Make up your own Pearlescents for BL3

So here is a counterpart thread to Gluvito’s “Make up your own Legendaries for the next BL!” thread - instead of legendaries though, we come up with pearlescents!

As a rule of thumb, pearlescents are super rare. Therefore, they should ideally also be super powerful. You can of course make pearlescents that suck. Every rarity in BL has weapons that are almost unusably bad, and that’s okay!

You can get the coloured pearlescent name with:
[color=turquoise] [/color]

And the flavour text with:
[color=#f44] [/color]

To start off, here are some examples.

The Remnant
Dahl Pistol - Bandit barrel, Tediore grip, always no attachment

Extremely high damage, fire rate, magazine size and accuracy. Shot spread forms the shape of the Vault symbol.

Skin: White-rarity Dahl with glowing cyan cracks all over.

Reference: The white Dahl pistol you get from BL2’s first mission, “My First Gun”.

a NiCe guN TO Kiiii###
Bandit Assault Rifle - Bandit barrel, always iron sights and non-elemental

Heavily increased damage and accuracy. Aiming down sights doubles fire rate, but does not affect accuracy.

Skin: Red, roughly fading to dark purple. Covered in black skulls.

Reference: The flavour text is a reference to the Grandma upgrades from Cookie Clicker.

The bad outweights the good.
Vladof Sniper - Vladof barrel

Increased damage. 4-round burst fire while zoomed - the entire burst is fired almost in an instant, and only consumes 2 ammo. Full auto, even while burst-firing.

Skin: Barrel is steel, with vertical black streaks. Main body, grip and stock are red tinted wood.

Reference: The main character of the webcomic Slighly Damned.

Hot and cold. Wet and dry. And Slag.
Maliwan Sniper Rifle - Maliwan barrel, no element shown on title card

Heavily increased damage and crit damage. Shots cause an explosion of all elements and have an AoE comparable to an unmodified grenade. Critical hits double the damage and AoE of the explosion. Explosions do not have friendly fire.

Skin: Beige with blue stripes and with hexagon motifs. The elemental glow is white.

Reference: Aristotle and the classical elements.

Mine, all mine
Dahl Shield

Boosters are replaced with proximity Mines that explode with a large AoE and deal extremely high Explosive damage. Heavily increased chance to drop Mines. When a Mine goes off, your shields are instantly, fully recharged. Custom tooltip.

Skin: Flat military green.

Reference: A pun with the saying “Mine, all mine.”

Riot Shield
To protect and serve.
Tediore Shield

Greatly decreased capacity. While the shield is up, all frontal damage is negated.

Skin: Dark blue with a white stripe and the word “POLICE”.

Reference: The flavour text is a common motto of various police forces.

Cluster Bomb
Missile massacre.
Bandit Grenade Mod - Bouncing Betty

Instead of bullets, the grenade shoots homing rockets like those of a Constructor. These deal high explosive damage, and have friendly fire if you get caught in the explosions. Custom tooltip.

Skin: Do unique grenades even have skins?

Reference: The trope “Macross Missile Massacre” from TVTropes, as well as one of RK5’s quotes “Are you ready for a missile massacre?”

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Poison In Your Veins
Manufacturer: S&S (Dahl if S&S does not return)
Type: AR
Always corrosive, added splash, wave-y fireing pattern, huge mag, low recoil, increased elemental effect chance.

Atlas Revolver
Your life is mine. - Jakobs barrel. Unique Atlas body and material. Gains matching brand bonus from Hyperion grip. Shock only. Increased damage comparable to the Unforgiven or Rex. Any shot that hits an enemy spawns healing orbs similar to Maya’s Sweet Release or the Maliwan Chere-Amie Sniper rifle.

Returning pearlescents! Neat idea!

This thread is badass and has my seal of approval.

Good work @BattleBee.

Yes, I can totally see the difference between this thread and the one we already have. Different rarity color… Now, why didn’t I think of that?

Sorry guys, but it was simply sitting there like a great big bullseye. I just HAD TO troll it a bit. :smiling_imp:

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But you see, cyan is close to the opposite of orange in the spectrum. Thus, the two threads are completely different!

What the hell do you think this is?
Vladof pistol, Vladof barrel

Increased damage
Increased fire rate
Bullet splits in three
Greatly decreased range

Projectiles travel in a spiral pattern. Always corrosive.

Skin: Grey body, gold barrel. Barrel is styled like a drill and glows green while firing.

The crux of the matter is…
Tediore shotgun, Hyperion barrel

Greatly increased damage
Increased accuracy
Increased elemental effect chance
Increased elemental effect damage
Splash damage
Ricochet effect for both bullets and reloads
Reduced pellet count
Bullets travel in an arc

Always corrosive.

Skin: Shiny, alternates between blue and green. Body sports a Maliwan logo.

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