taking the exact same path. A returning bullet may continue flying past the point it was fired from. If a returning Bandalore’s bullet hits an enemy, it pierces them and damages them upon exiting their hitbox. If after piercing at least one enemy while returning it hits any VH wielding the Bandalore, it is added to its magazine, if not full. If the bullet is added to a magazine this way, it cannot affect the VH it hit in any other way. Returning bullets that hit critical spots are not affected by the above critical hit damage limitation. Returning bullets that perform a critical hit despite not hitting a critical spot are still affected by it. Returning bullets that pass through a critical spot at any moment while piercing an enemy are considered to hit the critical spot and perform a critical hit.
Reference: The yo-yo toy and the phrase “The city so nice, they named it twice” referring to New York, New York.

Safety Third
We’ve lost like half our workforce in three days. Again.
Manufacturer: Torgue.
Weapon type: Rocket Launcher.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Torgue barrel, Bandit grip.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 20% higher damage, 30% larger blast radius, 40% lower fire rate, 100% higher time to reload, and 30% lower accuracy. Always has a baze magazine size of 3. The melee accessory from the Bandit grip gives a 100% melee damage bonus and increases melee range of non-overridden strikes by 30%.
Cosmetic details: The barrel, the grip, and most of the rest of the Safety Third has bloody splatters all over it, as if someone used the weapon to bludgeon the population of a small town to death. The melee accessory is twice as long.
Effect: The Safety Third’s rockets automatically explode after travelling 95% of their current blast radius. Killing an enemy in melee using the Safety Third instantly reloads one rocket from its wielder’s reserves if its magazine is not full, regardless of the melee strike animation. If a rocket is reloaded this way, launching it without swapping weapons, de-equipping the Safety Third, letting 10 seconds pass, changing maps, or respawning inbetween will render the rocket unable to more than 1 damage to the health of the Safety Third’s wielder. Killing an enemy with such a rocket will create a singularity nova centered on the Safety Third. Only one nova can be created at a time. The nova radius is 800 units. Enemies in nova range take 50% more melee damage from any sources, regardless of whether they were pulled by the singularity effect. This bonus is multiplicative and is linearly reduced to 0% over the course of 3 seconds.
Reference: Mr. Torgue’s quote at the beginning of his Badass Tournament and the Torgue corporation’s general opinion of workplace safety.

Melting clocks and everything else.
Manufacturer: Maliwan.
Weapon type: Laser.
Elements: Incendiary, Shock, Corrosive, or Cryo.
Parts: Maliwan barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 70% lower damage, 40% higher recoil reduction when aiming, 20% lower time to reload, and 35% higher elemental effect chance.
Cosmetic details: Melted clocks across a surreal landscape. You know what I’m talking about.
Effect: Continuous damage bonus is activated as usual but boosts the Persistence’s elemental effect damage instead. Elemental effect damage caused by the Persistence is not reduced by the enemy’s elemental resistances and level-based damage reduction. Whenever an elemental effect procs on an enemy, that enemy suffers from a spontaneous explosion dealing the Persistence’s current elemental effect damage in a small area around the enemy. Elemental effects caused by the Persistence stack 4 times and last 4 seconds regardless of the element. Provided that the elemental effect was caused by the Persistence, every single tick of elemental effect damage on any enemy increases the same Persistence’s elemental effect damage additively by 1%. This buff stacks up to 999%, disappears upon de-equipping the Persistence, respawning, or changing maps, and is reduced by 10 percent points after each second without any stacks gained.
Reference: Salvador’s (no, the other one’s) painting “The Persistence of Memory”.

Tishyna (Russian for silence. Pronounced Ti as “tea”, sh as sh in “shoot”, y kinda as i in “will”, na as nu in “number”. Stress is on the last syllable.)
Speak no evil.
Manufacturer: Vladof.
Weapon type: Sniper Rifle.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Jakobs barrel, Jakobs scope.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 15% higher damage, 20% lower fire rate and aim speed, and 25% higher accuracy and time to reload. Magnification is initially 3x.
Cosmetic details: Golden and shiny. Shooting, reloading, and handling the Tishyna in any way does not produce any discernable sound. The weapon card always correctly shows the Tishyna’s current magnification.
Effect: Scoring a critical hit with the Tishyna’s bullets on an enemy will not alert any other enemies. Previously alerted enemies remain alerted. All vocalizations by the Tishyna’s wielder and all enemies damaged by the Tishyna’s bullets are suppressed, including any sounds made by their gear. This includes and negates enemies giving orders to other enemies, among any other audio-triggered mechanics. Mission-related dialog remains unaffected. Attempting to swap weapons while aiming will instead change the magnification to one of the following four: 3x, 5x, 7x, 9x. Adds 1 sniper rifle round to its wielder’s reserves on each kill made with the Tishyna’s bullets, unless they’re full.
Reference: The sayings “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” and “Silence is golden”.

Brick And Mortar
I only got one thing to say to you.
Manufacturer: Bandit.
Weapon type: Rocket Launcher.
Elements: Always Explosive.
Parts: Bandit barrel, Bandit grip.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, shoots 4 rockets instead of 3 at the cost of 1 ammo. The base magazine size is increased by 2 and the time to reload is 15% higher. The swap speed to and from the Brick And Mortar is 35% higher.
Cosmetic details: Skin resembles a brick wall with the Slab King fist punching a hole through said wall on each side.
Effect: Pulling the Brick And Mortar’s trigger while aiming consumes two rockets and fires a tiny invincible beacon straight ahead and a large mortar bomb at a 90° angle to the beacon trajectory, so most likely upwards. The beacon is fired with pinpoint accuracy, travels at the velocity of a pistol bullet and is unaffected by gravity. The beacon deals 1 damage upon impact, attaches to the first entity hit, projects a target circle around itself when attached, and may move with an enemy if attached to one. The beacon is only destroyed when the current mortar explodes or when attacked in melee by the Brick And Mortar’s wielder. As soon as the beacon attaches to anything but at least a full second after the launch, the mortar will home in on the beacon. The mortar explodes upon hitting the first obstacle or enemy regardless of whether it has begun homing, dealing 12 times the damage of a single rocket to everything but allies in a radius of 600 units. The mortar explodes in the air if the beacon fails to attach within 3 seconds or 3 seconds after the beacon has been destroyed. The wielder of the Brick and Mortar can also detonate the mortar by damaging it with most weapons. Pulling the trigger while aiming straight down will launch the mortar horizontally, although it will still lock onto the beacon’s position after a second. Pulling the trigger while this instance of Brick And Mortar’s mortar is still in the air, regardless of any other circumstances, will launch the usual barrage of 4 rockets at the usual cost of 1 ammo. The mortar explosion’s smoke cloud resembles the Slab King fist instead of the usual skull-and-crossbones. The mortar’s velocity always equals 70% of the Brick and Mortar’s rockets’ velocity and is affected by all effects that alter the latter. Whenever the Brick And Mortar launches its mortar, one of the following Brick’s quotes is heard:
“Stay outta the target circles!”
“Watch out for the mortars, Slab!”
“Avoid those mortars, Slab!”
“Watch out, Slab!”
“Careful, Slab!”
“It’s firin’ mortars, look out!”
“Mortar fire, mortar fire! Take cover!”
“Mortars incoming!”
Reference: The phrase “brick and mortar”, which also gave the late bandit leader Mortar his name, and the quests “The Once And Future Slab” and “Where Angels Fear To Tread” from BL2, which include arguably annoying warnings from our favorite Slab King.

That’s all, folks! Except that I still have tons of ideas that need more work (including the previously mentioned Torgue SR and Vladof shotgun), so that’s not actually all. I’ll post the next 11 once they’re done, which I hope will be next weekend.

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Weapon Name: Darkbeast
Rarity: Legendary
Weapon Type: Assault Rifle
Manufacturer: Maliwan (Assuming they make AR’s in BL3)
Red Text: Behind the gates of Old Yharnam
Skin: A dark grey base coat of paint with blue lightning strikes running in spirals around the guns frame. Has accents of pure blue on parts such as the grip and underbarrel of the gun.
Ability: A weapon with an effect similar to Moxxi weapons but instead of Life steal it’s Shield steal. When hitting an enemy it will restore your shield for 3.5% of the damage dealt. The reason that this value is low is because it restores this percentage regardless of shield delay or regen. So even if you are currently taking Health damage and you strike an enemy with this weapon it will regen you shield on top of you health.Upon breaking an enemies shield with this weapon it will restore ammo in the magazine of the gun.
Reference: Bloodborne enemy found in Old Yharnam (Darkbeast Paarl)

Man these are super fun to make, hope you guys enjoyed that :slight_smile:

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Blaze and Iron
Cover your Eyes! (and flesh)
Jakobs Shield
When this Shield depletes or fully recharges, it releases an AoE flashbang effect, blinding enemies for 5 seconds. On the third flashbang, the shield will fire a 360 shrapnel blast for 50% weapon damage.

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As promised, here’s the second part of my armory. The foreword from my first post applies for all of my weapons. The last third will be up in another week.

Finnegans Wake
Manufacturer: Unknown, probably Jakobs.
Weapon type: Assault Rifle.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Jakobs body, Jakobs barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 10% higher damage, 15% higher magazine size and accuracy, 30% lower fire rate, 20% lower time to reload, and 40% higher recoil reduction.
Cosmetic details: Mostly white, with many random words in different languages, often misspelled to resemble other words in possibly other languages, and dozens of various symbols written in black all over each other. Firing the Finnegans Wake sounds like typing on an old-fashioned typewriter and its bullets look like tiny, random symbols. Except for the name Finnegans Wake, both red text lines, and the white flavor text between both red text lines, all words, numbers, and symbols on the weapon card are substituted by random words in different languages, mostly misspelled to resemble other words in possibly other languages, and dozens of various symbols. This includes the prefix, all stats and their values, the manufacturer and eventual element icons, any letters and symbols pictured on the scope, the numbers displaying the ammo in the Finnegans Wake’s magazine and the reserve ammo on its wielder’s HUD, and all floating damage numbers and critical notifications if the damage was caused by the Finnegans Wake. Inspecting the dropped Finnegans Wake’s stats yields the same text that is shown on the card. Every single instance of Finnegans Wake has different words and symbols written all over it and the randomized card text is also different from one instance to the next, but the skin, the scope text, and the card text of the same Finnegans Wake never changes while the text on the HUD and floating text is randomized whenever it changes or appears. Between the two red text lines, the following word is seen in white color:
bababadalgharaghtakamminarronnkonnbronntonnerronntuonnthunntrovarrhounawnskawntoohoohoordenenthurnuk! No other white text is possible, including any standard white text for Jakobs ARs.
Effect: Nobody knows for sure what the Finnegans Wake’s actual effect is, but there are many theories.
Reference: “Finnegans Wake” by James Joyce, one of the most incomprehensible pieces of literature ever written, as understood by someone who doesn’t understand it at all.

From Mr. Shank and Chaz…mina. With love.
Manufacturer: Torgue.
Weapon type: Sniper Rifle.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Whichever barrel looks most phallic.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 20% higher recoil reduction and magnification, 20% lower fire rate and magazine size, and 25% higher critical hit damage. The last bonus is type B. Initial projectile velocity is 50% lower compared to a Dahl sniper rifle, regardless of any property intrinsic to Torgue sniper rifles.
Cosmetic details: The Mars symbol is painted on each side of the body. The weapon card has one of three following white flavor texts:
+30% Girth
+50% Length
+70% Endurance
This flavor text is set when an instance of the Engorger spawns and it never changes. The text has no bearing on gameplay.
Effect: After travelling a distance of 100 units, the Engorger’s bullets drastically increase their size and velocity over the next 200 units until they are approximately as large as a human head and 25% faster than a Dahl sniper rifle’s bullet. Enlarged bullets destroy all other projectiles they come into contact with, which may detonate the projectiles but does not affect the enlarged bullet in any way. Should two enlarged bullets hit each other, both are destroyed. Enlarged bullets penetrate enemies, physical shields, and obstacles, but only if the hit entity does not cover the whole cross section area of the bullet. Hitting an enemy with any part of the cross section area counts as a hit, and hitting a critical spot with any part of the cross section area counts as a critical hit. Killing an enemy with a critical hit from the Engorger’s bullets increases its barrel size by 10% over the course of 1 second. Not killing any enemy for 10 consecutive seconds of wielding the Engorger reduces its barrel size by 10% over the course of 1 second. The barrel size cannot increase beyond 200% or decrease beyond 80% of its original size. Accessories attached to the barrel may change their size accordingly. The length of the barrel determines where a projectile fired by the Engorger starts travelling and how far the Engorger’s wielder can reach when using a bladed Engorger in melee.
Reference: A male enhancement product from BL1 called “Engorge” that was allegedly used by Mr. Shank and his totally platonic buddy Chaz, the Torgue corporation’s suggestive naming conventions, the James Bond novel and movie “From Russia With Love”, and the ads from Claptastic Voyage inviting you to “enlarge your barrel”.

Red Star
Bullets of the world, unite!
Manufacturer: Vladof.
Weapon type: Shotgun.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Hyperion barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 10% lower damage, 20% higher recoil reduction, 20% lower fire rate, 30% higher magazine size, and 75% lower projectile speed. The base pellet count is 5. Highest possible base accuracy is 25.
Cosmetic details: Triumphant red and glorious yellow, with the titular star on each side of the body. Pellets emit a reddish glow regardless of their element. In all descriptions of the Red Star wielder’s skills, any form of the word “enemy” is substituted by the appropriate form of the phrase “capitalist pig”.
Effect: All of the Red Star’s pellets travel clockwise along the edges of the outline of a regular star polygon. This pattern is orthogonal to the main direction of flight. For 5 pellets, the pattern resembles a 5-point-star. Adding two pellets, e.g. from a vertcial grip, changes the pattern to a 7-point-star. All patterns have two of their vertices pointing downwards and one upwards; two upwards if the pellet count becomes even due to any effect. Whenever the pellet count allows for several patterns, such as with 7 pellets, the polygon chosen is always the one with the smallest area. When fired from the Red Star, all pellets start their trajectory in the inner vertices. Each pellet needs 0.2 seconds to travel from an inner vertex to the closest outer vertex. This value remains constant. The polygon’s base size, i.e. the radius of its circumcircle or the distance between its center and any outer vertex, equals (100 - base accuracy) in units. The polygon’s size at the moment the Red Star’s pellets are fired is reduced by aiming and higher accuracy and is increased by recoil and lower accuracy. The size also increases exponentially in flight, doubling every 1917 units travelled. Hitting the same enemy with all pellets of a single shot of the Red Star increases the damage of the last hitting pellet multiplicatively by 400%.
Reference: The emblem and ideology of the former Soviet Union and other wannabe communist countries.

This is really getting out of hand.
Manufacturer: Dahl.
Weapon type: Pistol.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Dahl barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 30% lower damage, 25% higher accuracy, and 40% higher aim speed and projectile velocity. All bursts fire exactly 2 rounds regardless of what parts the Escalation has or any effects that are not the Escalation’s.
Cosmetic details: Burgundy color scheme with a small trident on each side.
Effect: The first shot from the Escalation’s burst that hits a critical spot will cause all subsequent shots from the same burst that hit the same enemy to be treated as critical hits. If all shots from the Escalation’s burst hit a critical spot, regardless of whether their hits are treated as critical, its next burst will fire exactly one more shot than the previous one fired. Any additional shots are added exactly between the last shot and the second-to-last shot, cause recoil, do not increase the duration of a burst, and do not consume additional ammo. This effect is removed on de-equipping the Escalation, respawning, changing maps, starting a new game session, not burst-firing this instance of the Escalation for 10 seconds, or missing with at least one shot from its burst, whether additional or normal. Additional shots are fired regardless of how many rounds remain in the Escalation’s magazine after the first normal shot.
Reference: The often misquoted line “Boy, that escalated quickly” by Roy Burgundy from the movie “Anchorman” and the dialog that follows it.

Did you mean: recursion?
Manufacturer: Torgue.
Weapon type: Shotgun.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Bandit barrel, never a pellet-count-affecting accessory.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 20% higher accuracy and 20% lower damage and time to reload. Magazine size is increased by 6. Fires 3 gyrojet pellets, regardless of any other effects, at the cost of 3 ammo.
Cosmetic details: Each side of the Recursion shows a picture of the Recursion. Each picture’s size is one third of the previous picture’s or the original’s size. Pellets look like very tiny Recursions. All pellets have the same size. All portrayals of the Recursion, whether as pictures or as gyrojet pellets, show the correct weapon parts of the instance of the Recursion they portray.
Effect: After travelling a distance of 200 units, each pellet of the Recursion shoots three additional pellets and disappears. This can happen up to two times in succession, leading to a total of 27 pellets after 400 units. The spread of the pellets shot by pellets depends on the Recursion’s current accuracy but is unaffected by any recoil. The initial velocity of pellets shot by pellets equals the velocity of the parent pellet at the moment it shoots its children pellets. While aiming the Recursion, the distance requirement is doubled to 400 and 800 units. Starting or ending aiming does not affect the distance requirement of pellets already in flight.
Reference: The search result upon googling “recursion”.

Welcome to die.
Manufacturer: Maliwan.
Weapon type: Sniper Rifle.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Maliwan barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 50% higher splash damage and larger splash radius, 85% lower projectile velocity, 30% higher recoil reduction, and 25% lower magazine size.
Cosmetic details: Half the Magnet is red, the other half is blue.
Effect: The Magnet doubles its wielder’s pick up range for ammo, health, and money. All enemy projectiles have their velocity reduced to 15% of its original value as long as the projectile is within 400 units of the Magnet. This effect applies to all projectiles while the Magnet is lying on the ground. This effect does not stack with any other velocity-reducing effects, including from other Magnets. Upon pulling the trigger, a bullet is digistructed 200 units behind the target instead of exiting the barrel, regardless of whether the target is an enemy or an obstacle, and immediately flies towards the Magnet’s wielder. The exact digistruct location is determined by hitscan and is 200 units away from the point of collision. If there is no target in sight, the bullet will be fired from the barrel as usual. If a bullet is digistricted inside an obstacle or an enemy, it immediately hits. The Magnet’s bullets pierce all enemies they damage and do not ricochet off. Should the Magnet’s bullet hit or explode near the Magnet’s wielder, it will damage them. The Magnet’s bullets are not affected by any velocity-reducing effects, including from any Magnets.
Reference: Magneto and his infamous quote from the 1992 arcade game that is also used by Goliaths in BL2.

Last Stand
Whip out your heroism!
Manufacturer: Torgue.
Weapon type: Rocket Launcher.
Elements: Always Explosive.
Parts: Vladof barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 50% lower damage, fire rate, and accuracy.
Cosmetic details: The words “emergency use only!” are scribbled onto the left side of the body. The word “only” is underlined twice.
Effect: All of the following effects apply only while the Last Stand’s owner is crippled. The swap speed to the Last Stand is increased by 60%. The Last Stand’s wielder’s movement speed is additively increased by 100%, but this bonus cannot increase it past their default movement speed outside of FFYL. The Last Stand’s fire rate, accuracy, blast radius, projectile speed, and projectile count are tripled, all of which directly affects and changes the card values. Damaging an enemy with any of the Last Stand’s projectiles adds 1 rocket to the Last Stand’s magazine once per shot without affecting the reserves, renders the hit enemy impervious to all damage-over-time effects caused by the Last Stand’s wielder, damage from damageable environmental sources, damage from grenades thrown by its wielder, their melee damage, and any additional damage from their skills, until they exit FFYL, ends any active Action Skill of its wielder, and prohibits them from activating their Action Skill until they exit FFYL. Enemies impervious to a certain kind of damage may not be reduced below 1 health by that kind. The Last Stand’s wielder cannot access their inventory, be revived by their allies, or swap to any other weapon. The Last Stand’s rockets cannot reduce any enemy below 1 health.
Reference: Mr. Torgue’s quote at the beginning of his Badass Tournament and… wait a moment, how are you supposed to get a Second Wind with that?

Drink up.
Manufacturer: Dahl.
Weapon type: SMG.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Dahl barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 15% higher accuracy, 35% higher time to reload, 25% higher magazine size, 50% lower recoil reduction while burst-firing, and 10% lower critical damage. The last malus is type C.
Cosmetic details: Can’t think of any peculiarities right now.
Effect: Holding the Firehose’s trigger while burst-firing extends the length of the burst until there is no ammo left in the magazine or the trigger isn’t held anymore. While burst-firing, the Firehose’s fire rate is increased by 1 round per second. This applies before any percentual fire rate effects. Any recoil generated by the shots of the Firehose’s burst only kicks in after a burst ends. Regaining maximum accuracy after a burst from the Firehose takes 0.2 seconds per round fired during the burst, regardless of its wielder’s accuracy recovery or recoil reduction, and is not affected by de-equipping the Firehose. Small and average-sized enemies that are hit by 10 or more bullets from the Firehose within a single second are staggered and pushed back slightly. The same enemy can only be staggered by any Firehose once every 5 seconds.
Reference: The phrase “drinking from a firehose”.

True friends stab you in the front.
Manufacturer: Vladof.
Weapon type: Pistol.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Jakobs barrel, melee accessory that does not take up the accessory slot.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 25% lower damage, projectile velocity, and magnification, and 10% lower fire rate. The melee accessory gives a standard 50% melee damage bonus.
Cosmetic details: Bullets look like tiny melee accessories of the Backstabber.
Effect: The Backstabber’s bullets or melee attacks that hit any entity from behind deal 30% increased damage. This bonus is multiplicative. Killing an enemy with the Backstabber’s bullets or melee attacks increases the lateral movement speed of its wielder additively by 25% and removes any movement speed penalty for aiming from them. This effect is treated as a kill skill for all intents and purposes, including its duration. After 0.6 seconds after a bullet from the Backstabber damages an entity, another bullet is digistructed 200 units behind the location where the former bullet started flying from, provided that there is no obstacle on top of the new bullet. The new bullet passes through the above location and has the same trajectory as the old one. Damaging hits caused by digistructed bullets may digistruct additional new bullets in the same manner. All digistructed bullets may damage the Backstabber’s wielder. All digistructed bullets have a 10% lower projectile velocity than the bullet whose damaging hit caused the new bullet to be digistructed. This reduction is multiplicative and may stack indefinitely.
Reference: A quote by Oscar Wilde.

There’s no “I” in “Do my work for me”.
Manufacturer: Hyperion.
Weapon type: SMG.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Hyperion barrel.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 15% lower damage, 25% lower recoil reduction, 30% higher magazine size. The swap speed to and from the Teamplayer is 30% higher.
Cosmetic details: A white text line on the card shows the current damage bonus or malus from the Teamplayer’s effect.
Effect: Killing an enemy by the Teamplayer’s bullets or reloading the Teamplayer reduces its card damage by 5% of its current value. Killing an enemy by any other means while having the Teamplayer equipped, excluding another equipped Teamplayer’s bullets, increases its card damage by 10% of its current value. In co-op, the equipped Teamplayer’s card damage is also increased by 10% of its current value whenever an allied VH kills an enemy by their own Teamplayer’s bullets. The card damage is capped at 200% of its original value and is only reset to its original value upon firing the Teamplayer in another playthrough. Hitting an allied VH with the Teamplayer’s bullet adds 1 SMG ammo to their reserves, if not full.
Reference: The common saying “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘team’”.

There will be blood.
Manufacturer: Dahl.
Weapon type: Pistol.
Elements: Only limited by the manufacturer.
Parts: Maliwan barrel, melee accessory that does not take up the accessory slot, never a scope.
Stats: Compared to a purple weapon with the same parts, 20% lower damage and accuracy. The melee accessory gives a 100% melee damage bonus instead of 50% and increases the melee attack speed by 20%. This bonus is multiplicative.
Cosmetic details: Dark metallic and reflective. The melee accessory is slightly curved upwards. Each time any instance of the Muramasa is inspected, there is a 10% chance its melee accessory will appear covered in blood for a split second. This can only happen once per game session to the same VH.
Effect: Upon starting a new game session, the Muramasa will only be wielded if no other weapon is equipped. Swapping from the Muramasa without having dealt any melee damage with it while it was wielded takes three times longer and removes 50% of the Muramasa’s wielder’s current health when completed, or 10% of their current maximum health, whichever’s larger. If swapping from the Muramasa would remove health from its wielder, so does de-equipping it by any means. On every melee strike with the Muramasa, a diagonal slash shockwave is sent away from its wielder. This happens regardless of the skill used to deal melee damage or the strike’s animation. The shockwave appears as a white crescent when viewed from the side. The shockwave deals melee damage to any enemy it hits, but not to enemies that were already damaged by the melee strike that generated the shockwave. The damage bonus from the Muramasa’s accessory grows steadily from 100% to 200% as the shockwave travels. The increased bonus only applies to shockwave melee damage and not to direct strikes. The shockwave pierces all entities it damages but disappears upon hitting an obstacle, including a physical shield. After 0.6 seconds after its creation, the shockwave reaches a distance of 600 units and the maximum bonus of 200%, whereafter it disappears. The maximum travel time or range cannot be altered. All bonuses to critical hit damage not obtained from gear and not dependent on weapon type are applied to melee critical hits performed with the Muramasa or its shockwaves. All entities that are dealt melee damage by the Muramasa only take that damage after 1 second passes. Enemies take lethal melee damage from the Muramasa after 1 second passes and only when they attempt to perform any offensive move. When an enemy takes lethal melee damage from the Muramasa, their health is reduced to 0 even if they regenerated any of their health or shield between being dealt lethal damage and taking it.
Reference: A famous Japanese swordsmith and fictional feats of swordsmanship.


Mr. Wicky
The Boogeyman is not a friend.

Mr. Wicky is a legendary Dahl pistol that lacks the ability to zoom–or spawn with a scope for that matter–but has virtually no recoil and deals incredible amounts of damage when rounds are placed in an enemies critical hit location, rivaling sniper rifles in terms of damage while sporting an extremely high accuracy rating in the 97-99 range. The pistol also spawns with a bayonet that grants 100% melee bonus that not only does reasonable damage but also knocks back all but the toughest enemies with each swing.

In terms of appearance Mr. Wicky features an all black finish with none of the camouflage that other Dahl pistols sport. However, written on the left side of the slide past the ejection port and written in small, dark cursive lettering is the name Daisy.

The Mr. Wicky and red text are a nod towards the John Wick movies.


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