Making a Case for the Seraphim (OP 10, UCP 5.0.3)

Hey there! I just recently made a video where I test the Seraphim on the UCP. The Seraphim is a rather underwhelming option in the Vanilla game but receives some serious love from the Community Patch and makes a serious case for itself. The video has a more in-depth explanation of the gun and the associated viability of it. However, this gun functions very similarly to the Veruc in the UCP and possibly even rivals it. I highly recommend giving this gun a try if you are using the Community Patch. It has great synergy with Gaige’s kit but should also excel on any character, particularly Maya and Axton would make good use of this gun. Overall, I was extremely impressed and pleased by the performance of this gun and the Seraphim demands attention as a top option with Gaige (with UCP). Thanks for your time and please let me know what you think!

Note: Credit to Man of Low Moral Fiber, Derch, and other BL2 YouTubers who used to do this extensive weapon testing of underutilized weaponry and have inspired me to do the same. UCP 5.0.3 has minimal testing associated with the changes/buffs so I thought it would be a good idea!

With the UCP, you can basically dial it to hit however you want, from ‘my first gun’ to ‘raid boss one-shotter’ (even at OP10), so I take it you’re using some stock version of the patch?

What’s Gaige doing with it that’s unique to her skills? I don’t recall much of a gimmick other than being fire-only (and having a neat skin). :thinking:
Did they do something to it with the UCP besides buff the damage output so it would fly at OP10?

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Nope, I am just using the UCP 5.0.3 version of the patch which buffs the gun damage by 180%, removed the accuracy and reload speed penalty, and also increased its projectile speed by 40%. Also, assualt rifles no longer recieve a -20% critical hit penalty so it benefits from that. I have really enjoyed using the Veruc on Gaige because of the high fire rate and damage synergizing well with Anarchy and this gun gives me a similar feel and result. I think I got a little excited about using it and overhyped it a bit. But, I wasn’t necesasrily trying to show how amazing this gun is on Gaige but rather that it is significantly better than what it was and coincidentally works pretty well with Gaige. I wish the gun wasn’t restricted to fire for Gaige but alas.

The UCP is your oyster. :wink:

True, true. I just want my videos to be able to appeal to people that have the base UCP or even apply to Vanilla in some cases. If I get too deep down the modding hole then I am not sure it will help many people (other than my own enjoyment ofc).