Making a DOOM build, need advice for shield choice

So, I’m making good progress with a DOOMboyo build I’m making, which I plan to turn into a video. It basically uses DOOM themed weapons and uses MNTIS and grenade rather than two skills, with the enemy pull skill augment simulating the Meat Hook. Even managed to make a Praetor Suit look, plus some other cool stuff planned for the vidya.

Weapon choices are either essential or optional for this build. You can choose between the optional ones for your favourite, or keep them all in your inventory and swap as needed. This is a themed build, after all, so no reason not to have fun with it.

Hellwalker = super shotgun, essential
Plasma Coil = Plasma Rifle, essential
Masterworks Crossbow = Ballista, optional
Plaguebearer (corrosive) = BFG9000, optional
Infinity = unused infinite ammo starting pistol, optional
Ogre = Heavy Cannon alternate fire (missile launcher), optional
Shredifier (double barrel attachment) = Chaingun, optional
Warlord = Heavy Cannon (standard fire/scoped mode), optional

Grenade will be Chupa Organ for healing and Siphon Grenade.

Only trouble I’m having is what shield to use… I was initially thinking Initiative, since Doomguy technically has no shields, but figured that I could get away with having a capacity with the justification that Doomguy does pick up armour pieces. I’ve thought of a few ideas that may be thematically appropriate without killing myself:

Revengenador (with AS start anointment)
Band of Sitorak
Big Boom Blaster
Initiative (as stated)
Stinger (not sure about that one)

Any thoughts? I’m still testing and seeing what works. It definitely is fun and does damage, just need to perfect the healing side of things, since I don’t run Salvation for thematic reasons.


I have a similar build!! As for the shield, Nova Berner, with on action skill activation, get shield break or full bonuses. Maybe infiltrator classmod for double novas. I am using a rad Hex grenade though…

the real question is do you spec 5/5 cold bore or not

This may be stating the obvious, but a Rough Rider would fit the bill, especially with the damage reduction acting as armor substitute.

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Thought about it, but doesn’t the Initiative outclass it? I understand that the damage reduction for RR is less than what’s stated on the card.

Since when? Iirc it worked as stated.

It appears the Initiative does outclass the rough rider for the most part. RR give 10% more damage reduction, but the initiative gives 15% more health and bonus weapon damage.

The big boom blaster is somewhat fitting as well. The booster drops are like the ammo drops you get for glory kills.

If your Zane with the cannon then use a stop-gap with “on ass trigger break and fill”

You need to time your shots beacuse the Immunity dose not stack or refresh when the buff is up so you need to wait 5 seconds to trigger a fresh immunity but it is incredibly useful given the fact that the cannon can have 5 charges.