Make up your own Legendaries for the next BL!

Okay, so this is just for a bit of fun.

Borderlands is filled with “Pop Culture” references with their guns. So why don’t we go ahead and make our own? Make up your own gun (try and keep it in the same format that I will be placing them in). We will compile a large list. I’ll categorize them but the pop-culture subgroup.

Here goes a few;


Game of Thrones

The Longclaw.
You know nothing.
Manufacturer: Jakobs.
Weapon Type: Shotgun.
Ability: Fires two missiles at the same time. One with Cryo elemental, the other with Incendiary. The amount of ammunition it uses is random. (From none to emptying the clip).

The Imp.
Brave men knocking at our door.
Manufacturer: Maliwan.
Weapon Type: Grenade.
Ability: Only DOT damage, can spread by contact. Causes a low-moderate amount of incendiary and corrosive damage. The DOT doesn’t cease until the character is dead.

The Castamere.
So he spoke.
Manufacturer: Hyperion.
Weapon Type: Rocket Launcher.
Ability: x3 shots. Each with extremely high damage. No splash damage. Always incendiary.

Crimson Nuptials
Send My Regards.
Manufacturer: Dahl.
Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle.
Ability: Extremely high damage. x400% critical. Can be damaged by teammates.

No names needed.
Manufacturer: Maliwan.
Weapon Type: Shield.
Ability: Roid Shield. Whenever the shield is depleted you are granted 3 seconds of invisibility.

Breaking Bad


I am the one who knocks.
Manufacturer: Dahl.
Weapon Type: Pistol.
Ability: Always Cryo. Any enemy who is shattered upon being Cryo has 100% chance of dropping Eridium.

Better Call
I’m giving you no spin.
Manufacturer: Hyperion.
Weapon Type: Grenade.
Ability: Always Singularity and Transfusion. Has a chance for reduced ammo consumption.

Pink Man
Manufacturer: Tediore.
Weapon Type: SMG.
Ability: When thrown, it will not expend the rest of the ammo in the clip.


No Spoilers.

The Flow Key
Mad as a box of frogs.
Manufacturer: Jakobs.
Weapon Type: Assault Rifle.
Ability: The lower your health, the more damage the gun does.

Blood Eagle
Odin demands it.
Manufacturer: Bandit.
Weapon Type: Shotgun.
Ability: x9 bullets in the form of an eagle. Does twice the damage to any enemy who is under 50% health. Very low accuracy. Spends 2 ammunition per shot.

Hairy Breeches
I’ll need a translator.
Manufacturer: Maliwan.
Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle.
Ability: x4000% critical hit damage to unaware enemies, always Shock. Enemies lose track of you 50% faster.


Play it again.
Manufacturer: Hyperion.
Weapon Type: SMG.
Ability: Spends no ammunition for any shot that hits an enemy, expends 3 ammunition for any shot that misses. Always with x8.0 scope.

Second Wind Gone
I’ll never go crippled again.
Manufacturer: Jakobs.
Weapon Type: Sniper Rifle.
Ability: Never Spawns with a scope. Does x1000% damage when in second wind.

Vita Bella
Here is your tank.
Manufacturer: Torgue.
Weapon Type: Rocket Launcher.
Ability: Moxxi style weapon, replenishes your health but also that of your allies in equal amounts.

They couldn’t refuse.
Manufacturer: Bandit.
Weapon Type: Pistol.
Ability: All bullets bypass shields, but only do 75% of listed damage.


Anon Dart
None for all.
Manufacturer: Hyperion.
Weapon Type: E-Tech Dart Pistol.
Ability: Weapon Damage is equivalent to your melee damage.

Wait, I still don’t get it.
Manufacturer: Maliwan.
Weapon Type: Shield.
Ability: When depleted. Spawns a suicide vakrid which stuns enemies upon exploding.

Phobia and Detestment
Make a beast out of yourself.
Manufacturer: Torgue.
Weapon Type: Auto-Revolver.
Ability: Fires three rounds at once. 50 bullet clip. 98 Accuracy, which gets exponentially worse as you fire.

No, seriously. I did.
Manufacturer: Dahl.
Weapon Type: Assault Rifle.
Ability: The magazine size is your total ammo count. Expends 3 bullets per shot.



For the Second Wind Gone scope, do you mean that it spawns “part_none” or “null”? (The difference being if it’s “null” it will not have reduced movement speed when ADS, like the Greed)

(As an allusion to The Usual Suspects)
Name: (Not sure…)
Red text: How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?
Manufacturer: Bandit
Weapon type: Pistol
Ability: Increased damage and accuracy. Decreased fire rate. Missing an enemy reduces your shield to nothing and sets you on fire.

I want a reference to Cradle Of Filth goddamn it!!

The Cradle 2…
Red text:…enslave

Or something like that!

What do you think of this.

How do you shoot the devil in the back?
Manufacturer: Bandit.
Weapon Type: Pistol.
Ability: Increased damage and accuracy. Decreased fire rate. Missing an enemy reduces your shield and sets you on fire.

What I like about the gun is it is essentially twice as valuable when you’re already in the weeds.

I like it

One I still seem to remember is a Bandit shield, forgive me for not using coloured text though.

More of fire than blood.
Roid shield: instead of increasing melee damage when empty it increases movement speed/firerate/reload speed.

2 References in one item, yay?

Legendary maliwan Launcher
Loyal servant after death
Increased projectile speed, decreased splash radius, projectiles behave like singularity grenades upon detonation.

Eit edit:
Dahl pistol
120% more efficiency
always five round burst wether sighted or not, hidden melee damage modifier (no blade attached), no movement loss when using the sight.

Big Lebowski allusion:
Name: The Guy
Red Text: Did I mess up your carpet?
Manufacturer: Torgue
Type: Shotgun
Effect: Fires a single pellet. Explosion damages everything caught in blast including friendlies. Blast radius increased to the size of a nova.


[size=15][color=red]You better make it count.[/color][/size]

[b]Only 1 round in the magazine. Very high damage. Can spawn without a scope. If spawned with scope; very high zoom. High reload time. 93.5 Accuracy.[/b]

Made by Jakobs.

Sniper Rifle.

Round in magazine cannot be increased by BAR/Skill points/etc.


A Flakker that spawns other Flakkers in it’s flak that then shoot more flak. It’s a Bonus Package version of the Flakker!

Totally not a creative idea at all.


Carpetbagger Bombing
Quote: “I love the smell of napalm in Atlanta”
Manufacturer: Bandit
Grenade mod
Uses All of the grenades you have- each grenade used spawns 5 child grenades. In co-op will steal the grenades from other players until all are consumed. Friendly fire possible.

Cultural references: Gen. William T. Sherman and the Reconstruction Period of the old American South following the American Civil War and the 1979 American epic adventure war film Apocalypse Now


Hey gents. Remember to mention what sub-category to put it under.

Feel the power of nature
Manuf: Maliwan
Type: Sniper
Ability: Always shock. Shoots singularity-type bullets that can stripe shields. High shock chance.

Never trust the market
Manuf: Hyperion
Type: SMG
Ability: 100% accuracy. Each missed shot takes you an amount of money.

All Purpose Cleaner.
A wide variety of scents to choose
Manuf: Tediore
Type: SMG
Ability: Always elemental. Shoots random element bullets, reloads explode like a Torgue Bonus Package, with each child grenade having a different element (fire, shock, corrosive, slag/cryo). Unique paintjob, Red-Blue-Yellow, like a well known bleach brand.

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Bloody Anarchy
Beg for your life, or do you think you’ll be saved? Eh, what a fool… DIE
Manu: Bandit/Skav
Type: SMG
Ability: very low accuracy, 4 bullets fired at 2 consumed per shot, large® magazine, above average recoil. Basically, it’s a BL1 Double Anarchy SMG.
Inspiration for red text is the L.A. Vocals version of “Endless Despair” for BlazBlue

The Pinkman should be “Yo bitch…”

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How about the name

Keyser Soze

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Legendary Gun called “Buttstallion”. It poops pearlescents. I got nuthin.

I was actually thinking of putting “Science Bitch”.

I figured it would be too much on the nose.

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I stink at percentage math so if anyone would care to figure out if this is worth it (pun intended)?

Uncle Benny’s Wallet
Quote: “I’m STILL thinking it over!”
Manufacturer: Hyperion
Type: Legendary shield
Grants +.05% damage resistance per $10,000 (to a max of $60,000,000) and +.0125% shield capacity per $10,000 dollars (max $60,000,000). In co-op if another player enters FFL they automatically get a Second Wind so long as you have the cash (minimum $200,000 or 20%, whichever is greater)- this effect has a 30 second cool down and becomes inactive with insufficient funds.
(With a tip of the hat to @stuarthome3 for figuring out the math- thanks! :thumbsup:)

Cultural reference: American comic Jack Benny, whose radio skit is credited with one of the longest audience laughs in radio history. His comic persona was that of a miserly skinflint and penny pincher…

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That’s a super low percentage… For the normal player (8 million dollars seems about fair for a casual player), that’d be .4 resistance, not enough to matter one bit. How about .05% for every ten thousand dollars? That works out to 5% per million, which is more reasonable. Also I’d put a cap on it of 300% on it (At that point the wearer would only be receiving 25% of damage dealt to them, because math and logic and Borderlands don’t go well together) which would mean the player has 60 million dollars. Now, for shield capacity, doing the same multiplication would be unfair, because that math works about the way you’d expect, which would result in a MASSIVE shield capacity… we’re talking 25% per million, which… no. But .0125% per $10,000 would grant 1.25% per million, and I’d cap that off at 60 million again for a 90% shield increase. I think that increasing maximum health in addition to these two would be more than ridiculously overpowered, but might also hinder players of higher levels (due to the way healthgate works). The Second Wind feature you suggested would be sweet, yes, but unless it charged 20% of your money (with a minimum fee of $200,000 and had an internal cooldown of thirty seconds or more, would be stupidly overpowered. All in all, though, I really like your idea for this piece of gear and would love to have it in the game. Keep being creative!


Notch’s Pickaxe
Unlimited amount of Blocks

x2.3 Zoom
+50% Reload Speed
Weapon Type: Shotgun