Making a copy of an existing XBOX one character

I have an OP8 zer0 that I use as gun-based, infinity-pistol based, sniper-based and melee-based. Carrying around all of the gear for four different builds is very limiting and annoying and would like to make 3 copies of my zer0 so I can keep a separate character for each build and play them all on the same xbox one. Is this possible? Not looking to cheat or do anything dishonest, just want to keep the zer0 builds separate. Thanks.

No, there is no legitimate way to duplicate a save file on console. I’m afraid the only way you can achieve what you want is by starting new characters.

Thanks. Really annoying because I’ve legitimately put in the time and effort, but thanks :slight_smile:

Look at it this way, it’s an excuse to play this amazing game all over again :slight_smile:


I was lucky in the sense that, going from 360 to XB1, there was a legitimate way to transfer saves. That said, I still started a whole bunch of new ones. Getting reacquainted with normal and true modes after all this time has been a blast.

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I completely agree, I thought i’d think it was a drag when I started my new siren, but in fact it’s been great fun having to scrounge for weapons and other gear again!

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