Make Your Own Action Skill?

A few friends and I were talking about this, and starting coming up with our own ideas for changing up the current vault hunter powers. Things like making a robotic animal companion instead of Deathtrap, or an elemental version of Gunzerking where it applies a status effect to all non-elemental guns. What are your ideas?

Hmm. If BL3 has normal gravity, then a really cool action skill could be giving the player flight with a jetpack or something for a short while. Be weird, but hella fun.

I guess that would be cool, i was thinking recently what if they had an underwater area where you could could swim around, then it would be really cool if u could build your own type of water vehicle or something, but anyway my idea is really loose

I was kind of hoping that the planet would be combined so certain parts where low gravity and other parts where all water or something like that.

Yeah, I’d like to see some underwater sections as well. Kinda like how they did it in Black Ops 3 - just to add variation.

yea it would be cool

Well this went entirely off topic