Make your own Season 02

Im daubtfull if happening, Would like it to happen, But… Like is so Unlikely, lets throw some Crazy Ideas, they dont have to be good, just let your imagination loose.

Robot Suit Nova, She is what alot of fans wanted to happen. she can do jokes about how she is just talking to herself as the narrator of the match, or How her data base is save in the ship so it doesnt matter (just like Isic do some times)

Lets have a Bug girl, that lay eggs on the map, they can have different effects based on some kind of passive or activated ability

*Peace Keaper
You can have some kind of Werewolf guy that can go back and forward between 2 personalities, one can be kind of normal and serious soldier that is ashame of his condition, and the other can be more crazy… with a touch of crash bandicoot
He may dual gun while human, and use claws melee as a beast
And the ultimate could be 2 differnt ultimates, or the same ultimage but a different property based on the form he is on.

(I check out concept art for the Rogues, and Noticed that there was a Honey Badger that have an “anger” and normal" stat, kind of similar of what i was thinking)

I dont know… let me look at some concept art from the game to see what I can pull off my mind…
Okay, so I saw some pirates with a Claw and a cannon, so maybe one that throws a hook like Ghalt, but instead of pulling stuff in, it pull itself to stuff, she would use the hook verticaly, so he can get some verticallity and shoot canon balls from the sky, im not sure what her second ability or ultimate could be.
maybe secondary activate some kind of AOE damage around him for few seconds, maybe some fire burst
maybe the ultimate it leave an explosive on the ground, like a time bomb or something, so she can get into fights with the hook and then he activates the skill in the middle of enemy team to disperse them.
I use a lot of diferent adgetives because Wasnt sure if having a robot, a male pirate or a big buff fat woman like in one of the concept arts

I could cheat, and say Rendein, but I guess he is suppose to be a Big NONO.
But What about…

To be honest, Im not sure How Exactly the Jennerit Lore or stetic should work… to think of something.
Was thinking about maybe something looking like a Legacy of Kain Vampire supposed to be super evolve…
Or maybe one that carry a Scythe… even one of the Sisters mention during the Attikus detective story…
But right now Im running out of steam and have something else to do… so I may edit this later.

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I want my Eldrid & Jennerit proposal :sob:

This, I don’t even care about the rest, I just need that!

And for those who don’t go and check what the amazing insects I was refering to in @Ganjamira’s post look like, then here;


But yeah, as for the others, I’d probably say;


A territorial engineer healer/support. An ability to deploy, or even potentially build gradually, a vending machine-like structure which periodically releases different buffs which allies can pick up themselves before initiating combat.


While I like the idea of Nova, I’m not as hyped about it as others seemingly are. Still, I’d like for her to be a tank-support. It’d be cool if she had an ability to hover relatively high over the ground and in that state buff those around her. Have it as a toggle on/off sort of a thing.

When she hovers, she supports.
When she’s grounded, she tanks.


I’d like for the Jennerit to get another Beatrix on some level, someone designated to de-buff and weaken enemies. A Curse Weaver of some sort. However, in this case he’d be a defender, not a support.

I keep picturing a “Dark Marquis” if you will. Dark purple blazer, aristocratic, a theater mask split into a happy face with a smirk smile and an angry face, top hat and a fixation of puppetry. That I’d love to see.

Soft lock enemies to curse them, giving them minor de-buffs. The other regular ability could be a Plasma-Dash-like ability which makes him embrace the shadows and strafe/teleport a certain distance in the direction you’re moving and will cause cursed targets caught within the affected area to suffer additional effects for instance. The timate could simply then be a plain Fear found in other MOBAs.



A sneaky alligator tank, Pendles’ cousin. Think it’d be fun to have a couple of characters in-game who are related. That being said, the draw-back of this would be that this would already in this phase be too similar to Shayne & Aurox; the current rogue sneaky tank. But still! Not sure what the abilties would be though.

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