Dear Lothar Rendain,

Be our Jenerit DLC character.

XOXO, your biggest Fan.

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That would be fun, but neither one looks like him. One looks like Nova and she does say she wants to be a battle mech… So… That’s a pretty big hint :wink:

[quote=“Geonessary, post:2, topic:1543844, full:true”]One looks like Nova and she does say she wants to be a battle mech… So… That’s a pretty big hint :wink:

Not so much. The robot to the left doesn’t look anything like Nova but it most definitely does not look at all Jennerit (who are very angular and spiky) so it’s probably the LLC character. The one to the right that looks like a floating female character with either a massive arm or a massive gun is probably going to be the Jennerit character (and a lot of people think it might be either Lenore or her heir).

A possible wrinkle I can see with adding Lenore as the Jennerit: I don’t think they’ve brought in the old VAs to record any new lines yet, and so the only chatter lines specific to Alani and Pendles come from the new characters (for example, Alani’s “sneaky snake with sneakers” line).

This has created an odd situation where Ambra, who is supposed to be super-keen on Alani, has no Alani-specific lines. She just berates and belittles her like any other Battleborn. Likewise Gali, who is supposed to be friends with Alani, has no lines about her either.

Now that’s not really a big deal, but it is a big deal if they add Lenore, because it would be bizarre if none of the Jennerit had any Lenore-specific dialogue. This is especially true for Rath, Deande, and (above all) Ambra. When Mellka frags Ghalt, she acknowledges how weird it is (“feeling kinda mixed about that one.”) It’d totally break the lore for Ambra to see Lenore coming and merely shout “scoundrels up ahead!”

This also applies to Rendain, except maybe even moreso, because you’d expect most of the cast to have a few choice words for the guy.

tldr: iconic NPCs like Rendain and Lenore would require substantial voicework from the old VAs to feel like a natural fit into the game. Obviously some of these VA will be coming back for the story DLC, so they may take the opportunity to record new lines then. I hope so!

Me too, I love Alani fangirling over Galilea, it would be awesome to see Galilea reciprocate - perhaps in a Wondergirl/Wonderwoman kind of relationship (Alani = Cassie and Galilea = Diana)

And if the Jennerit hero is Lenore, Ambra should pretty much just burst into a giant Flaming BALL OF DEATH!!! at the sight of her on the battlefield (sorry, I find it difficult to not channel Ambra).


They said they will add more dialogue in, like benedict will get stuff for pendles

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Just a question, do you think rendain if added would be a part of some all new, hopefully varelsi faction

from the silhouette it looks like a jennerit character that is built exactly like Rendain, with the big arm and everything, maybe Rendain’s daughter or something.


Where did you find this? (Seriously, not that I don’t believe you.)
I’d just like to read the entire information about it.

It doesn’t look like nova, it looks like a robot suit. He worded himself wrong. You’re right in it looking like an LLC character, and likely will be since we already have or Eldrid, Rogue, and Peacekeeper DLC characters. And if Kleese is the one who made the robot suit, then that would absolutely make her LLC. It all adds up. There are now two aviary combatants in the Peacekeeper’s roster with the addition of Ernest. Who’s to say they won’t have two Magnus AI’s on the LLC’s roster?

Based on Rendain’s abilities as a boss, I don’t see how the would translate to a playable character. Luckily, the Jennerit character does just look like a female version of him and I agree with the speculation about Lenore.

The dialogue, they said it a while ago and in the pendles livestream

Ghalt said Rendain was on their side, and now he just wants to kill him. (Lore)


Use it wisely.

The big robot on the left is a Bulwark bot. It’s not totally a standard model, but compare it to the lines of H3NCHM4N and the resemblance is, IMO, unmistakable. The fins above and behind the “head” being one of the bigger tells.

Is it Nova’s exo-gear? I have no idea honestly, though I doubt it. But it’s a Bulwark bot.

By comparison, ISIC has a unique exo unit totally unlike anything else you see in the Minion Robotics line. So… sad to say, I tend to doubt it’s Nova’s suit. Unless, unlike ISIC, she took existing tech and modified it for her use.

The robot on the left is a Bulwark bot. Compare its lines to that of H3NCHM4N and it’s impossible to miss the resemblance. It’s clearly not a totally standard model, but it’s also very reminiscent of other Minion Robotics products - Bulwarks, Shepherds, Raptors and Elites all have that curvilinear, rounded look. Compare this to ISIC, whose exo suit bears no resemblance to anything in the Minion RBX line.

This doesn’t mean the robot is NOT Nova, but IMO it does make it less likely. I suppose Kleese (or Nova herself) might have modified existing tech to suit their needs…

Thanks! That’s usefull.

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What kinda dialogue are you hoping for, I’m hoping benedict says something to pendles like this “holy sh**t, is that my old commanders head, oh I’m gonna kill you now”

Benedict already knows that Pendles kept the guy’s head as a trophy. Bene also really hated that commander. Pretty sure he would laud Pendles for disrespecting the jackass by using his remains as a weapon.

As a trophy yes, but remember in the lore kamas, it says the skull has been reclaimed so benedict probably has not seen it used like that, plus even benedict seems disturbed by pendles judging by lore, plus in the stream they said benedict hates pendles (I geusse that is a pun, the hawk hates the snake)