Making A Machinma Film in HomeWorld 2

I need to know how to record footage of my ships in peace without fear of enemies in Home World 2. Like a scenario editor or something. Im on Mac OSX so I don’t know of any mods… Any help is appreciated!

quick question: did you get the appstore or steam version of the game?

Steam of course :smile:

Alright, good.

It is possible to do scenario editing, but there is no GUI for it. All of it is done through script files editable via text editor, written in the lua programming language.

What exactly do you have in mind? If it’s setting up complex motion and battles, that’ll be no small order, but if it’s just spawning ships and moving them around without anyone to bother you, it might be a fairly small job for me to adapt some things I have for personal use into what you need.

I wanted to spawn certain ships cause I have a entire script planned out, and I want to be able to spawn some ships to control, record, then later on spawn in enemy ships and continue the story. If that’s possible. If so can you send me like a tutorial or something, just remember I am on Mac, and I’m using HomeWorld 2 Remastered now, sorry for the change :frowning: but I can go back to HW2 if need be.