Making a community

First hello every 1 and sorry for my bad English hope u guys understand my point . i want to tank with y’all about what for me really matter that is making a good solid community for this game as I played overwatch , paragon … I love almost every thing about battleborn and I preordered already for ps4 I really don’t care about other games , I’ll be playing this game a lot and I believe that already it has its own community but to make it last long it depends on gearbox . The pve is good but the main I believe for all gonna be the pvp . I don’t see myself and other players playing this game long just to pass time ( at least those that consider themselves cpmtetitives) . We must have some ranked matches and ranks like silver gold platinum or anything of this sort . To always have the feeling of getting better solo or with teammates . And to have a competitive matchmaking sistem .puting a side all the balance between heroes this is what I believe we must ask gearbox for … What u guys think about it ? Btw bullet09mm on ps4 add me in beta and in launch .

You’re not the first to ask for these. Skill based matchmaking will be available in the full game, and, with so many people asking for it, it wouldn’t surprise me that a Ranked Playlist gets added in the long run.